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We carry the world’s most comfortable sleep for body and mind… guaranteed.

You needed a different kind of sleep and Natural mattress matters is now here in Johns Creek to bring you just that. We found the ebst builders and the best materials.  We also also supplemented our own line of mattresses with some of the best in the business. No matter which mattress line you buy from, you will know you are getting a pure sleep, and different sleep on durable, non-toxic mattresses

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What’s the Difference Between All-Natural Latex and Memory Foam?

Quite simply, Memory foam is made from petroleum-based chemicals while all-natural Latex is derived from naturally occurring rubbers. Memory foam mattresses are known for off-gassing VOCs as well as retaining heat and creating an uncomfortable sleep. Even bio-based and soy based foams are still primarily petroleum based and can emit the same unhealthy gasses.

All-natural Latex is harvested from rubber trees in a manner similar to tapping sap from a tree to get maple syrup. All-natural latex does not retain heat, therefore you get a cooler and more natural sleep. You also don’t sacrifice a bounce back effect to get that cooling.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]