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Eco Friendly Sofa

Eco Friendly Sofa

Is your sofa eco-friendly? Let’s be honest here; that’s a loaded question and one that don’t normally come to most people’s mind when sofa-shopping for their home. Sofa is such an integral part of your living room that it’s really crucial to get it right. Details like colors, textures, shapes and styles plays a huge role and deserves special consideration because it’s a reflection of your personality. Our Eco Friendly Sofa allows you to choose different colors, firmness levels, textures, and styles all with the most organic and natural materials available.

Eco Friendly Couch

After a long day your home is supposed to feel and should be your safe haven. A place to relax and tune-out the rest of the world. Your happy place. When choosing a sofa for your living room, functionality and comfort should be your priority but it’s also important to be able to answer one key question: Is it eco-friendly?

Eco Friendly Couch

Free from Toxic Chemicals

What is eco-friendly furniture? Well, it depends on who you ask. But it all comes down to one important philosophy: easy quality design to maintain a healthy planet and a healthy home. Unlike mass sofas, our natural eco friendly sofa is not contaminated with chemical flame retardants hence poses no health risks that are commonly associated with the typical fancy-pants sofas you find in the “fancy” stores.

With our products you get the best of both world. A quality and healthy product for your home with no toxic chemical whatsoever, because we avoid synthetic fabrics, toxic glues, particle board and polyester and instead maintain and focus only on the natural and organic materials.

As you’re aware, synthetic materials are repellant, harmful and unhealthy chemical that’s hazardous to one’s health and therefore should be avoided by any means necessary. Most conventional Sofas contain treated synthetic fabrics and petroleum-based foams infused with flame retardants, which have been linked to memory loss, constant headaches, cancer, obesity, infertility and developmental brain disorders.

It will be cheaper to avoid mass manufactured products than deal with the aftermath turmoil as it degrade over time into chemical-saturated dust that every individual in the home breathes in or ingests – most especially the children.

And the lingering chemical smell that usually comes with new piece of furniture are anything but healthy and should be avoided in your living space.

Pure Natural and Organic Materials

Not only are the material we use safe and healthy for the environment and your home but are strong and unwearyingly. We use carefully sourced natural, sustainable and recycled materials to create our eco friendly sofas and furniture you can really feel good about, because it’s not only good for the environment, it’s also good for you. Relax on your sofa, knowing it does not contain toxic retardant chemicals.

Customization and comfort go hand in hand and with our product you can customize your sofa to your personal preferences and need. Our products are made with your comfort in mind and our upholstery is top-notch quality GOTS organic hemp and cotton, giving you the option to choose all hemp, all cotton or better yet – who says you have to choose? – mix the two together!

Our organic sofas are design to standout but also be able to blend into your living room like it’s made with you in mind.

Concerned about space – we got you covered

Like everything else in the world, they can’t always come in the same size. So we make sure we carter for both world. Meaning that if you have a larger space our NNM Natural sofa is got you covered and if you happened to have a smaller space, not to worry grasshopper, because our loveseat is there for you.

Eco Friendly Furniture


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