Organic Mattress Sleeping

Reasons to Choose Natural Bedding

Reasons to Choose Natural Bedding

More and more families are concerned about how healthy are the materials of their bedding. Customers often have to choose and prioritize what to purchase first based on budget and ability. Living a natural lifestyle can be challenging and shopping for true natural/organic bedding locally is almost impossible. Our Natual Mattress Store has all the necessary bedding for you and your family to start enjoying a healthy sleep environment.

Healthy Sleep Environment is Critical for your Body

Our body recovers and heals while we are sleeping, but not only while sleep rather when we are in deep sleep. Most of us will spend one-third of our life sleeping, and for this reason, the importance of your bedding clearly has a big impact on overall health if it contains toxic materials. This is perhaps better illustrated by how long our kids sleep in the early years, kids can sleep easily between 10-12 hours a day.

We are the closest to the mattress while sleeping, so the surrounding air we breathe either from the mattress or nearby bedding, we would be breathing it in for one-third of lives. Most of the conventional beds that your down the street franchise mattress store carries are made from plastic and various versions of foams, such as synthetic foam. Consumer testimonies that we have come across strongly confirm a strong off-gassing odor to the extent they are not able to sleep in the same bedroom for weeks are the bed has been removed.

Now imagine if you kept this type of conventional bedding and slept on it for one-third of your life. Our natural bedding store carries organic certifications on each component of the mattress or bedding. But before we get into more details of what we offer to consumers, it is important to know that the price point is a factor. All of us would love to pay less and get more, however, that is just not realistic. The question that most consumers should ask is “what price can you put on sleep or what price can you put on your health”?

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Why Go Natural for your Bedding needs

Going natural for all your bedding needs is absolutely crucial, especially in today’s cheap products environment. Majority of retailers and manufacturers sell cheap foam mattresses and accessories, however, the margins are great for those stores.

Why you should choose natural bedding? We hear from more and more customers that they are losing sleep on a regular daily basis. This can alter the balance and strength of our neuro and immune systems. Which means that the body is less likely able to prevent attacks. In addition, the leptin levels drop and ghrelin levels increase. This can cause your hormone levels to be more volatile.

Our Atlanta Mattress can do wonders for those struggling with proper alignment and sleeping hot. But our sleep experts concentrate also on a more serious topic such as hypertension. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes are strongly associated with a chronic sleep deficit.

Natural Sleep Environment in your Bedroom

If you enjoy sleeping on a natural mattress that provides support while at the same time gives just enough coziness. You must stop by our showroom and try the European Mattress SpringLeaf 9″ plus a Talalay topper for the ultimate cloud nine experience. Our customers love it. It is the perfect combination of proper support, alignment, and feel.