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How to Choose Natural Organic Mattress Toppers Pads Protectors


Most individuals frequently alternate between the terms mattress pads and mattress toppers; nevertheless, they are two dissimilar products with unique functions with separate and distinctive meanings. To differentiate between the two, pads are widely used to provide protection to your mattress and offer more level of comfort while toppers are created for the purpose of enhancing the level of comfort of a mattress. Although, pad and toppers might be similar, they are created and produced for separate purposes.

Natural Organic Mattress Toppers Pads Protectors

Toppers are more expensive than pads so when you purchase a mattress topper, you are choosing a higher level of comfort while pads are cheaper. The clear difference between the two terms is the thickness quotient. Mattress toppers are thicker than pads. A topper provides unique and satisfactory experience for your mattress while pads offer quality in that aspect. A brief summary of pad and topper is stated below to provide clarity between the two:

A PAD is purchased to absolutely protect your mattress at a very low price.

A TOPPER is purchased to effectively improve your mattress comfort level at a higher price.

How a Mаttrеѕѕ Topper should be selected?

There are different types of mattress topper on the market and perhaps when selecting which mattress topper to buy, it depends on your personal comfort preferences. Some factors should be considered when pondering on which to choose. Below are the main points that you will need to keep in mind:

Which Material is the Best?

The main point that you will need to consider is the material used to design your mattress topper. You have a decision to make from a variety of choices from latex and cotton to high quality wool. Each has their positives and negatives to consider.


  1. Cotton:

    There are a lot of materials to select from cotton because it has a good breathability and it can be certified GOTS organic. However the regular cotton is usually heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals. Be sure to look for the certifications. Cotton is also a great option for people that are prone to allergies, as most people usually tolerate it. This unique model for example is confirmed as hypoallergenic.


  1. Wool:

    Most times people usually associate wool to cold and winter weather when the warmth of wool is needed; this textile from nature is good as a fresh material as it can assimilate the latent heat of the body. Wool offers durability when used and is resistant to mold and mites with references going back to generations. You can ask your parents what they think! The negative of using wool as a material is that it is usually more expensive, especially if looking for organic wool. But there are still some quality products at a reasonable prices.


  1. Latex:

    This material is similar to wool in some aspect, natural latex is extremely durable with many products lasting for more than 20 years and is extremely resilient to various dust and bed parasites. The downside of using latex as a material is the fact that it can show discoloration with small tears and a little bit aged due to it being a natural material. Fortunately, it’s just an appearance problem that won’t be visible once the topper is covered with a bed sheet, which has no effect on performance and comfort. Latex is a bit more expensive compared to petroleum based foams. The prices range from $150 to $2500 or more depending on thickness and quality. It is important to distinguish between synthetic latex and natural latex. In addition, you have certified organic latex and natural latex. All these need to be considered when comparing prices and durability. A relatively new entry to the market is an all natural talalay latex topper.


  1. Memory foam:

    This modern design foam is an alternative to the above materials since it realigns itself to suit your specific body and as well offers or at least tries to offer a layer of comfort. Memory foam tends to consume more heat so if you are someone who is prone to heat, you may want to stay away from memory foam. In addition, memory foam has been linked to severe health conditions. We have written about this topic in our blog section. The price ranges on memory foam toppers could be as low as $99 to $1299 or more depending on thickness and quality of the foam and cover.


  1. Featherbed:

    These old model mattress toppers are another substitute that would be beneficial to most people without ѕресіfіс nееdѕ other than a gеnеrаl plushy feeling. They are more soft and light in weight. They comprise of down feather and provide unique natural heat regulation. What this illustrates is that it will keep you warm during winter and cool in the summer. The problem with the selection of this material is the sourcing of the feathers, geese were usually hard. Nowadays, there are some unique alternatives that have the same feeling and functions without much disturbance. If you are considering choosing this material, you should select a topper with a thread count of 200 as they are way more durable without making a compromise on the softness quotient. A large part of our customers are shifting from the feather materials to wool and latex, as those toppers can be certified organic.


Advantages of using a Mattress Topper

It Brings New and Improved experience to Your Old Mattress

Over time mattress tend to lose the original quality due to over load. It’s possible you forget how safe the mattress used to be because you will get used to the low quality overtime. In addition, it may become uneven in some areas than others. You are likely to have back pains (if you suffer from chronic back pain, you must consider a change of mattress as it is not worth risking your health.

It helps Adjust Support and Firmness to Your Needs

A mattress topper is not often used as a subsidiary to improve the quality level of your old mattress. You could have a situation when you have gotten a new mattress but you don’t just feel comfortable with it. In such a scenario a mattress topper can help you with just the right amount of ease and stability. You can shop around scouting for what you need exactly on the top layer. An important point to keep in mind is the firmness and support of your mattress and the topper – be careful that you don’t lose your body alignment for plushness.

Designed fоr Different Levels оf Comfort

Comfortable natural latex mattress topper is with a zipper on the cover is an excellent way to go. In this case you can adjust your latex mattress topper over time by purchasing different firmness levels of latex. In addition, the latex foam topper is great for movement disturbances. The latex is very supportive and responds very effectively to your body.

100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

In Whісh Case Should A Mattress Topper Not Be Used?

Just like any other product mattress toppers have their clear disadvantages. These are the most common disadvantages linked with mattress toppers.

When The Effectiveness is Compromised

Several reports have emanated from users of mattress toppers stating that making use of a topper didn’t make any major difference in the quality of sleep they got. You cannot expect your old mattress to be quickly changed into an isle of comfort. Toppers provide an efficient level of comfort to a mattress that is reasonably aged and not a slab of concrete or a swimming pool mattress that is inflated. So you should be honest with yourself if it’s time you get a new mattress.

Thе Odоr

Some mattress toppers often smell bad when they are new. The smell can therefore be a disturbance for sensitive people which would affect the quality of their sleep. Fortunately, we only sell natural and organic mattress toppers to our customers. We highly recommend purchasing a a topper that is made from natural materials to avoid and health consequences in addition to the odor.

Unwanted Mobility

Most times because the topper is not a fixed layer of your mattress, there might be some movement if the surface of the topper and mattress are even. This can cause the topper to lapse around a bit. Most of the reports on mobility comes from poly-based surface mattresses and low quality designs. Our toppers can be tide to the mattress and with fitted sheets the problem should be solved.

Natural Organic Mattress Toppers Pads Protectors

In general, mattress toppers have been useful in improving the comfort level of old and new mattresses alike, which provides a unique sleeping experience for most users. Natural latex foam toppers are more selected by users because of the fact that they are natural, durable, customizable, and provide a unique and reliable level of comfort.