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Why are most Mattresses Fire Retardants Harmful?

Why do we stress the importance of an organic mattress, 100% natural latex, organic cotton and wool cover, organic furniture, and much more! Well, new regulation has been passed. Though is intended to provide fire safety, it has produced a new health risk due to the use of hazardous chemical composition of most flame retardants. Flame Retardants, Organic Mattress, Latex Mattress, Natural Sleep, Furnishings, Toxic-Chemicals are a few key points that each consumer needs to be aware of. 

Organic Mattresses

Our organic mattresses carry the highest certifications in the industry and are third-part certified leaving no room to compromise the end product. Most major mattress brands treat their sleep products with dangerous fire retardants in order to pass the anti-flammable test required by law. We, Natural Mattress Matters use organic wool to meet the flame retardants test. Our mattresses might be a few hundred dollars more, but you can go to sleep with a peace of mind – knowing that you are sleeping on an healthy mattress.


Mattresses, Furnishings, Your Health & Natural Sleep

Latex Mattresses

After the mattress cover the next most important ingredient is the foam it contains. Many mattress stores and online retailers feature a bewildering array of foam varieties. We, Natural Mattress Matters are here to help decide between two popular contenders: latex and memory foam.

Natural latex is made from rubber tree sap that is whipped into liquid foam that is steam baked. The highest-quality natural latex foam contains at least 95% pure rubber.

Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam (usually petroleum product) with added chemicals. Perhaps you have noticed at conventional mattress store the odor from those type of beds. A well-known characteristic of memory foam is its smell. The major mattress brands try to disguise with odor-masking chemicals.  This is chemical off-gassing, and is a threat to your long-term health. Perhaps you have experienced headaches and respiratory problems are some of the most common symptoms. If this wasn’t enough, odorless off-gassing continues during the life of the product, even after the smell is gone. This is because memory foam starts breaking down quicker due to its chemical composition.

Our Atlanta, Georgia area showroom only uses natural flame retardants.