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The old adage ‘health is wealth’ rings true for many of us who are invested in our physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. Living healthfully means making healthy choices in almost every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat, our exercise routines, our mental well-being – even what we choose to sleep on at night! Try it with Organic Food Organic Home Organic Life.

Organic Life

In order to really optimize the health-factor of these choices though, it’s important to go down the organic route. It’s easy to ignore the various toxins, chemicals and pesticides that unfortunately permeate pretty much everything. From our fresh produce to everyday household items. However, as overwhelming as it can sometimes be, living the organic life is easier than you think. Especially if you’re serious about your health. To help keep you on the right track, we’ve come up with some simple tips that you can easily incorporate into your day-to-day life.


Alright, so this first one’s pretty obvious – eating organic isn’t exactly ‘new’. But we all know it can also be one of the most daunting, especially due to those pesky prices! Luckily, I’ve done some research to help you get more bang for your buck. First off, Vani Hari, a.k.a Food Babe, offers some excellent advice on how to shop organic on a budget. She goes into depth about the benefits of getting your produce from your local farmer’s market. Not only is it a great way to support and interact with your local community. Chatting with local farmers will help you to better understand healthy farming practices and strengthen the connection with the food you consume. If there aren’t any markets near you, there are plenty of programs which let you sign up for weekly baskets of fresh, organic produce. Letting you support a local farmer and eat pesticide-free without having to leave your front door.

Organic Food

Can’t quite cut ties with your trusty supermarket? Totally understandable. Fortunately, nowadays most grocery stores have entire aisles dedicated to natural, organic alternatives to your favourite snack foods. From kale chips and brown rice crackers, to organic cereal and whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. But be warned – all this choice comes with great responsibility; buy too much and you’ll end up wasting food and your money. Buying only what you need is your safest bet. And if you’re purchasing bulk-items try to freeze what you can to keep anything from spoiling (particularly your organic meats!).


Sadly, the majority of conventional household cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can cause skin irritation, and are just bad news all round for the health of you and your family. The good news is that there are a range of organic cleaning products. With options for anything from kitchen counters and sinks to stubborn shower tiles. Alternatively, if you’ve got a creative streak why not make your own as part of a fun DIY project to do with the kids? These home-made concoctions will not only smell great, but will clean and get rid of mess in a safe, natural way.

Non Toxic Products

It’s important to note that natural cleaning formulas focus much more on non-toxic, rather than exclusively organic ingredients. So don’t fixate too much on their ‘organic’ status. Obviously, leading a purely organic life would be ideal, however most of the time that’s just not realistic and not something that’s worth getting stressed over. Simply, read labels and take note of ingredients to make sure they’re safe to use, and you’re on to a winner.


Furniture, you ask? Yep, unfortunately even your average sofa and comfy chair are manufactured with synthetic materials that have been chemically treated. What’s even scarier is that these chemicals attach to dust particles, making it all too easy for you to breath in these toxins while simply trying to relax – not so cosy after all, huh? Substances such as petroleum-based foam, particle board and toxic adhesives are far from safe, yet are used in a worrying number of furniture pieces. Luckily, companies such as Natural Mattress Matters are on our side, offering organic sofas, loveseats and armchairs that are 100% safe, durable and stylish to boot. Using all-natural Talalay latex, organic wool and a choice of organic fabrics such as hemp, cotton, or a blend of the two, you can kiss those nasty chemicals good-bye.

Organic Food  Organic Home  Organic Life

So there we have it – a comprehensive guide to living a cleaner, organic lifestyle free from toxins and harmful chemicals. Take note of these simple tips, and you’ll be eating, living and feeling better for life!