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Shopping for a Green Mattress

Shopping for a Green Mattress?


Green Mattress

Not just the environmentalists, the vast majority worry over our world lately that it perhaps has reached a critical point. There has been an enthusiasm for eco friendly products and this has been able to pan the focal point of commercialism and the crop of goods we intend to carry to our homes. It is no different with our beds, we all like to have a green mattress or eco friendly mattress in our bedroom.

What is a Green Mattress?

The word “green” is unregulated and subsequently tends to be abused by folks who are just looking to make a profit. With clever marketing gimmicks and fleshy sales signs over the website, online mattress companies mislead the consumer in thinking they purchased an green “organic” mattress. It’s essential to carry out a thorough research whilst buying a green mattress. Since the term green is not regulated the bedding companies might have a different idea what green is compared to the customer. It is important to look for mattress companies or retailers that are know to have a sound reputation and that can back up their claims with proper certifications.

Mattress Certifications

Having the knowledge of the kind of certifications a natural mattress possess and precisely what those certifications signify is crucial when shopping for a green mattress or eco friendly mattress.

At Natural Mattress Matters or SpringLeaf Mattress Collections have a GOTS certified organic cotton covers. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is an outstanding and most notable certifications in the business. Some mattress companies might claim to have 100% organic cotton, but behind the cover could a poly fabrics within the cover. They usually do this in order to save on the cost – organic cotton and poly fabrics have a totally different pricing base. Cotton is known to be one of the highest treated crops with chemicals, so getting a 100% organic cotton cover can be expensive. As you can image mixing the cotton with other materials is beneficial to companies who are looking to cut corners.

Green Foam Mattresses

Natural Mattress Matters strives towards meeting and exceeding the high certification that we carry and adding more certifications in the near future. Our SpringLeaf Bliss Mattress Collection can be called Green foam mattress, because we only use the finest and most natural materials available. However, we choose to call it our brand name SpringLeaf and we detail the materials in the description (natural latex, wool and organic cotton).

Organic Materials

Organic and natural materials are another prerequisites while shopping for non toxic beds. As initially specified, we abstain from utilizing toxic chemicals. Our philosophy is simple if we can’t sleep on that mattress, we are not going to sell it to our customers. The truth is that these toxic chemicals found in the conventional Flame Retardant barriers can have harmful consequences, especially by inhaling these nasty chemicals over longer period of time. In addition, we believe in an eco friendly environment and we don’t want to see our earth damaged by these toxic beds that are sold. That is why we try to educate our customers on what conventional mattress due to our Planet. Conventional mattresses sooner or later wind up in landfills, off-gassing and causing issues for years after you’re finished sleeping using it, and not to mention while using it.

If at this point you are think, I don’t wish for my green mattress to be the cause of any of that, then its time purchase a real green mattress at Natural Mattress Matters.

Organic Cotton

All our Green Mattress covers are made from 100% organic cotton and are not treated with toxic chemicals compared to our competitors.  As mentioned earlier, the cotton business is famous for its overwhelming utilization of pesticides. These dangerous chemicals could have the potential to damage your indoor purity of air that we all enjoy.

You would certainly not prefer to consume an apple that has been showered with chemicals, so for what reason would you need to sleep one-third of your life or 8 hours night on a toxic mattress?

Breathing in and being in constant touch with these poisons is capable of prompting a number of medical problems, for example, infertility, developmental brain disorders, and even cancer.

Natural Wool

For our natural flame barrier instead of chemical flame retardants we utilize natural wool batting. We even go a step beyond and make sure the sheep are treated the proper way and are free roaming.

Wool is quite a resourceful and valuable material. It enhances air movement and by no means cause overheating. It is actually the opposite wool is a great temperature regulator. While memory foam is famous for keeping sleepers warm throughout the whole night.

Natural Latex

Organic Mattress by Natural Mattress Matters are made with natural latex rather than memory foam because natural latex is more durable and much healthier.

Natural Mattress Matters has two kinds of latex, which are: Dunlop and Talalay.

Lets contrast Dunlop with pound cake hence it is the denser of the two. Whereas Dunlop can go well with many diverse sorts of sleepers, it’s particularly valuable for the individuals who sleep lying on their belly and are additionally susceptible to plummeting into their bed.

Natural Talalay Latex is the milder of the two types of latex. We compare and contrast it with angel food cake due to its rich plushness and luxurious feel. Talalay is magnificent for side sleepers and does wonders for those who are looking for some pressure relief.

Both Dunlop and Talalay latex are breathable because of its open unit framework, again, a thing that is elusive with other foams. Simply one more basis to choose a really green mattress. For more information on dunlop vs talalay latex read our blog.

Green Mattress by Natural Mattress Matters

Now that you are armed with the correct information, it’s time to start shopping for your Green Bed. Hopefully, we have addressed some of your concerned with this blog post when looking for “green mattress” or eco friendly mattress.