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At the Natural Mattress Matters Sleep Shop, our long-term interest to our potential customers is to really offer them high standard product options that will help reduce direct exposure to environmental toxicants. In accomplishing this, we intend to assist you to safeguard yourself, your loved ones, your household and our natural environment all at once. Our shop main concentration is on GOTS Organic Mattresses, which are essentially natural latex mattresses. Our suggestion is to research natural latex mattresses before purchasing any other kinds. We believe this product is a great start to detox your bedroom.

Below is a long list of informative websites as well as articles which will certainly provide some light on the crucial problem of lessening your toxin vulnerability at home :

Research Websites  In accordance with the Environmental Working Group website, their objective is to really encourage individuals to live much healthier lives in a health-boosting atmosphere through civic activity and consumer understanding in line with development study. The team, Women for a Healthy Environment offers details on environmental threats together with providing healthy and balanced options on their website. Of interest, they are situated in Pittsburgh! This corporation estimates widely used food products, individual care products, residence housecleaning items, electronic devices along with other customer products to guide consumers create unique styles which are risk-free for you and also for the environment.  Environmental Defense Fund Take a look at their infographic for more knowledge about toxic chemicals in our own homes. Helpful website and blog. Consists of the “Mind the Store” project. The Breast Cancer Fund’s aim is on the avoidance of breast cancer owing to the removal of direct exposure to harmful chemicals as well as radiation connected to the ailment. An extremely intriguing short article can be found at :

Articles & Videos for more information Article by Andy Miller, Brenda Goodman, MA as outlined by WebMD and Georgia Health News; Childhood Cancer Rates Are Increasing. Why? Video by Dr. Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH, Professor at Simon Fraser University; Very little Issues Count: The Effect of Contaminants on the Developing Human Brain Video by CNN revealing the dangerous implications of chemical flame retardants Video released by the Environmental Working Group regarding toxicant vulnerability debate of numerous researcher’s work towards the consequence of toxins on the developing brain Findings from the Harvard School of Public Health about the unhealthy implications of childhood direct exposure to industrialized chemicals Here is a six-part comprehensive number of articles released in the Chicago Tribune alongside a must read about the outcomes of experiencing flame retardants.,0,2362819.story Write-up with regards to the medical practitioner who at first testified about the danger of flame retardants. This infographic gives you an easy guideline to potentially harmful toxins in the nursery. Check out exactly how one billion pounds of pesticides utilized in the United States annually are influencing how we live and our overall health. An excellent piece of writing on various chemical sensitivities Cost-free online course on earth-friendly chemistry made available from Carnegie Mellon University’ Institute for Green Science Check pages 40 – 43 of this subject matter for an awesome article on designing wholesome sleeping quarters.