Tatami Frames


Looking for the ideal compliment to your shikibuton or futon setup? Our gorgeous, sleek tatami frames are the perfect choice. These beautiful frames are designed to fit our tatami mats exactly, and they make a seamless, continuous flat platform surface when used together. If you have a traditional mattress these frames work great too, just don’t buy the mats and use the included slats.

The frame’s low profile or very low profile (either 14.5″ high or 8″ high, your choice) and handsome black walnut stain (a deep brown-black – pictured) compliment both traditional Asian bedrooms and modern/contemporary decor alike. And here’s an interesting feature – there are no screws or bolts used in the outer frame’s construction; the rails and legs fit snugly together like a jigsaw puzzle, so the lines are very clean and the structure is incredibly sturdy.

Overall footprints of the frames are:

  • Twin: 45″ x 81″
  • Full: 60″ x 81″
  • Queen: 66″ x 86″
  • King: 82″ x 86″.