Healthy Mattress

Healthy Mattress

A refreshing night’s sleep starts with a healthy mattress. The mission of Natural Mattress Matters is to refresh your life. A refreshing night’s sleep is crucial for you to do your best and feel your best. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience and expertise. At NNM, we believe your side of the mattress should be personally fitted to address the specific needs of your body using the healthiest, most durable, and natural materials available.

Healthy Mattress

Why Purchase a Healthier Mattress?

Shoppers are becoming increasingly smarter about what they put in their bodies: we pay more attention to labels and demand transparency from food companies. So why should we just settle when it comes to our sleep environment? Shouldn’t the place where your family members sleep be a healthy and safe one?

The Issue with Conventional

Bedding manufacturers directions changed radically in 2007 with the presentation of new fire retardant measures. U.S. sleeping beds are currently required to be mainly flame-resistant for a brief timeframe. Most organizations meet this qualification by splashing beds with toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde, boric acid, and melamine.

Non-Organic Mattresses

Non-natural mattresses incorporate polyurethane froths, pastes, adhesives, scents, and deodorizers. These chemicals can discharge VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can prompt focal sensory system harm. Furthermore, companies are not required by law to unveil what is in their beds, giving customers the raw end of the arrangement:

“We can purchase things that are BPA free, or phthalate free or lead-free. We have no choice to purchase things that are fire-resistant free. The laws protect the synthetic business, not the overall population. Current government oversight of chemicals is weak to the point that makers are not required to label items with fire retardants nor are they required to state what chemicals are utilized.”

Healthy MattressHealthy Mattress Choice

The major worry with fire resistant ordinary beds is their impact on the human body. A large portion of these compounds are known as cancer-causing agents, or malignancy creating operators. Each time you let your head rest around evening hours; these cancer-causing agents are discharged as tidy, which you take in each time that you rest. Contact with these cancer-causing agents amid pregnancy has been connected to low-birth weight and other unfriendly wellbeing results. The literature regarding this matter isn’t new or weighty, yet individuals still stay ignorant of the dangers innate in resting on conventional mattresses.

Healthy Beds

To save the wellbeing of your relatives, it’s necessary to get a bed that utilizes no synthetic fire retardants or polyurethane foams. Our natural producers utilize no engineered retardants. Rather, they utilize wool that is affirmed as a natural and toxic chemical-free retardant by GOTS (the Global Organic Textile Standard). This, in addition to numerous other natural confirmations, our healthy beds ORGANIC NATURAL sleeping mattresses have been liable to extreme third-party inspection before being named as safe.

Our Organic mattresses are additionally sustainable. Natural Latex sap is collected from the rubber trees, and they bounce back rapidly after being harvested. Since the rubber trees are a natural product it can be certified as organic.

Healthy Mattress Brands

You’ll see many companies that claim to have “all organic” or “natural” Healthy Mattress. There’s an essential refinement, be that as it may, between what we offer and what others are attempting to pass off as certified natural or organic in the industry. In a procedure known as “green-washing,” companies will encompass a polyurethane core mattress with a layer of mixed latex and call it “natural.” There are no controls concerning what an manufacturer can consider as natural, so you have to your research to be certain. We recommend buying from a reputable company. Be careful about marketing gimmicks like “mixed latex,” and “manufactured latex,” as these frequently contain VOCs and other poisonous fire retardants.

Healthiest Mattress

If you are considering buying a healthy mattress and believe in honesty, quality, and value, then you will love Natural Mattress Matters. Get in touch with our industry experts.