NMM Springleaf Supreme



SpringLeaf Supreme European Luxury Bed

The Luxurious Feel of Weightlessness

To achieve the unique support dynamic in our Springleaf Supreme European Luxury Bed, we combined three layers of coils with distinctively different characteristics. This composition deflects pressure and provides a luxurious feel of weightlessness.

At the surface of the Springleaf Supreme European Luxury Bed is a layer of Swedish micro coils with an unparalleled stretching ability combined with soft natural Talalay latex which gently contours and yields to your body’s curves. A middle layer of over 1500 mini coils joined with another layer of latex in provides additional stabilizing contour. The base layer of nested coils offers flexible support. Together these more than 3,000 independent coils create a supportive, responsive feel with outstanding surface comfort.

We complete our triple coil design with an organic stretch cotton cover quilted to wool combined with a generous amount of camel hair. Camel hair is finer than sheep wool and provides exceptional performance with regards to humidity control and temperature balance combined with sumptuous softness.

European Luxury Bed features:

  • A triple coil system with three distinctively different coil layers.
  • Organic cotton cover GOTS for maximum stretch to conform to your body weight and shape
  • Top layer of Swedish micro-coils with unique stretching ability combined with one-inch of 100% All-Natural latex to gently contour to your body.
  • Middle layer of over 1500 mini coils joined with another one-inch of natural latex to provide additional stabilizing contour.
  • A base layer of nested coils for flexible, deep support.
  • Organic cotton cover quilted with wool combined with camel hair for humidity and temperature control combined with sumptuous softness.
  • Dual-sided for couples
  • Ecologically healthy components, built to last
  • All components certified free of harmful chemicals by Oeko-Tex 100