European Mattress System

European Mattress System

European Engineered Foundation

The European Mattress suspension system was invented in Europe over 60 years ago to provide targeted knee and lower back support as well as targeted hip and shoulder relief. The body types of men and women have different needs for support and pressure relief. Our European Mattress System allows us to provide support and pressure relief tailored to fit the different curves of men and women.

What mattress do you think is best for back support?

It is essential to understand your sleeping positions when going to bed. You should ensure your back is free and does not sink into the bed while you sleep or rest. Maintaining an aligned body position and avoiding body twisting is also important as the spine is not bent or crooked for comfortable and painless sleep as the spine is straightly aligned. The rotation and twisting of the spine during sleep can lead to tension, stiffness and backache of skeletal muscle in the morning.

European Mattress System

It’s also important to know that proper torsional alignment aids our oxygen intake which is a key factor to a healthy night sleep. Nevertheless, conventional mattress stores or bedding companies in the U.S. give no concern about your alignment and support.


Tailored Support for YOUR body


European Mattress Slats

The support (or construction) of most mattresses is the same head to foot, yet most bodies need varying support head to foot. This is why we say most beds offer 2D support. Targeted support (3D Support) allows you to make a mattress softer by the hips and shoulders while adding support to the lower back and knees.


The European Mattress System works in perfect harmony with our wide variety of european mattresses to prevent any twisting or sagging of your back. In addition, the Euro Mattress System settings can be modified over time to accommodate changing body needs or comfort preferences.







In Natural Mattress Matters, we have discovered that three-dimensional support which we also referred to as 3D support is very important in providing the best support for bed usage. Our mattresses are designed in a flexible manner to fit your body by minimizing pressure at the shoulders and hips while supporting the curves at your waist and back.

Our adjustable foundation allows us to create an even greater depth of contour with modifiable TARGETED LOWER BACK SUPPORT and knee lift. When your body is properly supported without strain, twist or bend, it enables one to breathe more deeply by increasing your oxygen intake. For full-body alignment, our wide selection of NNM Organic and Natural Pillows provides the support your head and neck require for deeper breathing and a more restful night sleep.

European Mattress Adjustable Foundation

  • Independent, supportive, flexible and durable slatsEuro Mattress Adjustable Foundation
  • Slats firmness can be adjusted for optimal contour
  • Individual sides – split sides for each sleeper
  • Each side can be adjusted independently
  • Fits any standard frame – replaces a foundation or box spring
  • Available in high and low profiles: 4″/ 6.5″, 8.75″
  • Crafted from solid natural wood
  • Upholstered with GOTS organic cotton knit quilted to pure wool
  • Also available as ultra-low all-wood insert frame 2 3/8″ profile
  • Not available in full size



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