Natural Talalay Latex Mattresses Certified Organic Cotton and Wool

Talalay Latex Mattresses

We live in a fast-paced world where knowledge is key, and ignorance is no longer an excuse, which is why it is important to pay close attention to details, including those related to seemingly less considered items like our beds, beddings, sofas, cushioned furniture and more! Our Natural Talalay Latex Mattresses aim to give that gentle conforming feel that we all love. Call us today and order your near 100% Talalay Latex Mattress. 


Natural Talalay latex mattresses

Certified Natural Talalay Latex Mattress

From $1350

Talalay Foam Rubber

Whilst the super-abundance of information can be quite overwhelming, particularly when in doubt of the specifics, you may want to note that you do not need to look up too many websites, search engines or consult the world’s encyclopedia to know that a Talalay Rubber mattress is all you need in your home, for comfortable night rests or some cozy in-house moments of relaxation. Thankfully, NNM Talalay non-synthetic beds come in all shapes and sizes, and can be customized for almost every need; ranging from the baby crib to the toddler, including sofas, and furniture!

Proven to be Gentle, Durable and Exceptional

With a unique and strategic approach, our European design built with European components in the U.S. has been developed over the last 78 years through the science of ergonomics. Our foam rubber beds are, exceptional, having an undeniably gentle and conforming feel with a slight bounce. The Talalay foam mattresses have skin-friendly covers that are made from pure organic cotton with quilted wool batting. At NNM, we offer exceptional quality, value, and provide simple choices.

Unlike the conventional synthetic beds that contain varied amount of toxic flame retardants and other harmful chemicals that often cause severe health issues, and become compressed after prolonged use, NNMs’ SpringLeaf beds, made with layers of pure foam rubber have continued to enjoy increased patronage, here in the U.S. The durability and strength even after many years of use will stun you!

100% Natural, Additive-Free Latex

Natural Talalay Latex MattressOur products consist of pure latex without toxic additives. We use rubber extracted from renowned South-East Asia’s tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. So you know that our products are made from pure latex and are eco-friendly to the environment.

More so, NNM helps you overcome the clumsiness and uncertainty often associated with making excellent purchase choices. Our Talalay latex non-synthetic, 100% certified have gone through standard production processes of freezing, vulcanization, and oxidization which is no surprise that they are of the purest foam quality. The thorough refining processes of this pure rubber sap, non-additive rubber make us proud of our superior top quality products.

Custom-built for Your Comfort

Without a doubt, the many years of market research and product development have culminated in our vast range of exceptional quality resilient and durable Talalay products, designed to cater to your specific needs. You will also love the maximum ventilation design of our mattresses, which helps to dissipate body moisture.

Great Way to Renew your Energy

NNMs’ 100% certified beds are essential for relaxations and the stimulation of the necessary energy for the next succeeding day, having had a busy workday!

And the List of Benefits Go on and on…

Choose wisely… Choose from our beautiful assortment of latex beds! 

100% Natural Talalay Latex Mattresses

Talalay Latex MattressCHARACTERISTICS:

8″ of 100% Natural Talalay Latex Mattresses

Cradle to Cradle Certified

7-Zone Foam Rubber

100% organic GOTS cotton covers quilted to 100% pure wool for a cool, dry sleep climate

Oeko-Tex certified healthy components




100% Natural Talalay Latex MattressExceptional durability

Free from synthetics and fillers

Dual-sided firmness option for couples

Twin/TXL: $1350, Full: $1950, Queen: $1970,

King/C King: $2500

Flexible Slat System Foundation

Slat System Characteristics:100% Talalay Latex

Upholstered with organic cotton knit quilted to pure wool

Dual-sided structure: Each sleeper can customize settings for individual support needs

Adjustable tension: Support can be modified as physical needs change over time





Natural talalay latex


Fits in any bed frame

The responsiveness of the system also reduces motion transfer

Not available in Full Size

Available in 8.5″, 6.5″, 4″ and 2 3/8″ profiles

Why Natural Mattress Matters?

1. SEE OUR PRODUCTS & PRICES… We guarantee the best prices and products available anywhere, and our price match guarantee can’t be found anywhere else. You will sleep better knowing that you purchased the healthiest, most luxurious, and most durable products available at NNM. No pushy sales games at our company – we aim to educate rather than sell. We want you to be well-equipped to make an informed decision. Our testimonials page shows that we aim to make your shopping experience to be comfortable and personal.

Pure sleep starts with certified organic and all 100% pure bedding.

Affordable Talalay Latex Mattresses

At NNM, our mission is to provide you with the highest quality, third-party certified, non-toxic sleep products such as, Talalay rubber mattresses (cotton beds, wool beds), sofa, loveseats, armchairs, platform beds, beds, foundations, and much more that can help you create the healthy sleep sanctuary you deserve.

Call us during regular business hours and a trained specialist will guide you step by step on your purchase. We’ll listen to your comfort needs then help you decide which model is best for you. Having serviced thousands of clients we take our time and explain all the details. Our priority is to get you a good solid night of sleep. That is why we believe in educating our safe mattress family customers and we never push for sales. We know how important and getting a refreshing night of sleep is. And we know it takes time, we encourage multiple phone calls or visits.

Have we answered your questions? If not, give us a call at (770) 495-5005.


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 100% Natural Talalay Latex vs. Foams

How to buy 100% Talalay Latex Mattress

Synthetic foams can also be referred to as latex foams if they have even a very small amount of natural foam rubber. This practice can be often found by local conventional bed retailers and some online companies. It is crucial that you buy from a proven bedding company that has been in business for a long time with a proven track record. In addition, shopping with a knowledgeable sleep consultant is important. Having an in-depth knowledge of the body, posture, and alignment is critical when shopping for a bed. Our expert sleep consultants understand body, posture, and alignment.

The following tips will help:

  • Credible Third-Party Certifications
  • Certifications are not cheap, so a cheap bed will most likely not carry a credible certification
  • Pricing is reflected in the quality of natural rubber foam, be aware of cheap foam products
  • Go for products with a clear list of ingredients and materials
  • Check for legitimate reviews

We ship everywhere…call our sleep consultants today to guide you for the best setting for your body.