Mattresses for Back Pain

What is the best mattress for back support?

Natural Mattress Matters sleep consultants believe your side of the mattress should be personally tailored to address the specific needs of your body using the healthiest, most durable materials available. Ergonomics could be explained as the process of making things fit people instead of asking people to fit things. This is essentially the core philosophy behind it. Our Organic Mattress Store uses ergonomics with the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and with an understanding of engineering and mechanics to properly optimize your body sleeping positions and maximize product performance.

Best Mattress For Back Pain


Your Health is important

Whether you are looking for a better night’s sleep, perhaps a comfortable place to rest, or relief from the symptoms of an injury, a SpringLeaf adjustable slate system is your foundation for life.

Sleep as you’ve never slept before on a foundation that adjusts to you. The perfect sleep position for the head and feet is within reach.

SpringLeaf Sleep System can help you live your life to the fullest. A SpringLeaf adjustable slate foundation can help relieve the symptoms of ailments such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Acid Reflux
  • Asthma
  • Breathing disorders
  • Hiatal Hernias
  • Swollen legs and feet
  • Phlebitis
  • Varicose veins
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain

Because the SpringLeaf Foundational System fits the bed to your body, you’ll never resort to sleeping in a recliner, stacking pillows or putting blocks under the head of your bed again. A sleep consultant will fit you for the best alignment and restful position at our store.

Your alignment and back support while sleeping has a profound impact on your overall health


It is crucial that your back remains free from turns, sagging, and twisting while you sleep. Keep a proper torsional alignment in which the spine is not forced out of its natural place or twisted is far more important for proper and pain-free sleep than simply keeping a straight spine alignment. It is natural that our spines have the ability to rotate and twist, but maintaining a misalignment over a long period of time of your spine can lead to several consequences. Some of the most common are constant muscle pain, waking up during the night to turn your body in a better position or to something more severe such as muscular-skeletal stress, stiffness, and serious back pain especially in the mornings.

Ergonomic System – Your mattress designed to fit you

Our SpringLeaf Mattress Collections have been skillfully engineered for natural rest and deeper sleep. Hand-pick the finest, purest, and most durable components available, while equaling providing high performance at a reasonable cost. Visit our store near Atlanta in the beautiful city of Johns Creek, Georiga and experience true sleep.

Mattresses for neck pain in Atlanta, GA


Best Mattress for Back Pain

Sleep experts often forget to educate customers on the importance of torsional alignment and how it impacts our oxygen intake. It is considered a key factor to a healthy night’s sleep. Most conventional U.S. mattresses don’t address or FIX THE ISSUE.

The conventional mattresses construction is often the same head to foot, but our bodies are not. Each of our bodies is unique, whether you have back pain, neck pain, an accident on a particular body part, wider shoulders etc. so how come a local mattress store puts seels the same mattress design for every customer? Most bodies need varying support head to foot. This is why our sleep consultants say most beds offer 2D support at best. But achieving targeted support (3D Support) is the ultimate goal. It allows us to customize the best sleeping positions for your body with our sophisticated sleep system. A popular configuration to make a mattress is softer by the hips and shoulders while adding support to the lower back and knees.

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