Why Should You Sleep Organic

A Better Way to Sleep

Sleeping Naturally

At Natural Mattress Matters, we care about your health and we reflect that in the products we use. To many people a mattress is just a mattress. Sheets are only important in terms of comfort and fit and even our fabric furniture is just a thing to sit on. But did you know almost all of these products are filled with chemical flame retardants that can damage your health? That’s why we here at Natural Mattress Matters to provide a natural Organic alternative, mattresses, sheets and even sofas.

Safety First

It’s a common misconception that products with ‘flame retardants’ are synonymous with safety in the industry, this is not true, our products are made from organic cotton, wool and even our Dunlop latex, yet they easily meet federal fire and safety standards and even come with an authentic organic certification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). (You can find out more about our certifications here.)

Why does it matter if your product is Organic?

Simply put, in today’s industrial world products are made to be sold faster, not be better or even be good for you. Toxic, synthetic and harmful chemicals are used in all kinds of manufacturing, from food produce to construction. These chemicals might make things easier to mass produce but come at a cost to YOUR health. Depending on which country you come from, what it’s even legal for humans to consume varies and where it is legal that’s only because it’s barely within human tolerance levels.

Organic products and farming are produced from sources where materials and food produce are formed or grown naturally and provide you with important health and safety standards that simply don’t exist in other products. It makes sense to avoid eating pesticides with your tomato’s, right? So why would you not avoid rubbing industry made chemicals on your skin when you sleep every night?

We care about you

You and your loved ones use your beds and linens every day, with your skin coming into contact with synthetic chemicals for hours at a time. We at Natural Mattress Matters believe in protecting you from these, choose our wool products. Safe, chemical free, warm and comfortable wool and cotton products will give your family all the benefits of a pleasant night’s sleep and none of the detriments of synthetic products.

Going organic makes sense, and is a decision that will give you peace of mind, knowing you and your family can sleep soundly.