Greenguard Certified Mattresses

Greenguard Certified Mattresses

GreenGuard assists manufacturers create and help customers identify interior products and materials. The institution certifies products that emit low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This certification allows consumers to verify a product’s safety as it relates to off-gassing. Natural Mattress Matters is proud to offer greenguard certified mattresses to our clients. In addition, GREENGUARD strives to improve the quality of the air in which the products are used.

Why is it important to have products that have no or low VOCs? Because VOCs put human health at risk. Regulatory institutions and studies have shown they have been linked to cancer and numerous other health issues. Reducing VOCs in your home is essential. And the best ways to start is with your bed, where you spend one-third of your life. By reducing VOCs it will create better indoor air quality, which is crucial to your health, especially over the long-term. We highly recommend starting your infants with an organic mattress.

Greenguard Certification

GreenGuard certified mattresses or other product to pass the criteria, it is tested in an environmental chamber that imitates the setting of the product’s natural use. After the testing is completed, the chamber’s air is analyzed with high tech instrumentation, including gas chromatography, for the presence of VOCs. Those products that perform of the charts can earn the GreenGuard GOLD certification.

GreenGuard Certified Products

Natural Mattress Matters strives to partner with companies who received the GreenGuard GOLD award. Companies that go the extra mile to minimize toxic chemicals in products so our clients can have peace of mind when going to sleep.

Our GreenGuard certified mattresses, toppers, and pillows are available by calling us directly and placing your order. We will e-mail you all our receipts. Each year our partners in the industry are tested to ensure that they continue to meet or exceed GreenGuard GOLD standards.

Greenguard certified mattresses

How to buy Greenguard Certified Mattresses

There are a whole lot of online companies out there claiming to be certified, including cheap foam manufactures misleading customers that the bed is made with rare materials like cashmere wool, silk fiber, and horsetail hair. But whether you are looking for purity or exclusivity of a rare mattress, health and comfort should be at the top of our list. The following tips will help:

  • Look for reputable retailers in the organic bedding industry
  • Certifications are not cheap, so a cheap bed will likely not be certified
  • Go for products with a clear list of ingredients and materials
  • Check for legitimate labels and third-party certification

Ask questions if you are in doubt

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