Why Organic Mattresses Over Standard Mattresses

Why buy an Organic Mattress



You’ve seen the headlines: Your Mattress Is KILLING You! No one wants to sleep in a chemistry lab, but, unfortunately, most standard foam mattresses are just that. They may be comfortable but they are made with lab created chemicals most people can’t pronounce, and definitely would NOT want to breathe in, but that is what most people are happily sleeping on – not realizing there is a choice. In contrast, organic mattresses are made with organic and non-toxic natural materials as opposed to the chemical-laden and unknown toxins of conventional mattresses.

Benefits of Organic Latex Mattresses

A new mattress that properly supports the neck and spine, relieves pressure points, and reduces tension in the muscles and joints greatly increases your quality of life. And a mattress that is exquisitely crafted with superior, healthful, organic materials and zero chemicals or fire retardants is even better. Our organic mattresses and futons are made from materials that offer intrinsic health benefits such as thermal regulation, dust mite resistance, and pain relief. At Natural Mattress Matters Company, our philosophy is better health through sleep and we constantly set the bar higher on what a quality mattress can offer.

Hazards of Conventional Mattresses

Conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic pain can be positively affected by improving one’s mattress setup. People suffering from allergies, multiple chemical sensitivities, or other auto-immune irregularities may also find comfort in our all natural and organic products, because they are synthetic and chemical free.

The Truth About Conventional Mattresses

The main reason that standard mattresses are so filled with various toxic chemicals is that they must be flame-retardant, a legal requirement. In order to be considered flame-retardant, a mattress must be able to resist the flame from a blowtorch for a prescribed period of time. Toxic chemicals are added to meet the requirement, like polybrominated diethyl ether (PBDE), which accumulates in the body, and has been linked to neurological and endocrine problems, and possibly some cancers. PBDE has been banned in Canada and Europe.

What’s in your Mattress?

PBDE is not the only flame-retardant chemical used in mattresses. Other chemicals include: Boric acid, an insecticide and the main ingredient of roach-killing powders and poisons; antimony, a metal more toxic than mercury; and formaldehyde, a likely carcinogenic compound and a volatile organic compound (VOC). VOC’s evaporate at room temperature, and are toxic when they accumulate within the body over time. Some natural materials, such as wool, have flame-retardant properties, but are still doused with chemicals to boost those properties.

Why Organic Mattress Matters

Whatever the chemicals present in the making of a standard mattress, the manufacturers are not required, or obligated, to disclose that information. Since we spend about one-third of our lives sleeping in bed, that environment needs to be as safe and toxic-free as possible. Enter organic mattresses and natural bedding.


What is an organic mattress? An organic mattress is manufactured free of the toxic chemicals noted above so that you and your family will be sleeping in a toxic chemical-free bed. For a mattress to be certified “organic”, it must meet the standards of certifying agencies, the most common being the Global Organic Latex Standards (GOLS), which is the worldwide materials and processing standards for organic latex and finished latex foam, and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which is the worldwide materials and processing standards for organic textiles and fibers. The main organic materials are organic latex foam, for the body of the mattress, organic cotton, and organic wool, both used for the mattress cover. Organic wool retains its flame-retardant properties without the added toxic chemicals.

GOTS Certified Organic MattressMaterials & Pricing

An organic mattress costs more than a standard mattress, but consider that an investment in your health, comfort, safety, and environment. An organic mattress provides a much safer sleeping environment, free from toxic chemicals, which puts you and your family on the road to good health and peace of mind. There is no greater treasure than that.