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Can I Sleep On Latex?

With latex bed being the entire rave, it has attained the recognition as green and non-toxic mattress substitute. However, how about the individuals with latex allergies, should they be worried? And that’s exactly what this article is dedicated to; can you sleep on latex foam beds if you have latex allergies?


If you’re allergic to latex, you’re most likely aware that most latex allergies and latex sensitivities are a reaction to proteins that occur naturally in botanical latex. OSHA’S revealed that “Potential for Sensitization and Possible Allergic Reaction to Natural Rubber Latex Gloves and Other Natural Rubber Products, latex contains over 60 protein-based allergens.” Due to the process of manufacturing latex gloves, condoms, catheters, and other medical materials, these proteins remain in the finished latex product.

Natural Latex

At the mere touch of these rubber gloves, this protein can be contacted. When the gloves are removed they’re released into the air and can be breathed in. This invites allergies in to present as localized skin reactions, respiratory symptoms from asthma to sneezing and coughing, and in rare cases of hypersensitivity as anaphylactic responses like swelling and the closing of airways. At Natural Mattress Matters are natural latex mattresses go though a process where the proteins are removed from the natural rubber, minimizing the allergic reaction. In addition, the customer who is buying latex mattress is not actually touching the latex while sleeping.

Sleep On Latex Mattress


Natural rubber latex – short for NRL – which is mostly used in medical supplies as rubber gloves are produced through a cold-dipped vulcanization process. The end product is high elasticity rubber and a closed cell structure. Distinctively, the vulcanization methods employed in the manufacturing of a foam latex mattress creates well-built foam with an open cell structure.


Due to the process of producing thin, stretchy NRL products like latex gloves, proteins are retained in the product. In addition, the creation of latex foam used in mattress results in an open-cell structure. With this open structure, some of the proteins that cause allergic reactions can be washed out of the latex foam structure in the extensive washing process carried out by mattress manufacturers.


After using either Talalay or Dunlop Latex creation process to produce a block of latex foam, it is then forwarded to a five-stage washing process where it is washed multiple times. The open cellular structure of foam latex is used as a sponge so that the water can spread in every space in the latex.

With a tool like massive metal rollers, the block is dried out and compressed. When you combine the open cell structure of latex foam and the washing process, you’re ensured the complete removal of protein from latex to avoid allergic reactions. This ensures that you sleep on latex with a peace of mind knowing that you have a natural and healthy mattress.


Where there is smoke, usually there is fire. All latex allergies are typical as a result of straight contact with the proteins in the mattress. Although most people don’t come in direct skin contact with their mattress every day. You usually sleep on a mattress cover and a sheet and almost always wear a pajama.

Remember that most natural beddings are covered with a harmful flame retardant in order to pass the federal laws on mattress safety. With latex and organic mattress, the allergies exposures are almost non-existence because the barrier is usually a layer of natural, high quality, and minimally-processed wool fibers, which have a high flame resistance when tightly compressed. Our organic Mattress company uses GOTS certified organic cotton mattresses covers with this certification you know that the materials are pure and natural as possible.


If you’re dealing with latex allergies, a latex mattress is a safe bet for you, especially if you’re suffering from minor skin reaction when exposed to medical-grade latex. However, on the occasion that you suffer from rare latex hypersensitivity which can result in life-threatening anaphylactic shock, please consult your doctor before buying any of our recommended organic mattresses.


When searching for the safest latex mattress for allergy sufferers, think botanical latex. With a latex mattress, you don’t have to worry about mold, mildew and dust mites. The benefits of natural latex mattress not only outweigh the risks but it actually helps put your mind to rest without breathing in those toxic chemicals from memory foam and other foam mattresses.

Another safety measure will be to use a mattress cover and hypoallergenic bedding designed to contain any allergens, just to be on the safe side. If you’re not totally sure on whether you have a latex allergy – although FDA estimates the potential for an allergic latex reaction among members of the general public at less than 1% – we advise you order a sample of latex foam and take it to your allergy specialist to confirm. Remember, this is your health we are talking about here, you can never be too careful. Sleep on Latex Mattresses has never been easier – just a few clicks and you can have a latex mattress by Natural Mattress Matters.

Can You Sleep on Latex Bed?

Now that you are armed with the correct information, it’s time to start shopping for your Latex Mattress. Hopefully, we have addressed some of your concerned with this blog post when looking for “latex mattresses” or natural foam mattresses.


Latex Organic Mattress Sleeping

Sleep On Natural Latex Mattress

Sleep On Natural Latex Mattress

Many of our organic family customers know that they are interested in choosing a natural sleep solution, but they come to us fairly uncertain of what an “organic mattress“ is. We highly recommend to try or sleep on natural latex mattress before making your final decision about your bedding. Sometimes, when we tell customers that our most popular beds are made from natural latex foam, also known as natural rubber foam, they are taken aback a bit. Many people respond with “isn’t latex a chemical?” Natural Latex is in fact a pure natural material. The whitish milky rubber sap or serum is harvested from a tree in a sustainable process which can be certified organic by the USDA similar to organic food.

The natural rubber sap is not much different than how maple syrup is harvested and extracted from sugar maples in the North East. The rubber serum or sap is then mixed and baked to make the latex foam that we use in our organic latex mattresses. It is truly a blessing that we are able to use this natural product from the Rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis to create an natural latex mattress. In addition to latex being an organic natural product, a latex mattress can offer so many other wonderful benefits.

The Benefits of Choosing a Natural Latex Mattress

If you want to wake up the next morning and feel that you slept on a supportive bed try to sleep on natural latex mattress. The natural latex mattress would be the perfect choice for those who feel they are sinking on their bed. The latex is a very supportive you if you want to wake up the next morning and feel amazing, even in the days when you have slept for few hours.

The latex also has other benefits, since it is comfortable and provides support everywhere where needed. It offers the freedom to move freely and roll instead of being in one place all the time like memory foam beds. It also gives appropriate support to the hips and the shoulders which are the points of pressure for the body, so you should feel comfortable all the time. We have years and years of experience fitting customers to the best configuration based on several factors, not all latex mattress will come with the appropriate configuration for your body or situation.

Why sleep on natural latex mattress?

Because the latex is mildew, dust mite and mold resistant, since the dust mites cannot live in natural rubber mattresses. If your sensitivity of dust mist is high, then you can definitely purchase this type of beds in order to prevent the allergies. Even the doctors recommend it when it comes to the allergies, so it is completely tested and has been proven that would be the best choice.

No toxic chemicals

If you had problems in the past with chemical gasses coming from beds, usually traditional beds are full of toxic chemicals. We highly suggest to go for a pure 100% latex bed. There are no toxic substances that can cause health issues in our beds. Traditional beds have been known to contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, and naphthalene. According to the OSHA many foams contain isocyanates, which can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin.

At Natural Mattress Matters we like to use pure wool in our beds. Wool can help to maintain the appropriate body temperature during the night. The wool will keep you warm enough when it is cold and cool when it is warm.

Sleep on Natural Latex Mattress

Easy to customize

Our beds are easy to customize and this is one of the most wanted benefits. The layers allow the customization in order to meet your levels of comfort. You can have different levels of firmness on the mattress, and if you are sharing it with someone else, the firmness can be customized on both sides.

Benefits Natural Latex Mattress

Long-lasting mattress

A lot of people think that the price for a latex mattress is much higher compared to traditional beds. Looking solely from that perspective it has some truth to it, however we find a lot of bed companies with much higher prices tags that are way below our quality of design and materials used. The other side which conventional bed manufactures avoid talking about is the durability and longevity of the product and materials used. Natural Latex is more durable vs traditional beds. The life-span of the mattress is 15-25, while the current traditional beds average 4-8 years. A customer might save a few dollars on a traditional bed, but over a life-span the customer will purchase many more beds compared to a natural latex mattress.

Supportive sleep surface

To sleep on natural latex mattress will feel very supportive for your body. It provides the most comfortable sleeping surface and it has great features for pressure relief throughout the whole body. Our industry experts will help you get fitted to the best configuration that will assist you in reducing the feeling of pain in the neck or the shoulders. We want you to wake up each morning as a refreshed person ready to take on the day.


The benefits of choosing to sleep on natural latex mattress are countless. A refreshing night’s sleep is crucial for you to feel your best and be your best. Let us help you. The mission of NNM is to refresh your sleep.