Our Sale And Return Policy


PAYMENT~ All orders require a 50% deposit of the total.  All merchandise must be paid for in full prior to delivery.  Orders can be canceled prior to notification of availability.  The deposit will be returned minus a processing charge of 5%.

PRICING – We offer high quality product and service at reasonable pricing. We do not have sales or fake discounts (compare our value to their sales). Buy what you love, without pressure, when you’re ready, knowing you’re always getting our best value. We think our fair approach to pricing is the most respectful way to do business with you.

COMFORT EXCHANGE ~ The customer is responsible for selecting a mattress for their needs.. We can modify your mattress for the first 4 months for the cost of a delivery charge.  If components are exchanged a $100 component fee will be charged to help offset our material costs.  After 4 months, modifications will be charged based on the retail value of exchanged components. Natural Mattress Matters makes no claims that this product will alleviate, accommodate or heal specific medical conditions.

RETURN ~ Because of our ability to modify mattresses and our inability to sell returned mattresses,  we do not accept returns. Mattresses, discounted items, bedding products, and all delivery charges are not refundable.  If you are not completely satisfied with your Furniture for any reason within 30 days of delivery, we will gladly refund the purchase price less a restocking charge of 20%.  Items must be in original condition. Please call for return authorization.  Returns are subject to pick up charges.

We are aware that the mattress industry has a standard practice of accepting returns on bedding products and/or reselling returned mattresses at discounted prices. To meet with this expectation,  retail stores must sterilize and sanitize the product with chemicals in order to comply with federal and state law.  Our values and ethics prohibit us from using the same practice….
Your health, well-being, and trust are important to us.

DELIVERY is an additional charge.  Assembly is an additional fee.  The customer is responsible for determining if their furniture will fit into their space.  Our delivery team will not remove doors or in any other way modify your home or furniture to facilitate delivery. Deliveries cancelled or rescheduled after confirmation will be charged for an additional delivery.  All rooms must be prepared to receive furniture prior to delivery.  Our team is not able to move existing furniture or electronic equipment, nor will they attach anything to the walls of your home.  Furniture may be picked up by appointment at 108 Dayton Street.

WARRANTY ~ All our product warranties are defined and fulfilled by their manufacturer.  Furniture is guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the date of delivery.  The customer is responsible for all costs of repair on any piece, which we determine to be the result of accident, neglect, or abuse as well as all costs of service and parts not covered under manufacturer warranty.  We will not service furniture, which we determine to be damaged beyond repair.  Repairs are subject to pick-up and delivery fees.  This warranty does not supersede any manufacturer’s warranty.

Our latex and European pocketed coil construction should provide superior resilience and durability. In the unlikely event that a defect in materials or workmanship should occur during the 10 year term of this warranty, we will replace and/or repair (at our option) the defective mattress or foundation at no charge, excluding transport costs.
This warranty is valid for private residential use only. If you should need to make a warranty claim, contact Natural Mattress Matters. This limited warranty only extends to the original purchaser. Natural Mattress Matters reserves the right to substitute materials of equal quality, if identical materials are not available at the time of product service. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, abuse, or accident. Natural Mattress Matters makes no claims that this product will alleviate or accommodate specific medical conditions.

Truths about mattress lifespan & warranties:

Mattresses don’t last fifteen years. Most don’t function well past ten. Conventional warranties reflect this truth and often don’t cover wear at all. We consistently see customers replacing a “premium” conventional mattress that are less than five years old. Many mattress companies sell expensive mattresses made of substandard materials that just don’t hold up well over time knowing that consumers believe a more costly product is a better one.

Mattresses have a normal arc of wear

Mattresses do wear with use-and they should. If the weight of your body doesn’t cause the mattress to yield, your body will experience increased pressure in the shoulders and hips. This yielding leads to the mattress’ gradual breakdown. Put another way, either the mattress wears out-our you do. A well -built mattress with durable, flexible components will generally last about ten years. Wear will occur gradually without dramatically affecting comfort or function

The Natural Mattress Matters Solution

Our mattress is designed for function and built to last with components that we select and buy from Europe and Scandinavia. Our all-natural latex foam and independent carbon steel coils are more durable-and more comfortable-than those found in conventional mattresses. We offer a full-ten year warranty on every mattress as well.

Mattress Durability and Warranty

Like automobiles, mattresses are durable goods with a useable lifespan. Over the course of ten years, we use our mattress more than any other durable good we own, and we’re less able to tolerate its wear. While we accept a decline in the performance of our car, refrigerator or shoes, we expect our mattress to perform like new for years despite extensive use.