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Are There Volatile Organic Compounds Vocs in Your Mattress

Are There Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) In Your Mattress?

So are conventional mattress, all latex mattresses, and memory foam mattresses toxic? Are chemicals and VOC’s found in mattresses safe? Can volatile organic compounds vocs be avoided in an affordable way?

We at Natural Mattress Matters over the years have seen a number of different complaints from customers about different foams mattresses. In addition, we are able to visit the variety of different foam manufactures and see what it takes to make different foam mattresses. So we’re able to share a lot of what goes into making foam mattresses, the good and the bad.

Natural Mattress Matters believes in providing customers only the most pure foam available on the market.

If you’re looking for a healthier mattress we’re a good place to start. Natural Mattress Matters mattresses have been tested for VOC’s!

By-the-way, you’re not alone with your concerns.

What Are Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs?

When manufacturing a mattress and most of the other items found in our homes, the chemicals used contain volatile organic compounds. VOCs refer to a Hazardous airborne chemical that anyone can easily inhale.

According to a study conducted by U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), volatile organic compounds typically originate indoors. The indoor levels can kick off at 2 to 1,000 times higher than outdoor VOCs. Presently, there may be between 50 to 100 types of VOCs in the air and inside of your home, right now. You might be able to smell some while others are completely odorless.


In order to fully predict just harmful exposure to VOC can be to your health, factors like how frequently you’ve been breathing it in, and how much of the chemical is present around you have to be calculated.

Recent studies reveal that prolonged exposure to VOC can be dire for asthma patients and for people who are sensitive to chemicals. Also, breathing in low levels of VOCs for long period of time could weaken your immune, therefore, increases your risk of getting ill. VOC is not “one size fits all” it contains different chemicals and all of them has the chops to cause its own damage.

Possible VOCs symptoms such as:

Acute exposure (short term)

   On and Off Headaches

   Dizziness

   Throat, eye and nose irritation

   Nausea/vomiting

   Worsening of asthma symptoms


Long-term exposure

   Central nervous system damage

   Cancer

   Kidney and liver damage

When talking about worst case scenario, how bad could it really get? Well, this is it: Long-term exposure to some VOCs could lead to Cancer, Kidney, and Liver damage.

Common VOCs in households include:

   Polybrominated diphenyl ethers. These are flame retardants that have a connection to hormonal changes and reduced fertility. They also have connections to hyperactivity, lower birth weight, and lower IQ in children.

   Formaldehyde is a preservative that’s also used as a glue in mattresses. This chemical can irritate your skin, nose, and throat. It presents an increased risk of wheezing and coughing.

   Polyols bind polyurethane foams and create bulk. Some polyols come from natural sources such as soybeans and they are mixed with other chemicals. However, most come from petroleum. Benzenes is a known carcinogen that occurs naturally in petroleum.

   Toluene diisocyanates. These make foam more flexible. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) view these as a potential carcinogen.

Volatile Organic Compounds Vocs in Mattresses


  1. Inhalation
  2. Ingestion
  3. Dermal absorption.



The industry certainly has a level that they believe is acceptable, but if we were to ask a mother of a child. What is an acceptable level for your child to be breathing in chemicals? The answer is obvious, no mother would like one bit of it around her baby.

If you have even the slightest worry about the level of VOCs in your mattress, again the answer is really simple, switch to natural latex mattress immediately.


Everyone could be exposed to VOCs, but its how we build our home environment that ultimately is the most important environment since we spend most of our time in homes. Each and every one of us is at risk of inhaling, ingesting or absorbing them. Exposing yourself to VOCs puts you at risk of breathing it in absorbing or ingesting them. People with a respiratory problem, asthma, and chemical sensitivities including the elderly and children are in more danger.


Outgassing commonly refers to as off-gassing is the process of releasing VOCs into the air, from the chemical into your mattress. That strong odor that comes with new memory foam mattresses is due to the VOCs and chemicals used when processing your mattress. These VOCs, when dispersed into the air in your home that you inhale every day, are a source of potential harm.

YOUR MATTRESS and Volatile Organic Compounds Vocs

For most people, they can fall asleep anywhere. But the question is how safe or how healthy is the mattress your are sleeping on. Conventional mattresses are loaded with skin cells and dust mites, making them toxic and unhealthy for you.

Your mattress may also contain chemical flame retardants. Chemical flame retardants are used in manufacturing mattresses and they are kind of legendary for containing hazardous toxin chemical that you inhale in when sleeping or laying on the mattress.

That new bed smell – off-gassing odors – may smell harmless or even pleasing to some people but trust me, it’s anything but that! As we have learned they can trigger asthma attacks, upper respiratory discomforts and in the worst case can cause cancer, kidney and liver damage.

When it comes to choosing a mattress that’s best for your health, follow this rule of thumb; the fewer toxin chemicals it harbors’ the better. Organic mattresses is the best way to star with near 100% natural latex purity and therefore should be your new best friend when shopping for beddings for your home.


We spend almost half our lives sleeping, so it’s not really a surprise as more people are seeking a healthier way of sleeping. Organic mattresses and beddings have become like the Uber of a healthier lifestyle.

Organic mattress is the answer to a question like “Is it possible to find a mattress that isn’t filled with questionable chemicals?” Organic mattress is near 100% natural latex and the purity can not be compared to other foam beds. Natural Mattress Matters beds are completely eco-friendly and can on average last for up to 15-25 years. Even if you are not conscious about the environment, an organic mattress can save you a lot of money while keeping your living space safe. Another huge benefits that is often missed with eco-friendly mattresses is the comfort that is offers. Sleeping on natural talalay latex is an amazing feeling.


Traditional mattresses contain memory foam, gel foam and innerspring beds with different fiber and foam layers. The traditional mass produced bed is processed with synthetic materials like polyurethane foams, vinyl, press board, polyester fabrics, etc. And to pass the fire test, they are usually processed with harmful flame retardant that can be extremely hazardous to your health.


An organic latex mattress is manufactured and processed with near 100% natural latex – which is a fancy way of saying that it contains no blended foams, no toxic fillers, no dyes, no carcinogenic adhesives, no toxic chemicals and no pesticides.


Natural mattresses have a foot in both worlds. It is manufactured and processed with all natural materials such as organic cotton, natural wool and certified natural latex. Avoid buying conventional mattress with Volatile Organic Compounds Vocs and visit our website for all information on organic mattresses.


Switching and choosing organic bedding over traditional mattresses has unlimited health and environmental benefits. If you truly desire a healthy living space, an Organic mattress is the only choice for you and your family.

Organic Mattress

Why Are Organic Mattresses more Expensive

Why Are Organic Mattresses More Expensive?

To be frank and sincere, a minority of people would say Natural Mattress Matters Mattresses are inexpensive. As we would place the value and comfort of our hand-made mattresses alongside expensive luxury brands that sell between $10,000 – $50,000, but we are not anywhere close to that price. However, we recommend you to go into a mattress outlet today and choose a Queen Size adult mattress for around $1000. But if you are shopping according to price, then you would not get a truly organic mattress. So, why are organic mattresses more expensive?

Therefore, why go for organic over the $1000 bed? What do the extra fees cover?

The fact here is that you get a lot, and maybe more than what you might understand.

Much Cleaner Materials

Natural Mattress Matters use organic materials like organic cotton, wool, latex, and it is no surprise that these materials cost more than expected. An example is the Organic cotton, that only makes a little more than 1% of the overall cotton manufacturing (as stated by the Trade Organization Textile Exchange), as a result, the demand and supply for organic cotton increase manufacturing costs.

Also, we use only third-party licensed organic cotton, wool or latex, and we don’t mix them with other cheaper and non-organic materials. We don’t expect you to believe our word. But all our mattresses are made from certified organic and Non- toxic as required by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Although certifications may be costly, they are important in order for us to have a peace of mind. The certifications strive to make sure you are getting the right material, and not just the fluff.

American Made

Natural Mattress Matters and our partners do not balance costs by cutting corners and shipping production to other countries. The production takes place in the United States, with the help of our partners. And when possible we also source right here in America. Our organic certified cotton comes from USDA certified organic farms. We import some materials like natural latex made from rubber trees or luxury organic fabric that are not available here from other certified vendors to ensure we have the best quality available.

Caring for the Environment 

Our mattresses are presented to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) with the use of certified latex as required by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), we give you better materials and also make sure that our products help make the world a better place for all and in addition to the requirements of non-toxic standards of GOTS, the organization which monitors the safety and welfare of workers throughout the entire supply chain. Particularly, this is important as GOTS forbid underage and enforced labor. But sadly, these improper acts are widely practiced in the world today, mostly in the cotton industry. By skipping these honest practices some companies can offer lower priced beds, which if we are honest is a inferior product.

What else, certified organic cotton has various health benefits, from small water usage to the healthier soil which helps restore and reduce overall CO2 discharge. Natural Mattress Matters’s believes in using wool as the FR to design great products instead of using toxic chemicals to pass the federal flammability standard to eliminate continuous and unsafe chemicals from the waterways. Therefore, by purchasing a natural mattress from Natural Mattress Matters you should feel great about the purchase, because we are always after a cleaner, better and greater world.

why do organic mattress cost more

Our way of life

Natural Mattress Matters does the right thing for their customers, workers and the whole world. Although you may buy a queen size mattress for $1000, that mattress will always have a hidden cost for the buyer, but here at Natural Mattress Matters, we don’t believe in hiding cost. Our point of view is that, there are right way and the wrong way. We believe in creating true “Value” for your customers at the most affordable prices.

Talking about Costs

Lets get into more details why are organic mattresses more expensive. When we are talking about costs, here, we are considering the actual amount you will be paying for the product, without any other cost. Determining how much a product cost can also be a problem. A good example of this is food, if you buy only groceries because of price, probably you may not get the nourishment your body needs. In other words, a cost is there for you to know what you eat beyond price. Always eat nothing but refined flour and sugar as there is no factor for the cost paid at the register.

There are related and social costs to pollution. These are costs that might not be on the price tag. The truth here is that, someone else pays for that, even us, but it might not be direct. So, everything has its cost. At Natural Mattress Matters, we take this costs into consideration and tackle them, rather than to pass them to someone else. Underage labor, toxic pesticide turn into streams, and the need for real costs are related conservative cotton farming and the one’s we don’t accept as a reputable company. An example is someone buying a $10 watch does not pay for such costs directly, but everybody does it indirectly. These are called the deferred costs.

More than Just a Price Sticker

By now we should understand a little “why are organic mattresses more expensive”. Hopefully, we have addressed the difference between certified organic product and those that claim to be organic. When it comes to Organic, particularly at Natural Mattress Matters, you get what you pay for without any shortcomings. We know the value of an organic mattress, do you?