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Non Toxic Furniture

Non Toxic Furniture


A Choice of Organic Sofas

It depends on your choice of color, it could be green, blue or white but your sofa ought to be green in the real sense. It ought to be fabricated from natural materials that are non toxic, safe and restorative for each individual from your family. Natural Mattress Matters offers non toxic furniture for our customers without harmful chemicals like conventional furniture.

Looking for a non toxic, eco-friendly furniture

Consumers are becoming more and more aware about the number of harmful chemicals that are pumped into everyday products. Among the most exceedingly awful are chemical flame retardants. They can potentially cause cancer, obesity, sterility and formative cerebrum issues such as the ADHD and autism. In addition, our company strives to protect the environment. Chemical Flame Retardants have been know to be toxic to the environment.

Flame retardants have been covered in numerous documentaries, newspapers, tv shows which have concentrated on sofas. Just like most mattresses, most sofas and similar upholstered article of furniture contain foams and materials that are loaded with noxious compounds such as flame retardants, pesticides, formaldehyde etc. We have put together a comprehensive research blog where you will be able to get all the relevant information on toxic chemical and flame retardants, click here.

Have you ever noticed a puff of air when you sit on your sofa? It is brimming with minute dust particles that convey small doses of the chemicals the foam and other manufactured materials contain. You inhale them, touch them and even eat them – even in the cleanest home it is almost impossible to avoid them. Everybody is susceptible to their long-term effects, however, particularly infants and kids who ingest five times more chemical substances than grown-ups do.

Luxury Non Toxic Furniture

Just because your looking to buy luxurious looking furniture with colorful fabrics should not be the reason your risk to cancer increased. That is why we offer colorful luxury organic fabrics that carry the GOTS certification.

Some furniture producers have started to get rid of the most exceedingly awful flame retardants from their sofas and similar merchandise due to pressure from researchers and health activists. However, it’s just a piece of the toxic sofa story. Most upholstered furniture likewise contain numerous different risky substances that move into your home and body. These embody formaldehyde-based glues, pesticide residues, nanoparticle fabric treatments, a wide variety of hormone-modifying mixes, and high-VOC (Volatile Organic compound).

Organic Furniture

Non Toxic Furniture

A better choice

When you select a Natural Mattress Matters organic sofa, loveseat or armchair, you are selecting natural and organic materials that are sturdy and safe for you and your family. From natural latex foam to certified organic materials, guaranteed sustainable solid hardwoods, and zero-VOC finishes. Natural Mattress Matters offers a wide selection of fabrics for our non toxic furniture. Our organic sofas bring new genuine feelings of serenity to your home and a piece of mind.