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Organic Mattress Store Augusta

Most people don’t realize that they are sleeping on toxic bedding and dangerous materials in there bed each night. Our organic mattress store near Augusta carries certified organic mattresses, latex mattresses, and organic bedding.  Our latex has some of the highest certifications in the mattress industry. We carry dunlop and talalay latex which is the one of the most natural and purest materials that can be found in the mattress. Conventional mattress stores could carry harmful chemicals which are added to the material in most major mattress lines and over time they can be toxic to you and your home. Natural Mattress Matters offers natural sleep, organic latex bedding solutions to Augusta Ga homeowners who are concerned about the environment and how chemicals may be affecting their home and most importantly their health.  NMM is conveniently located to Augusta and also offers free delivery of our organic bedding, organic mattresses, latex mattresses and organic furniture so call us today for prices and availability.