Organic Cotton

Why is Organic Cotton Important?

Why is Organic Cotton Important?

Cotton is known as the most widely used natural fiber in making clothing and bedding more than wool and other materials. Growing conventional cotton requires using a lot of pesticides, which has a harmful impact to the environment and presents health risks to people and wildlife. It may appear to be cheap to manufacture and buy conventional cotton, but organic cotton is environmental- friendly, a better choice for farmers because it is sustainable in the long term.

GO Organic for the Planet

Organic cotton is better for the environment compared to the traditionally grown cotton. Conventional cotton uses massive amounts of synthetic, insecticides pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, bleaches, and dyes. According to World Health Organization, three out of the ten insecticides used in growing and process of cotton are the most harmful to human health because these toxic insecticides enter our food chain through foods containing cottonseed oil.

Cotton is a plant considered to take a significant amount of nutritional elements out of the soil where it is grown, making mass producing companies to use industrial fertilizers which often render the soil useless after three or four crops but organic cotton farmers make the use of natural fertilizers to grow. Conventional cotton use water-dependent method; the volume of water can be dangerously high, but organic cotton depends mainly on rain which helps to keep the water contamination low.

Choosing to buy organic cotton will not only help in supporting and motivating organic farmers, textile and bedding manufacturers but will also give our earth the chance to replenish itself and recover from the harm that the modern-day farming and chemicals have done to it.

GO Organic for your Health

Our skin is a sensitive organ that loves to absorb. Its exposure to chemicals can lead to many health concerns. Organic cotton can be worn by people with chemical sensitivities and allergies, who are unable to wear conventional cotton because of the allergic reactions to the dyes and chemical it may contain. It is also recommended for children because their skin is thin and porous, making them even more vulnerable. Organic cotton is also believed to have the ability to absorb moisture and stays dry unlike synthetic fibers, making it more comfortable to wear or sleep on.

GO Organic for the Quality

The conventionally produced cotton material goes through a lot of production process through chemical treatments; bleaching, dyeing, flame retardants, softeners, formaldehyde sprays, scouring and these procedures lead to the breaking down of fibre at a molecular level. Traditionally grown cotton can start breaking down after 10 to 20 washes while organic cotton starts to break down after 90 to 100 washes. This quality of organic cotton shows that it has a longer lifespan because it has not been damaged in its fabrication. Organic fibre is much stronger because the fiber is not weakened by the chemical cleansers.

GO Organic for the People

According to research, chemicals used in farming can change the brain chemistry of the farmer leading to increased in depression and sometimes suicide. You can read about it here

Choosing organic can help to reduce the accidental poisoning of farmers, which happens from working in conventional growing fields and keeps manufacturers away from chemical-related illnesses. These are just a few reasons why we at Natural Mattress Matters have decided to only carry organic cotton covers for our mattresses, toppers, sheets, protectors, and pads.

Importance of Organic Cotton