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Natural Sleep: Guide to Eco-Friendly Mattresses

Whenever a new idea hit the marketplace, by morning there will be more than a dozen knockoffs. The eco-friendly mattress is not an exception. How can you be sure you’re not buying the knockoffs? This natural sleep guide eco friendly mattresses should shed some light on the bedding industry and the various forms of marketing gimmicks. After all you want to be sure you are not buying the knockoff type of eco friendly mattress.

Well, that’s why you’re here, isn’t?

To make an informed decision. With the right information, the chances of you falling for the posers are extremely slim. And you can finally be able to have a good night sleep while keeping your home and mother-earth a little safer.

Natural Sleep Guide Eco Friendly Mattresses

If you’re not truly sold on the “whole eco-friendly mattress thing” and looking to be convinced on why to go green, how about your health – how much does that worth to you? Conventional beds have been proven to contain synthetic chemicals that create toxic off-gassing, which has been linked to adverse health effects.

The government can only do so much – congress have passed the bill that requires mattress manufacturers to pass the frame-test but this is not enough to stop companies from confusing us with pretty words and fleshy marketing gimmicks. Chances are that you’ve probably experienced this purchasing a number of products.

Bedding manufacturers may be slick with words and try to stretch the truth but as the saying goes “labels don’t lie”. Look beyond the vague claims and dig for the specifics. Make sure the label answers questions like, What is the mattress made from? How were the materials grown or obtained? What types of certifications does the mattress have?


Naturally, the components that are used in manufacturing organic mattresses are made from familiar sources. Recycling natural waste like wool, cotton, and latex. These products have been cycled in the ecosystem for millions of years. And naturally processed.

Because artificial synthetic materials are new to the environment, it is not habitat to any organism. Most of the time these synthetic materials are really harmful to humans and the environment. Haa! Who would’ve thought, what is good for the environment is good for humans J?

The following materials are the ones you’ll most commonly see in eco-friendly mattresses:

Plant-based foams: Polyurethane foams are manufactured with plant-based material to replace a section of synthetic ingredients as they provide more environmentally friendly alternative and are usually more affordable than latex.

Natural Latex: Natural foam is processed using latex liquid, usually from organic, sustainably harvested trees and minimal additive. Blended latex is used often by manufacturers, but it uses a blend of synthetic, petroleum-based polymers. Its always best to look for purity of 95% + for natural latex or organic latex.

Environmentally friendly mattresses

Recycled Metal: Springs are made from recycled metal raw resources.

Sustainably-Harvested Wood: Mattress foundations are processed using wood from ethical sources contributed less to deforestation and habitat destruction, or come from plantation-harvested sources.

Wool: Wool is natural by nature. And sources that are GOTS certified organic must avoid pesticides and have stricter animal treatment guidelines to keep producing a healthier and more sustainable product.

Bamboo: This fast growing grass can be broken down and turned into fibers for fabrics. While the fibers don’t naturally occur, the source is highly-sustainable and can be grown using eco-friendly methods.

Cotton: Cotton being the most abundant natural textile is very popular in mattress covers and batting. Mass grown cotton is usually processed with insecticides and agricultural chemicals. Organic cotton, on the other hand, contains less toxin, which is safer for the environment and the end product.

Eco Friendly Mattresses

Flame Retardants

Since the Congress passed the bill, all mattress manufacturers are now required to pass the fire resistance test to legally sell in the U.S. This means that the mattress lines must be able to withstand a flame for 30 minutes. And because of this, manufacturers use different materials to ensure their mattresses can pass this test, usually harmful synthetics.

Using natural materials like latex and wool can meet the flame retardant test and this allows mattress manufacturers to keep the harmful synthetics out of the mattress while still complying with the safety laws.


There are other factors that play a role when trying to determine the sustainability of a mattress. Some companies have found an alternative transporting method in order to minimize emissions that come with fossil-fuel based transportation. In addition, bedding companies have recently address eco friendly facility certifications. This is certified with GOTS program. Natural Mattress Matters is proud to offer eco friendly facility organic mattresses.

It comes down to quality over quantity. If you’re given a choice of buying two less quality mattress that might not last the same amount of time as the durable one manufactured to last, which are you going to go with?


Here’s the thing; eco-friendly mattress may be superior over other mattresses in the marketplace but that’s not to say they can’t compete if they truly want to. By making a few changes to the key components they can be made environmentally friendly. For instance, instead of synthetic fibers, they may use cotton, wool, or other natural products for fabric and padding. Foams can be made from plant-based oils and latex rather than petroleum.

If they truly desire to, any type of mattress can be made natural or organic if manufactured and processed correctly. It’s not rocket science, all the manufacturer needs to do is; listen to the consumer. It’s not so hard, is it?



When the time comes to shop for organic bedding, follow this rule and you’ll be OK; Look at the labels and ask questions when in doubt. It’s been proven that plant-based beddings are not only healthier but more sustainable than petroleum materials, however, don’t let that stop you from for instance asking questions like how the source materials are grown. It pays to be a little discriminating especially when it concerns your health and the environment. We hope this natural sleep guide eco friendly mattresses has helped in distinguishing what truly eco friendly is.

We all have a different budget and blowing your budget trying to get the best bedding might not be what is best for you. The truth is, the most expensive mattress might not necessarily mean the BEST. When shopping for a sustainable mattress, the internet is your best friend. As the buyer you already know the qualities that are most important to you, combine this with a little research and you will be golden.

Latex Organic Mattress Sleeping

Eco Friendly Mattress

Eco Friendly Mattress

It can be challenging to find an eco friendly mattress that is manufactured without planet-harming practices.

But no need to stress out! A little bit of research will go a long way to help you find the best eco friendly mattress for you to enjoy a refreshing nights sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

We believe a refreshing nights sleep starts with the most natural materials available. A bed made with healthy materials will go a long way for your long-term health. In addition, natural materials not only provide a healthier and safer sleeping environment, but has a much friendlier-environmental mark as well.

What to Look for in an Eco-Friendly Mattress

Buying an eco friendly mattress is not just about looking for labels that say it’s eco-friendly, natural, green, organic, or all-natural. It’s about knowing how it was made, what are the materials used, and are there any toxic materials. It is crucial to know that the term “eco friendly” is not protected by any government agency. This means that unethical companies can take advantage of the consumer with fancy marketing gimmicks. This is why were are active in educating our customers before they purchase any of our products. Knowing what to look for in an “eco-friendly mattress” is essential because there are those that mislead consumers and try to pass off a bed that’s only 15% natural as 100% organic product.

Is the Mattress Certified?

It is crucial to choose an eco friendly mattress that has been certified. For example, look for the Oeko Tex Certification when you shop for one. This means that the product was independently tested and certified. The certification tests independently for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used. At NNM, we carry the100 Standard oeko tex certified mattresses and bedding. 

Support Layers

The core of the beds is perhaps one of the most important materials you need to know about if you are concerned about health and longevity Does it have a foam core, and if it does, is it made from latex? We strongly suggest using natural latex for your core. Natural Latex is very durable and healthy. If it’s made from latex, then you also need to ask if it’s a mixed latex? You have a choice between synthetic latex or a natural latex. Synthetic latex is usually petroleum based product, something that you don’t want if you’re after an eco friendly mattress.

Natural Latex is made from the rubber tree, similar to the process of maple syrup. The sap is collected or tapped from a rubber tree and harvested, from there, it’s taken to a centrifuge, a machine with a rapidly rotating container that turns the sap into foam. From there, it’s transformed into molds and steam-baked.

Eco Friendly Mattress

Eco Friendly Mattress Companies

An important point that we need consumers to be aware of is regarding flashy marketing gimmicks. There are some eco friendly mattress manufacturers that make use of the combination of synthetic and natural latex. If the core of the bed contains polybrominated dipheyl ethers or PBDEs, don’t buy it. Some of these have been associated with a number of different cancers.

Natural Materials

If you desire an eco-friendly mattress, then you have to know if the materials used are natural and organic. Our bed covers are made from organic cotton and natural wool. The sturdy organic cotton casing has natural wool batting quilted inside. The natural wool fill promotes a cooler, drier environment and more comfortable sleep. Majority bedding manufactures choose to meet the fire retardant laws with toxic chemicals, we choose to use natural wool.

Eco Friendly Mattress

Finally, you should look for a reputable companies that are know in the communities and that stand behind their products.