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Latex Feel Talalay vs Dunlop Latex Mattress

Latex Feel Talalay vs Dunlop Foam

One of the most popular questions we’re asked is, “What’s the difference in feel between Talalay vs Dunlop Foam?”. It could be challenging choosing the right configuration between Talalay vs Dunlop Foam. Even though this is mostly a subjective experience, we want to help. Over the years we have served many customers and have extensive experience fitting customers to the proper configuration (support, pain relief, breathability etc.). In addition to the latex feel aspects, another common question we’re asked is, “What’s the difference between Dunlop vs Talalay Latex Mattress from the manufacturing prospective?” We’ve described the technical differences here. Let us take a look at the Latex Feel Talalay vs Dunlop Foam. 

Different Type of Latex, Different feel

I’d like to give you a peak about the Latex Feel Talalay vs Dunlop Foam from my perspective having personally fitted many customers over the years on dunlop and talalay latex mattresses. Here’ a more subjective vision that will help you understand the feel and the benefits of natural latex.

Dunlop or Talalay? Which latex is the best one for me?

Dunlop Latex is more dense

Since the 1920’s, the Dunlop manufacturing process has remained the same. The natural foam is made from sap of the rubber tree. After mixing the soaps and agents together with the sap the product is put into a mold (filled 100%) and then baked at 100ᵒC/212ᵒF. Then it is washed and dried. Natural sediments in the mixture settle to the bottom of the mold. This makes every Dunlop Latex layer slightly firmer on its bottom side.

For instance, years from now you hurt your lower back and are in need of a much firmer beds for a few months to recover. You can simply unzip the top cover and flip over any layer of Dunlop rubber foam to achieve a slightly denser feel. If you are not satisfied just yet with the firmness, you can still make it, even more, firmer by flipping over another natural latex layer – The SpringLeaf Rest Mattress holds three layers and you can configure the feel that will give you the best support and pain relief.

Latex Feel Talalay vs Dunlop Foam

Talalay Latex is more resilient (LIVELY FEEL/BOUNCE)

Natural Talalay Latex Foam on the other hand is softer and lighter compared to natural Dunlop. Similar to the dunlop process, talalay is also put in the mold, but then is vacuumed. This creates the round cell structure. Next in the process the natural talalay latex sap is frozen to make sure that the cells burst open becoming interconnected. After the vulcanizing period at 115ᵒC/235ᵒF our natural Talalay foam takes an additional post-vulcanisation step for 8 hours in which the durability is further increased.

The feel of Natural Talalay Latex in the industry is often compared to being very similar to the texture of angel food cake. Talalay Foam contours nice with the body, while providing a supportive surface, unlike memory foam very you sink in the mattress. Talalay rubber foam relieves tension pressure on the hips and shoulders for up to 30% more than other foam mattresses due to its adapting properties it holds.

Latex Feel Talalay vs Dunlop Foam

Both Natural Talalay Latex and Certified GOTS Organic Dunlop Latex are anti-allergy and anti-mites resistant. In addition, both of the types of latex are not toxic or harmful to sleep on. We hope that you have a better understanding now and that we addressed some of your concern when it comes to the Latex Feel Talalay vs Dunlop foam. Both make a fine mattress and are extremely pure in comparison to conventional mattress materials.

Our industry expert are just a phone call away in case you need further assistance which configuration will be the best for you and your body. A refreshing night’s sleep is crucial for you to feel your best and be your best. We want to help.