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Natural Rubber
Green Sleep only uses grade A natural rubber for the core which supports the Green Sleep mattress. Natural rubber is is flexible, stable, and provides for superior comfort. Additionally, the rubber is absorbent and resilient, which contributes to to the regulation of heat and moisture.



Comes From Rubber TreesRubber Tree Being Tapped
The most common rubber tree is the Hevea brasiliensis and it is harvested by tapping the milk (sap) of the tree). Grown in North Malaysian plantations, these trees are chosen for their high-quality product. Because sheep graze the plantations and control growth, no herbicides are used in these operations.

To prevent destabilization, the Hevea milk is processed close the plantations where they are gown. Most manufacturers simply don’t have this issue, because they add chemicals to their products. We strive to bring you the purest products possible. We harvest our trees in the morning, mold them into sheets the same day, and promptly shipped to our Canadian facilities. Manufacturing the rubber where the trees’ milk is harvested, also helps sustain the local economy. Hence jobs are created with while avoiding the depletion of the natural resources of the country. This benefits everyone on the planet.

Our Rubber – Natural methods only
An injection system produces the purest natural product–Mattress cores are produced using an injection system helps them keep their shape. Natural soap, and air along with natural vulcanization agents are used to ensure purity. This causes the rubber to break down at the end of the mattress life cycle, being that it is a natural, biodegradable substance.

Benefits of Natural Rubber
You might be surprised to learn that Hevea milk contains an antibacterial substance which is a natural dust-mite repellent.

Superior durability and elasticity provide for mattress longevity

Rubber gives even support providing shape and firmness

Continuous comfortable sleep is provided along with flexibility and stability

Heat and moisture regulation are excellent

Superior air circulation provides relief from moisture and mold

Pure woolherd of sheep
All of the Green Sleep mattresses are made with 100 percent pure wool batting. Processed without chemicals, dyes, or oils, this wool has no residues processing–only comfortable warmth and absorbency.




Best of Care
Our wool comes from a Texel, Netherlands, where a small and conscientious business takes exceptional pride in its organic production of wool. The sheep live a stress-free life. The animals graze on land in the summer months that has never been used for any kind of agriculture, ensuring that freedom from contaminants, pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers. During the winter months, a climate-controlled barn with clean floors is stocked each day with fresh bedding and an ample organic food supply, where the animals are checked daily for continued health. The fleeces are then shorn from live animals and washed only with only hot water and vegetable-based soaps. No harsh detergents, chemicals, or chlorine bleach are used. Finally the fleeces are then processed, without the use of oils or bonding agents, using a a natural dust-mite repellent, into wool that retains between 4 percent and 6 percent lanolin.

Certified OKO-TEX 100 (
It is our goal to offer you a fresh-air sleeping experience. You and your family should be breathing any harsh chemicals while you sleep. Therefore, all the wool used in our batting is certified to the Oko-Tex 100 standard through the ko-Tex GmbH certification program in Germany. We don’t permit the use of plastic, baling twine, during the shipping of our wool.

Benefits to the consumer are:

Natural flame-retardant sleeping comfort

Absorbency which can absorb 30 percent of moisture and remain dry in the case of sweating at night

Form and shape remain resilient, for comfort and for aesthetics

Remains warm in winter and cool in summer

Excellent repellent for dust mites

Organic Cotton
In constructing our Green Sleep mattresses, it all begins with organically grown and harvested pure cotton. No green cotton is used. our products allow you to sleep and to breathe naturally and they are chemical-free and certified to the highest standards.

Industrialized Cotton
Industrialized countries commonly saturate their cotton plants with pesticides and herbicides and chemicals from fertilizer. Machine-picked cotton also gets impurities from oil, leaves, and soil.

insecticides in cotton would be reduced by 25 percent, if all the cotton in the world were grown organically. Hand-picking of cotton ensures that the resulting cotton fiber is the cleanest and purest product available. The fiber is grown with the highest standards in Germany and Switzerland into the wonderfully pure and soft fabrics used in all our products.

KRAV Guaranteed
KRAV of Sweden is Europe’s oldest and most prestigious certification agency( Their stamp of approval is a solid guarantee of organic standards

Organic Cotton Benefits
Green sleep only uses the finest cotton in mattress batting, filling, and fabric.

There are no toxic chemicals to inhale during sleep

Skin is never irritated

Air circulation is maximized and perspiration minimized

These products are a great return on investment because they are strong and resilient in shape, color, and texture

Renewable Canadian Hardwood
Our Vimala Sleep System slat foundations are made with only seasoned, and untreated woods that are carefully selected from spruce, poplar, and ash trees.

The wood used in the Vimala Sleep System is obtained by the sustainable harvesting method. The age and number of trees per acre that can be harvested are strictly controlled.If damage is found in the cutting operation, it must be rectified immediately to restore balance.

Superior Wood Construction
The Vimala Sleep System foundations are strong and flexible, made exclusively of kiln-dried spruce and providing perfect support and comfort.

The foundations for our beds are constructed of selected hardwoods, crafted by only skilled cabinetmakers. Only the finest natural waxes and non-toxic oils are used in the finishing stage.

Benefits of Untreated Wood
The Vimala Sleep System is never treated with synthetic glues at any stage in the production process so your home environment is safe from these toxins.

Cracking noises are eliminated through the use of extra-strong wood slats and sound, fitted, supportive box-style frames.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]