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Our Best Mattress For Shoulder Pain

Your Shoulder Pain and Your Mattress

Whenever people feel pain, strain, or discomfort in their shoulders, sleep becomes elusive. It won’t be surprising if you’re up all night, reading articles similar to this because your sleep is constantly being disrupted. However, this pervasive issue cannot continue. A critical understanding of the workings of the human body, particularly the shoulder joint, is required to carry on. As expected, it is aptly addressed in the next paragraph. In addition, our best mattress for shoulder pain could the perfect solution for you.

The Shoulder Joint On Your Bed

The shoulder joint holds the award for the most mobile joint in the human body even though it’s bone structure is considerably less stable compared to the hip joint with a similar ball and socket joint. The only security available in this joint is that provided by muscles and ligaments, hence, when the muscle mass is too little, instability ensues. In the below picture you will notice there are three natural latex layers that can be customized for your shoulder. The right balance between alignment and softness is crucial for a good nights rest.

Our Best Mattress for shoulder pain

How Muscle Imbalances Occur in the Shoulder

When the anterior muscles become shorter than the posterior muscles of the joint, this pulls the shoulder away from its correct position. As a result of this, increased wear follows and this inadvertently leads to more severe conditions such as impingement syndrome, arthrosis, among others. When this s left untreated, the pain is sometimes unbearable. To help alleviate the pain and place the shoulder in a better position, Natural Mattress Matters has designed a Talalay latex mattress with a quilted GOTS organic cotton cover. This fabric allows the shoulder to nest and contour to your body by stretching naturally with the pressure of the shoulder.

How Sleep Affects the Shoulder

When you sleep, the tension in the muscle decreases and this causes the shoulder to become even less stable. As a result of this incorrect positioning and extreme pressure, inflammatory conditions are worsened during this period.

Do you sleep on your side? Do you have a firm mattress which pushes against your shoulder? You can be sure that the alignment of your shoulder will be slightly off and cause massive compression of the joint. The discomfort created can go up to the cervix, causing more pain and discomfort. Do you feel a tingling sensation in your hands? This is as a result of the compression of your vessels or nerves.

Although hard mattresses are not the only ones to take the blame. If your mattress is too soft, you might feel pains as a result of lack of support in the lower back region. This pain becomes more pronounced when you fail to use pillows of appropriate height and firmness level.

Our Best Mattress for Shoulder Pain

Uniform box springs or beds no longer work for shoulder pain. Natural Mattress Matters puts a moderate twist on adjustable beds, foundations, and customized mattresses in order to provide the proper suspension and contour, in turn, it provides you with greater comfortability and reduces the overall pressure on your shoulders. Also, you can have your slats customized to suit your body weight and shape. This will, at least, ensure that you get targeted support during your sleep.