Soaring Heart Layers



Everything great starts with a good foundation. Soaring Heart Natural Bed Company’s organic mattresses are no different. The proper frame is vital to the longevity and functionality of your new mattress. All mattresses, not just Soaring Heart mattresses, require air circulation to avoid mildew, mold, and compaction. We have a variety of sustainable frames with a selection of different aesthetics, from Japanese Tatami Frames to craftsman style maple frames, that provide a solid base for your mattress while allowing proper air circulation.
Support Layer


The support layer does the heavy lifting, cradling your body so that your neck, spine, and hips are held in proper alignment. We have a variety of supports: supple organic latex, flexible innersprings, and the unrivaled five-zoned organic latex. Each support is made with impeccable craftsmanship to insure you a supportive, comfortable night’s rest for years to come.

Our resilient supports only need to be flipped every 3-6 months and carry our 20 Year warranty.

Comfort Layer


The comfort layer envelops you in a cloud of softness. The mattress topper lifts and surrounds the body, forming to all your curves , and easing joint pain, releasing muscle strain and tension, and taking stress off of pressure points. Comfort is different for different people and we have a mattress topper for everyone, from supple yet firm latex to luxuriously thick Pacific Northwest organic wool.

The soft fibers and airy latex used in our toppers require flipping every other week, or when you change your sheets.

Mattress Pad


This is the last layer of a Soaring Heart mattress, protects the mattress from you. The average person loses around a pint of moisture every night. Some of that moisture goes into the air through our breath, but the rest goes out through our skin—and into whatever we happen to be lying on. A natural or organic mattress pad absorbs and wicks away moisture, protecting your mattress.

Wash your mattress pad with your sheets for optimal protection.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]