Organic Wool Bolus Pillow



What could be better than a 100% organic wool pillow made using only the purest organic wool? How about an organic wool pillow you can wash? Organic wool bolus—small pea-sized pellets of wool—is pre-felted, which means you can wash the whole pillow, not just the pillowcase. It is also incredibly malleable, forming to the shape of your head and allowing you to scrunch and shape it. These pillows are particularly great for back and stomach sleepers, but make great pillows for side sleepers too.

Since the Organic Wool Bolus Pillow can be washed, they make great pillows for children. Accidents, spills, spit-up, all can be washed away and your child still gets the wonderful benefits of organic wool. To accommodate our smaller patrons, we made a Travel/Kids sized pillow perfect for little heads.
Travel Pillow

And as the size suggests, they also are fantastic traveling pillows. They’re small enough to be thrown in a carry-on bag or pulled out for the plane ride and because you can wash them, you don’t need to worry about whatever may be encountered along your travels.