Organic Natural Platform Bed vs Box Spring vs Foundation

Organic Platform Bed vs Box Spring vs Natural Foundation

If you’re looking to buy a natural wood platform bed or non toxic foundation for your organic mattress, you’ll love our selection at Natural Mattress Matters. Beautiful zero VOCs finishes and at the same time sustainable, these hand-crafted platform beds will make any bedroom feel luxurious. The selection you’ll find below is 100% eco-friendly and made in the USA.

Platform Bed vs. Box Spring vs. Foundation: Which meet your requirement?

Making the best buying decision for a mattress is very important. It helps you know what suits your mattress the most – a foundation, box spring or a platform bed. Adequate support for your mattress is also necessary in order to ensure maximum durability while using it though this is also dependent on your choice of mattress.

Usually, the requirements for a latex mattress, memory foam or springs varies. As you read on, you will find out how to search for what suits you the most.

What are my options? 


Natural Foundation

Most suitable for : Natural latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses & innersprings

A Foundation acts as a sturdy support for a wide variety of mattresses, including memory foam, natural latex, and inner springs. This support is usually made of wood.

This makes for some added weight for your mattress. Though added height has some aesthetic factor which some people desire, it also makes getting in and out of bed easier. Do you have a Natural Mattress Matters bed and desire a uniform look for your mattress and foundation? Then ensure to get our Natural Foundation which includes slats covered in our GOTS organic cotton casing.

You have the option to choose between a lower profile (4″) (5″) or a standard height (7″) (8.5″) or (9″).

Due to the rigidity of a foundation, they can provide support for any type of mattress. However, if you decide on a natural latex mattress, ensure the distance between each slats are no less two inches, this ensures for the free flow of air since latex needs air to breathe.

Box Spring

Most Suitable for: Innersprings

A box spring is designed to support innerspring mattresses, this is made from either wood or metal. Box spring is good, but it is not as sturdy as a slated foundation or a platform bed. Due to this, it lacks the required durability and as such not recommended for either natural latex or memory foam mattresses. Though they make a cheaper alternative, they are not ideal unless a typical innerspring mattress is available.

Platform Bed

Natural Platform Beds

Most Suitable for: natural latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses & innersprings.

A platform bed eliminates the necessity of a foundation or box spring. It is a bed frame with slats, and it is made from wood. Set your mattress on the wooden slats, the slats ensures for proper air circulation as well as provide sturdy support which is of paramount to those whose preference is a natural latex mattress.

The only option that allows for your personal style is the platform bed.

At Natural Mattress Matters, you have several options for natural platform beds.

Learn more about our natural platform beds

Both platform beds are carefully designed and hand-built with maple and poplar wood right here in the US. These beds are available in zero-VOC linseed, cedar, mahogany, and walnut.

They can be easily assembled as no tools are required for assembly.

Platform Bed Insert

Most Suitable for: natural latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses & innersprings

A platform bed insert can serve as a replacement for a box spring or foundation. It fits inside your bed frame providing extra height to your mattress.

We offer untreated maple and poplar wood for the platform bed inserts. It is available in 5 inches, 7 inches or 9 inches.

Now You Know

You should treat buying a mattress as an investment decision, thereby ensuring you get it right. This article provides you with all the necessary required information while looking out for what to place your (hopefully organic mattress) on. Thanks for reading and good luck!