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Choose the Best Organic Mattress for Your Baby’s Crib

Natural & Organic – Selecting the most suitable mattress for your baby’s crib

Asides good food, there are a lot of other necessities your child needs, such as a good sound sleep, although a lot of babies crib are designed specially to suit the babies comfort and safety, only a few crib are aptly fitted with the proper mattress. So you have to take it up on yourself as the parent of your child to find the mattress that best fits your baby’s crib.

The journey gets more tasking due to the fact that there are a lot of mattress varieties in every store, both online and offline and picking a mattress of your choice could rather be a big deal.

Do not give up just yet, we got your back, in order for you not to waste your money on an ineffective and expensive mattress that would serve no purpose, we have listed some pointers for you to adhere to in order to make the right choice in choosing the best mattress for your child.

Types of mattresses we have for cribs

As a beginner, you should note that there are just two primary type of mattresses for cribs, unlike that of adults that are of numerous types, a safe baby mattress is made specifically with an objective which is “a firm density that is well balanced”. A firm crib mattress will help with spin development.

The little budget foam mattress:

Most of the conventional baby crib mattresses use a “poly” foam. In essence the foam is a petroleum based product. We are very familiar with a large selection of foams that are used in the industry and we have seen what works and what doesn’t.

Should you be stirred towards the purchase of a conventional poly foam, at least watch out for the mattress density, foam mattress with high density tend to be better for the early stages.  Unfortunately, the density is not always described in detail on the package or the web; this is where we can assist with.

On a lighter note, it is best you purchase a foam mattress that has a dual side, a dual sided mattress means one side is firmer than the other, the softer part is the toddler part, and the firmer is for the infant.

Purchasing the double sided foam saves you stress and money because you do not have to shop for a new foam when your infant grows to a toddler, all you have to do is flip sides.

When buying a foam mattress, you should also keep in mind the recovery rate factor, and the recovery rate factor is how fast a foam takes to recover its original shape after the mattress has been compressed. Crib mattresses which tend to have higher recovery rates have been proven to reduce suffocation of infant.

Between 15-30 pounds is the ideal weight of a perfectly designed foam mattress for cribs, any weight lower than that should be avoided because it will be too soft or of substandard qualities.

Which should I go for Between coiled mattress and foam mattress?

Organic Baby Crib Mattress

As a beginner, choosing between the duo can be difficult, there are certain merits and demerits attached to both types of mattresses. With foam, you get portability, flexibility and in general a higher cost, but with coiled you get durability, firmness, and tends to be more budget friendly.


This is fairly a new type of crib and toddler mattress in the industry, and it is mostly refereed to as an organic mattress, certified organic crib mattress, latex crib mattress, and natural crib mattress. The organic mattress is made up of nonhazardous material which is environmentally friendly, unlike its petroleum based foam counterpart, which mostly uses polyurethane, the organic mattress uses natural latex for the core and organic cotton and wool for the cover.

The organic mattress has stood the test of time and has proven to be unique in the sense that it is seen as a solution to infants who are allergic to flammable materials and PVC. Most parents lean towards the organic mattress just to have a peace of mind.

Key factors to consider when buying your babies mattress.

Buy a mattress with the appropriate recovery factor.

When a mattress is too soft, it poses a risk to your baby in the areas of suffocation or SIDS an acronym for sudden infant death syndrome.

To quickly check for the recovery rate of the mattress you are about to buy is appropriate, just apply a significant amount of pressure on the mattress with your hand, and if it takes a long duration to regain its original shape, then it is definitely to soft or of substandard quality. Hence, you should not buy it. Over time we found that natural latex has greater resilience compared to petroleum based foams.

The fittings and size should be almost perfect

Going for a mattress that is larger than the babies crib would make it hard for you to often change the baby’s sheets, on the other hand going for a smaller mattress would bring about a lot of increasing cases of suffocation and sometimes accidental entrapment.

It is said that a mattress should leave only about two fingers of space between the railings or fittings between the crib and the mattress.

The mattress should command great breathing environment for the kid

Asides a crib being comfortable, there should be more than enough spacings and air vents so as to enable an easy free flow of air, A mattress that is properly ventilated will be fresher even after weeks of usage by your kid, no matter how often he or she wets it. At Natural Mattress Matters, we believe in providing our organic family the best natural latex. Click here to see our natural latex airflow test.


Don’t purchase a used mattress for your child

Hygienically, this is a bad move, it is not healthy and poses a threat to your baby’s health, medical research has it that there is a vigorous and positive correlation between the death of infants and the utilization of pre-owned mattresses by the children in question.

A pre-owned mattress would likely be infested by bugs, mites and all sort of dangerous insect that could irritate your baby. Also, keep in mind that a pre-owned mattress might not last or serve you as long as you might have thought, forcing you to buy a new one halfway, which is a waste of time and money.

Not all eco-friendly mattresses are non-toxic

It is a widely spread misconception that any product labeled ORGANIC directly means that they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly products. Majority of mothers believe the tag “ORGANIC” on a mattress equals SAFE and TRUST.

Our verdict

Conclusively, no matter the brand of mattress, quality or price of a bed, your top priority should be considering the overall safety and health of your baby, this is the basis for narrowing the search for your child’s crib mattress.