Organic vs. Conventional Mattresses

Organic vs. Conventional Mattresses: What’s the Difference?

Conventional Mattress vs Organic Mattress

Organic mattresses


The producers of synthetic mattresses have been noted to include the name ‘latex’ in their products, but in this case, only the natural latex organic foam has been made from real rubber without toxic chemical additives. This is seen where these kinds of mattresses contain major differences among them and the differences observed are in the form of price, the degree of purity and the modification. The natural latex mattresses that do not have toxic synthetic latex are usually made up of 95% natural rubber. Today most latex foams have been modified and are blended with small amounts of natural rubber, which is then combined with various chemical foams. These leads to the differences observed in these mattresses regarding price, and this is influenced by the quality and raw materials used.


For those who are concerned sleeping in warm or hot beds, wool is an important consideration. Wool is known for being a temperature regulator. The natural properties of the wool fibre are said to help insulate the body against temperature. The wool fiber that is found in a given mattress is very important for excess heat dispersion. All our mattresses carry a layer of wool fiber within a mattress casing to dissipate excess heat. The mattresses contain small pockets of air spread across the wool, which is mainly responsible for insulation through increased evaporation of any moisture and a high degree of air motion. Because of the sleeping area becomes cooler and drier. An all woolen mattress is not known to last, as long a latex mattress would do.


Many mattresses today are enclosed with cotton fabric, but the same cotton could also be used to fill the same mattress. The cotton used does not affect the shape of the mattress and will lead to a comfortable feeling for the user. The mattresses, which have been filled with cotton, have springs as another component, but a consumer will find that the same mattress has been branded as a purely organic mattress. We carry a pure organic cotton mattresses with the highest third-party certifications.

Conventional mattresses

Memory foam mattresses

There are different health issues that have been linked with the memory type of mattress because of the chemical components known as isocyanate chemicals. Putting the health concerns away from the picture for a second, it is clear that the memory foam type of mattress is associated with a comfortable feeling because of its comfortable surface. However, common complaints about memory foam mattresses include sleeping hot (high temperatures), toxic chemical odors and challenges related to sleeping positions.

Innerspring mattresses

Many of the mattresses that are made up of inner springs are associated with harmful chemical components but some; include alternative products, which are mainly natural elements. Latex and wool are commonly used as raw materials together with metal springs. The inner spring mattress is a good mattress that favors the pockets of many and would be a good choice for a consumer.

Blended foam mattreses

The synthetic foam type of mattresses are mostly made up of minor natural materials from different oil-plants to be able to tell a natural story to the consumer. Most of the time those foams are 90% petroleum based products with minor plant oil infusions. The memory foam mattresses offer great pricing options due to the low cost of petroleum based foams. An memory foam mattress is not known to last, as long a natural latex mattress would do.

Air mattresses

Another common type of conventional mattresses is that which is made through air inflation. The materials used in this case vary from nylon, rubber and polyvinyl chloride. The advantages of such mattresses are that they are portable and they are pocket friendly. The disadvantage when compared to foam mattresses is that they are not that comfortable. A consumer should be aware of various technology tricks and falsified adverts.

Gel-infused foam mattresses

This kind of mattress was first introduced in the year 2006, and it was meant to minimize the shortcomings associated with the memory foam such as “sleep hot” (higher temperatures). Through these mattresses, the consumer can experience a cooler feeling. Based on consumer feed back the cooling works only in the initial stages of sleep. The most important concerns are the health impacts – not enough studies have been done, while others have warned that the chemicals used might associate with various healths associated risks. Most of the time the layers underneath the gel-infused foam mattresses are petroleum based foams.


Ultimately materials inside a mattress determine its quality and price. Cheaply manufactured mattresses and low quality materials will often pose risks to health, environment and may also result in shorter lifespan of the mattress. High-quality manufactured mattresses, certified components, and natural materials will generally be priced a bit higher, but ensure more healthful sleep, prevent toxic indoor air, dust pollution, and a peace of mind.