Non-Toxic Mattress Brands

Non-Toxic Mattress Brands

Non-toxic mattress brands

Non-toxic mattress brands are said to be the best mattresses for a family and they come in different varieties. They are also known as organic mattress due to the products used to manufacture it. Normally they are made up of organic cotton, wool, and pure natural latex. Let’s dive in and have a look at the different types of non-toxic mattress brands and their advantages over the other brands.

Green Sleep mattress – This is one of the best mattresses you can find in the market. It is made up of 100% wool, cotton and natural Dunlop latex and its Eco-friendly. They offer a 20-year warranty. Yes! that is how confident the company is because they know their quality is second to none.

SpringLeaf – The SpringLeaf line is from Natural Mattress Matters another company that falls under the non-toxic mattress brands. They carry a large variety of beds that are at the pinnacle due to their high-end finishing and quality. It is made up of pure natural latex. They have a mix of hybrids and all natural latex beds. The coil mattresses have Swedish and German engineered springs that are specifically designed to interact with your body as you turn and move in the bed. SpringLeaf also has luxury innerspring mattress that is very comfortable and supportive with just enough coziness to give you the cloud like sleep environment.

Soaring Heart – The Soaring Heart mattress is made up of original cotton, wool, latex, steel innerspring and organic encased coils for support and comfort. The mattress is made up of quilted organic covering (cotton), temperature regulating wool and it has a dual breathable support. Its one of the few companies that has a certification on the whole process of manufacturing.

Savvy Rest – It has a 100% natural Dunpol latex with organic cotton cover quilted with organic wool. It has a very attractive look and also the quality is outstanding. The mattress is designed to increase pressure relief and improve muscle recovery.


The advantage of having a non-toxic mattress is, the mattress is not harmful to you and your loved once. A study was done and it was revealed that the conventional mattresses may contain harmful flammable chemicals that are used. The non-toxic mattress brands usually carry a better warranty close to 20 years. Compared to the toxic/ conventional beds, which have a much shorter warranty.

Healthy Materials

The non-toxic mattress brands have deployed natural materials in their mattress that can be certified by the GOTS, giving you a peace of mind knowing that you are sleeping on a safe mattress. In addition, since these beds are made from natural materials they have better air flow, which will give you a much cooler nights sleep. Natural Mattresses are extremely comfortable if designed and configured to your body properly. Natural Latex or Certified Organic latex can contour beautifully with your body to give you the proper support with pressure relief for a refreshing nights sleep. The non-toxic have less chemicals and are Eco friendly compared to the other mattresses. They are long lasting compared to the toxic mattresses.


Non Toxic Mattresses tend to be slightly more expensive compared to conventional mattresses, but can you put a price on healthy refreshing sleep? Also, do to the healthy and durable materials natural mattresses are a bit heavier overall.


Good night sleep helps in increasing productivity and keeps the body and muscles at ease so as you can wake up with a smile on the face, ready to face the day.