Organic Mattresses

Why sleep on an organic mattress?

For us the answer is simple, because we sleep away about one-third of our lives. Our Organic Mattress Store, Sleeping Organic, Certified Organic Natural Latex are the crucial elements to sleeping organic. An organic mattress at first, might not seem like something that would make a big difference to the overall health. But as you start researching the details of conventional mattresses and the materials that are used, you will come to the conclusion that we all came to, organic is the only way to go.

Sleeping Organic

We all try to eat healthy, but do we sleep healthy?! One important part of our journey to a healthier lifestyle has been a gradual transition in our bedding choices. The mattress industry has a lot of mis-labeling and mis-information. We, Natural Mattress Matters believe in honesty, hard work, quality, and great value for all our clients. That is why we carry only the best of the best in the natural and organic bedding industry. If you are like us, and enjoy learning, desire a healthier lifestyle, and believe in honesty, quality craftsmanship, and great value, then you will love us.

Organic Mattress

During the day most us put a lot of effort on eating organic, only to come at the end of the day and lay in a full toxins bed. Our immune system is a crucial part that keeps us healthy. While we sleep, our immune system goes through a self-recovery mode and prepares for the next day. If your mattress is filled with hazerdous chemicals, airborne allergens, and toxic chemicals, your immune system will concentrate a large part on battling these rather than repair itself. With the immune system concentrated on these toxic chemicals during one-third of our lives, we should not be surprised during our lives to suffer from one of these symptoms. Toxic chemical flame-retardants have been linked to regular headaches, cancer, skin irritation, obesity, learning and memory deficit, infertility, heart, lung, kidney damage, and developmental brain disorders.

Organic Mattress

Regular Mattresses vs Organic Mattresses

A regular mattress is loaded with cheap polyurethane foam, hazardous flame retardants and many other toxic chemicals.

An all-natural, certified organic mattress is made with natural materials free of toxic chemicals, such as organic grown cotton without pesticides; natural latex talalaly or certified organic dunlop. We, Natural Mattress Matters take pride in carrying natural latex that is free of synthetics; no memory foam, or any mixes of cheap foams with natural latex, for fire protection, we use pure wool.

I think you would agree now that its an easy choice? An organic mattress over a standard mattress. Yes, an all-natural mattress may cost slitty more, but an organic mattresses will also last longer. Studies have shown that an organic mattress can go easily 2o years, while we see the congenital mattresses last less then eight years. In addition, you should think of your investment as you would the purchase of your family home or car: invest in durability, safety, health, comfort, and peace of mind.

Certified Natural Latex

Remember you’ll be sleeping on your organic mattress for over 10 — longer than most people keep their car — so invest wisely in your your health, body, and lets get you a good solid night of sleep!

Any Mattress of your choice shipped to you directly, just $99. (continental US only)

Call us during regular hours and a trained organic mattress specialist will guide you step by step on your purchase. We’ll listen to your comfort needs then help you decide which model is best for you. Having serviced thousand of clients we take our time and explain all the details. Our priority is to get you a good solid night of sleep. That is why we believe in educating our organic family customers and we never push for sales. We know how important and getting a refreshing night of sleep is. And we know it takes time, we encourage multiple phone calls or visits.

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