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Mattress Store Alpharetta

The purpose of our Organic Luxury Mattress Store is to get you a better nights sleep with the proper alignment using the healthiest, most durable materials available. We are here because want to help people and we understand that a refreshing night’s sleep is crucial to becoming your best, be your best, and feel your best. Serving Mattress Store Alpharetta area for years.


Mattress Store Alpharetta

Memory Foam vs Our Natural Alternative

Are you looking to buy a mattress? The crucial thing to keep in mind while buying mattresses is the quality of foam and can it be or is it toxic to your health. Not all beds are made the same, and the quality plays a crucial role in your day to day life. Bedding companies offer a wide range of materials of foams like latex foam, memory foam, synthetic foams, and a wide variety poly foams etc. Visit our showroom and our experts will guide you to the right fit for your body.

How Safe is your Bedroom from chemicals

A number of the population is considering the living area of their house is the best place. It is the place which they can decorate with different sceneries, furniture, and home decor solution. Generally, people try to eat healthily, so why not sleep healthy. They spend a lot of money to find the right design for their bedroom. Stop by our store to learn about sleeping on healthy materials.

Eco-friendly Materials 

It is important these days for households to switch to eco-friendly product these days to keep themselves safe against hazardous. Even people prefer and companies are manufacturing eco-friendly furniture’s which look stylish as in home decor. There should be no doubt in buying these eco-friendly sofas as they are non-toxic, made up of enable materials and they are harmless to health. Also, these fibers are good for the environment too. They are not coming from any harmful manufacturing process which is an added advantage of buying them.

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Most consumers are not aware that toxic chemicals might be in their household. In addition, household products such as beds, bedding, sofas, and other furniture—could be possibly dangerous to your health.

Chemical flame retardants are very common in beds. That is because our laws require certain bedding to have a flame retardant barrier. Flame retardant barriers are highly controversial in conventional beds. Don’t settle for any mattress store Alpharetta area, just a short drive stop by and talk to our sleep consultants.

Experts agree that flame retardants have been linked to constant headaches, cancer, skin irritation, obesity, learning and memory deficit, infertility, heart, lung, kidney damage, and developmental brain disorders.

Due to our sophisticated bed design and features allows us to customize each side of the sleeper. We believe your side of the mattress should be personally fitted to address the specific needs of your body using the healthiest, most durable materials available. Our GOTS certified Organic cotton and our natural wool make the perfect bed cover.

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Best Mattress Store Alpharetta GA

The word “luxury” is often attached to items like jewelry, designer handbags, and shoes. But no other luxury compares with the comfort a luxury bed brings. Expensive hotels and resorts always provide a luxurious mattress in their rooms and we understand why.

A gorgeous bedroom loses its charm if the bedding is not made of superior quality materials and craftsmanship.

Guests staying at a luxurious hotel do not mind paying the big bucks as long as the bedding reflects the luxury surroundings of well-appointed accommodations.

But there is more than just looks; a luxurious bed has many health and lifestyle benefits that go beyond aesthetics.

Better mattress = better sleep

Getting a good night sleep has been proven to improve people’s energy level, alertness, and even weight maintenance.

Your brain is able to regenerate during deep sleep and you will be more productive and refreshed when you wake up.

Should you purchase conventional bedding vs high quality?

First, you need to understand that latex, memory and innerspring are totally different materials and are not available in all conventional stores, especially high-quality latex.

The difference is in the quality of the components that take a good night’s sleep to an amazing night’s sleep.

The Fabric Cover Differences

Beds are usually made of polyester mixed with rayon, cotton, and silk. Conventional beds are usually made of just polyester.

Makers of high-quality beds take great care in the production and sewing of the materials. Quality control from the sourcing of the materials to the process being followed by the factory staff is highly monitored.

Upholstery Differences

The purpose of upholstery on bedding products is to assist with the overall comfort level. Just like a sofa, the layers are strategically positioned to maximize the level of support and comfort.

A bed in the high-quality category is meticulously manufactured with memory foam in most cases to bring that amazing comfortable feel upon laying on it.

Differences in Coil

While a conventional bedding usually includes offset coils or continuous coils, a luxurious mattress also includes encased coils.

An encased coil is where each coil is individually wrapped. This extra step greatly reduces the motion of transfer.

Another major difference involves the coils being tempered or not. Tempered coils are sealed by heating then cooling the coils which make the coils more durable overall.

If you want to purchase a luxury mattress and you live near or in Alpharetta, GA you are in luck.

There is only one store that truly understands the differences between a conventional mattress and a luxurious mattress.

The staff will take time to understand your needs and match you with the perfect luxury mattress that gives you the best quality of sleep possible.

They will also explain the longevity of the product, the guarantee and will answer any questions you have.

Because purchasing a mattress is a very important decision, our sales team understand the differences between the brands and the unique perspectives of each buyer.

With many financing options, you can have a luxurious mattress that truly meets your needs and your budget.

Come by our luxurious mattress store nearby Alpharetta, GA and see the difference.

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If you are like us and enjoy learning, desire a healthier lifestyle, and believe in honesty, quality, and great value, then you will love us. We carry a wide variety of products from solid wood platform beds, sofas, loveseats, armchairs, organic natural latex mattresses, natural Talalay or Dunlop latex foam, luxury beds, foundations, bed frames, natural innerspring, and European-style beds.

If you like the luxury look and feel fine craftsmanship you will feel right at home with us near Alpharetta

Customers can visit our showroom conveniently located near Alpharetta, Georgia (GA). Contact us now to get a FREE personal consultation and fitting for your body.


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