Luxury Mattress Store Atlanta

Luxury Mattress Store Atlanta

We believe our core mission of luxury sleep and really natural sleep is to refresh life. Our high-end beds are all about luxurious deep sleep. That is why our Luxury Mattress Store Atlanta carries top Luxury Designer Beds, Premium Mattresses GA are made from the finest materials available. We believe your side of the bed should be personally fitted to address the specific needs of your body using the finest materials, healthiest, and most durable materials available. Our sophisticated European Slates create the perfect alignment along with our luxurious beds

Purchasing Your Next Luxury  Mattress

#1 Luxury Mattress Atlanta

In your search for luxury mattress Atlanta area, you may have come across two terms which relate to the processes used to manufacture them, conventional and healthy. The two methods are very different, both beds will have the premium look and probably similar density of the final product.

Customizable mattress for comfort

Luxury Mattress Atlanta carries also organic mattresses that made strictly from natural latex and consist of the layers of natural latex. The soft, medium or firm natural latex can be customized to suit you, allowing you to make the ideal choice of the beds with the Talalay and Dunlop latex.

Unique and top notch customer service

Our Atlanta Luxury Beds selection comes with latex options. We take pride in the service we offer our customers, ranging from the teaching to the ever-responsive customer support. We offer quality products that we hardly get complaints or calls for fixes, but if clients complain, we respond and attend to such customers with care, leaving them jaw-dropped in awe. We are poised to give you the best, and it doesn’t get better elsewhere.

Atlanta Luxury Beds

Our Atlanta Luxury beds selection is part of our core mission and why we exist is to help people sleep better and better every day in fine luxury. We understand that each one of us needs a refreshing night’s sleep. It is essential to get a refreshing night’s sleep for people to feel their best. After all, that’s the only time when your body can repair, rebuild and restore itself. Not when you’re asleep — but when you’re in deep sleep. Whether you suffer from back pain or spend restless nights trying to get comfortable, our SpringLeaf high-end designer beds and High-Performance Flexible Slat Sleep Systems let you experience the rest and relief you need.

Best Luxury Mattress Store Atlanta area

Our SpringLeaf Supreme Bed offers an unbelievable cloud-like feel. In order to achieve the unique dynamic feel, we combined three layers of coils with distinctive features. This unique composition allows us to deflect pressure and provide that luxurious weightless feel and stability that we are all looking for. But the true secret of the SpringLeaf Supreme model is the added spring features in the padding layers. To top it all off we used soft 100% natural Talalay latex to give your body the gentle comfort and contour. We completed the design by using organic stretched cotton cover and organic quilted wool. For added cooling, we added premium camel hair. Camel’s hair provides exceptional performance and temperature balance.

Serenity Mattress

European Luxury Bed Foundations

Our Organic Mattress Store Atlanta area store carries sophisticated foundations that are made from the best luxurious materials available. In addition to having high-quality materials, our team added a platform high-end bed foundation that can create the perfect alignment for you and your loved one.


Amazing facts about why our luxury beds remain the best

When it comes to natural foam, Latex stays on top of the list. It is a firm and durable foam that maximizes comfort. The ideal latex foam contains a significant amount of natural rubber, unlike the hybrid foams that are made from synthetic latex and part rubber. Non-natural latex and other cheap blends of latex are known to contain unhealthy chemical fillers and are mostly polyurethane based, as in the case of memory foam. The majority of the memory foams available may seem comfortable at the initial time, but loses support with time and traps much heat.

After harvesting the latex, it is turned into foam in a centrifugal system; this is pushed to the mold. The process of steam-baking kickstarts and in the end, large sheets of latex foam are produced with different densities.

Designer Beds

Our luxury mattress Atlanta has over 6000 Interactive pocketed Coils in our Premium Beds – You can’t find it anywhere in Atlanta or anywhere else in the South East, except with us. Come to see what our luxury mattress Buckhead model can do for your sleep.

Luxury Bed - SpringLeaf Supreme

If it is expensive, then it’s healthy

Regrettably, most mattresses that are available in the contemporary market are made of inferior foams that compromise health with poor quality. Treated fabrics and the conventional mattress foams contain harmful chemicals that ooze gasses which decompose into inhalable microscopic dust. When you keep using such bedding consistently perhaps 6-10 hours each day, you inhale these toxic particles. Research has proven that low and high-level exposure to such harmful particles is detrimental to the human health. 

Memory foam which is one of the commonest foam is primarily made of polyurethane in addition to other chemicals. There have been reports by bodies in charge of health and safety about the chemicals present in the memory foam mattresses; these chemicals include the formaldehyde, naphthalene, benzene, and others. Most of these harmful chemicals increase the risk of infertility, cancer, obesity, respiratory tract diseases, headaches, and some other ailments. In fact, the need for mattress foam made from latex can never be overstated.

Stop by our showroom you will feel right at home

Let us help your body rest on the most luxurious designer beds available in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Try our luxury king size bed in the showroom before your purchase. We also offer the high-end super king size bed.

Luxury Beds Atlanta

Luxury Upholstered Beds

We are THE Showroom in Atlanta area when it comes to luxury upholstered beds. This is where beauty and quality meet. Our beautiful upholstered bed designs can be tailored to your bedroom style. Luxury bedding has never been easier, we are a one-stop shop for all your luxury bedding needs with best brands in the industry.

High Quality Luxury Headboards and Beds in Atlanta


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