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Looking For Best Eco Friendly Mattress

Looking For Best Eco Friendly Mattress?

Looking for best eco friendly mattress? If you’ve tried, then you’d know that finding an eco-friendly natural mattress can be a great pain in the “you know what.” Searching the marketplace looking for a mattress that is healthy for you and your family and great for the environment. Natural Mattress Matters strongly believes that mattresses can be made without killing the planet. Deep down we all want to extend the life of our planet for our kids. Spending a few extra dollars on an eco friendly mattress won’t make us any richer, but it will go along way in preventing another toxic mattress going being dumped on our planet.

But at the end of the tunnel there is hope, because we have taken care of everything for you. We want to make certain that you finally get to sleep like a baby while keeping your home and living space safe and healthy.

Best Eco Friendly Mattress

And as you already know, healthy mattresses starts with healthy materials. An eco-friendly natural mattress manufactured with organic natural materials guarantees you a sound good night sleep and safer living environment. Looking for best eco friendly mattress just got easier, click here to see our SpringLeaf Bliss Mattress Collection that is made from the healthiest, most durable materials available.

Eco-Friendly Materials?

If you’ve spend some time researching chances are you’ve come across tons of bedding brands selling “natural” and “eco-friendly” products that makes you cringe. Using fancy marketing gimmicks with words such as “green” will only work until the customer opens up the box and notices strong smells and cheap poly plastic in the mattress covers. Natural Mattress Matters believes in honesty and great craftsmanship when it comes to our clients.


It might be interesting to know that using even the most highly-renewable bamboo is not good or healthy for the environment. The process of manufacturing soft bamboo means processing bamboo fibers that contains carbon disulfide, a dangerous toxic chemical that shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near your living space.

Essential Oils:

Essential oils are intended to be used on the skin, inhale or ingested. And adding such oil inside your supposedly healthy mattress is overdoing it and possibly courting disaster. Most these oils are used for marketing shenanigans. In order to make a mattress smell like a spa experience. The aim is to deceive you into thinking that it’s therapeutic. The truth is that these oils contain a high doze of chemicals that actually alert your senses more – keeping you away from falling asleep naturally.

Memory Form:

Most people wonder if memory foam is eco-friendly. The answer to that might be open to interpretation, but at the end of the day its a petroleum based product. Read our blog on some of the toxic chemicals found in memory foam. And no matter how they try to swing it as an organic memory foam – it contains lots of chemicals in order to create the sinking feel. The sinking feel has carries many negative consequences for your body needs and many doctors and chiropractors are very vocal on this issue. That is why we at Natural Mattress Matters like to take our time and discuss the needs of your body.

Tea Leaves:

This one is almost laughable. Why put Tea leaves in a mattress? What possible purpose could it serve? Well, that’s a good question. And the short answer is NONE. This is just another creative marketing shenanigans created by manufacturers to capitalize on the beneficial advantages associated to tea drinking. In reality, it’s just a cheap tactic used in trying to make more sales by greedy bedding manufacturers.


Since Congress passed a law that require mattress manufacturers to make products that will pass an open flame test, many so called “green mattresses” adds silica mixed with some wool just so they meet the federal-mandated flame test. Our mattress only contain natural wool batting and GOTS certified organic cotton.

Certified organic and natural materials

Our materials and natural eco-friendly mattresses have been evaluated and certified by highly respected third-party agencies for safety, healthfulness and quality. We make it a point to always stand out from others.

Natural Wool: You will find that our certified wool is completely silica-free. Wool batting beneath a sleeper acts as a temperature regulator, helping to keep you cool and dry. We clean our wool without harsh chemical to avoid dangerous chemical flame retardants found in most mattresses. In addition, we stand out compared to other by only sourcing wool from free livestock. Did you know that our wool comes from sheep which live outside all year round. This livestock husbandry results in a naturally more curly and longer fiber.

Organic Cotton:

Our cotton is not only organic, it’s also washed. Although organic cotton is already pesticide-free we specify washing as another important step to get rid of any ultra-fine cotton dust (mainly consisting of cotton linters), which can be a potential allergen. Conventional cotton cultivation is responsible for 35% of worldwide pesticide use and is environmentally devastating.

Our mattress covers are specially designed to optimize airflow and to work with the flexible mattress core to allow optimal contour to the sleeper’s body.

Natural Latex: Our organic latex is independently tested and certified of it purity, quality and uniqueness. Our mattresses only uses the purest  natural latex available.

An energizing and refreshing night’s sleep is crucial for you to become your best, do your best, and feel your best. We are here to help. The purpose of Natural Mattress Matters is to rejuvenate your life. That is why we believe your side of the mattress should be personally tailored to address the specific needs of your body using the healthiest, most durable materials available.