NMM Springleaf Firm



SpringLeaf European Firm Mattress

Outstanding Performance at a Great Value

The Springleaf European Firm Mattress offers a new level of conformation and pressure relief.

We have added our Posturflo performance layer for additional comfort and body contour. The high coil count and stretch design provide effective weight distribution and the result is an overall more yielding and supple feel while at the same time maintaining the stability of our Medium.

The pre-compressed steel coils in the base support your weight while yielding to fit your body. Together with the comfort combination of the Posturflo layer with 950 small coils and our natural Talalay latex, this creates a mattress with a pliable medium firm feel.
The open structure of the coil fabric in our Springleaf Firm optimizes airflow for enhanced temperature and humidity balance in your sleep environment. We finish with a performance stretch cover made from our organic certified wool quilted to organic cotton.

Like all our beds, the Springleaf Firm is made of certified ecologically healthy, durable components.

Suitable for platform beds as well as our Flexible Euro Slat system.

Springleaf European Firm Mattress Features

  • A medium firm mattress that contours to fit you
  • Economically priced for performance and value
  • Parallel pre-compressed coils provide cushioned support
  • Posturflo comfort layer adds contour and breathability
  • Natural latex foam for a soft and flexible surface feel
  • Breathable wool lined organic cotton cover for cool, dry sleep
  • Ecologically healthy components built to last
  • Organic cotton GOTS cover for maximum stretch
  • Lined with organic Plein Air Wool®
  • Natural latex foam.
  • Independent, flexible steel coils
  • Posturflo Performance layer
  • All components certified free of harmful chemicals by Oeko-Tex 100