Memory Foam Versus Latex

Memory Foam vs Our Natural Latex

Natural Latex Mattress vs Memory Foam

Latex vs. Memory Foams

Are you planning to buy a mattress for yourself? The basic thing to keep in mind while buying mattresses is the quality of foam and is it toxic to your health. Nowadays the companies offer a wide range of materials of foams like latex foam, memory foam, synthetic foams, and a wide variety poly foams etc. Below given are some points to make it easy for you to decide between the two most popular types of foams, i.e. the latex foam and memory foam. Natural Latex Mattresses vs Memory Foam Mattresses.

Latex Foams

Latex comes in two fundamental categories– Natural or not.

These foams are a lot more elastic. They have a greater bounce. They come in two forms, either natural or synthetic. Both these foams are almost similar in the feel except for the fact that synthetic latex mattresses are said to have less resilience in comparison with natural foams. These types of latex forms are further explained below:

Synthetic or Blended Latex Rubber

Synthetic latex foams are primary a petroleum based chemical product. They are made from a variety of synthetic materials. They include oils, which are petroleum based, various chemical additives and also a small quantity of rubber. Chemical additives include formaldehyde, and a much dangerous form which has been proven to be detrimental to health; the flame retardants. The various types of diseases that have been linked to these chemicals include: various types of cancers; it causes obesity, may lead to infertility, and an array of developmental disorders of brain that may include: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism.

Small amount of oils derived from plants are also present in various synthetic forms of mattresses. They can be identified by their names. They have bio, eco, hybrid, or soy. Whenever these foams are pressed upon, the particles from these foams get released into air as vapors or tiny particles. These tiny particles get absorbed by the air dust, which acts as a sponge to these particles. This way they become a consistent pollutant of our home atmosphere. They carry the greatest risk for infants, and children. Their bodies absorb a large amount of these chemicals.

Natural Latex Rubber Foam

These foams are made from raw latex, which is derived from the sap of rubbed tree that is then whipped and put to centrifuge. This matrix is then molded into desired form by pouring onto the belt trays. It is then steam baked.

The highest amount of pure rubber that could be in any natural matrix foam is 95%. It is not possible to make foam out of 100% rubber. It means your all rubber sap gets baked up with no additional ingredient. This means it will turn into a slimy sticky structure rather than foam.

Along with rubber some other ingredients also added in small amounts. They usually comprise of antioxidants and some chemical additives that have been proved to be non harmful to human health.

Detecting the Difference

Natural Latex Mattress Rubber Foam


True natural latex, without synthetic latex or fillers blended in, is simply natural foam rubber. It can be processed in two different ways, resulting in two different forms of natural latex: Dunlop and Talalay.

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The most reliable and safest way to detect the difference between synthetic or natural latex foams is to look for their certificates. They have clearly mentioned the ingredients used in each form.

Memory Foams

Memory Foams give a viscoelastic feel when you lie on them. This is not single foam. It includes a wide classification of foams with similar materials. They are made up of polyurethane alone with chemical additives. It works on a heat trapping mechanism between the user’s body and the foam. The foam then acts in conformation to the body shape.

All memory foams have chemical additives included in them. These include in the form of hydrolyzed corn proteins, some quantity of latex and scents. Hydrolyzed corn proteins are prepared by boiling of proteins in a hydrochloric acid (or any other stronger acid) for long time. They can also be prepared by fermentation.

There was a disciplinary action taken by federal trade commission against those companies claiming to have natural memory foams. Since, no such pure foam exists

How Memory Foam Feels

It works on heat trapping mechanism. Therefore it feels shaping itself close with human body. Every time a user turns position, the foam takes time to contour itself. It often leads to excessive heat production also. New formula foams are being made that add the cooling substances.

Durability Issues

Within a few years time the foam may stop responding with spring back mechanism. It is due to loss of foam cells

Odor and Toxicity

These foams release pungent smell. That being acrid in it is also associated with various health hazards like respiratory problems and headaches. The release of these gases continues through the lifetime of these products.


The following chart summarizes key differences between natural latex and memory foam.

natural latex vs memory foam

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