Chemical Free Mattress

Chemical Free Mattress

Affordable Chemical Free Mattress

Is there such a thing as A Chemical-Free Mattress?

The short answer is NO, claiming that any product is “chemical free” is misleading. What we are all looking for is a TOXIC FREE bed. We will cover this point in more details throughout the article.

What makes a healthful bed?

Attaining a chemical free product is essentially a misnomer. Everything is made up of chemicals. The factor that matters most is the toxicity of the components involved. Finding a mattress that can be described as healthful is going for the organic mattresses that have passed the various set safety standards. Most of the beds in the market contain polyurethane foams and formaldehyde in memory foam to unusual fabric finishes to dangerous flame retardants. At Natural Mattress Matters all of the beds are third-party certified with the highest industry certifications available.


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A healthful bed starts with the right materials. Our aim at NNM is to bring you a safe sleep with a peace of mind for every member of the household.


Natural Latex, from the rubber tree, Hevea brasileana, is at the apex of natural, healthful bed core. The tree sap is collected and centrifuged followed by steam baking to produce high-quality sheets of natural latex foam. It suffices to note that other types of foam deceptively labeled natural exist but are in essence the synthetic foams. Others have added various toxic components to them and are made of polyurethane. NNM only uses 100& natural latex with the highest purity available.

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There are quite some replica materials, which in essence would not provide the comfort that comes with the natural cotton casing material. The counterfeits are in most cases bleached with chlorine or colored with toxic dyes to give it a cotton look. It is therefore important to verify that the casing is pesticide-free certified organic cotton. GOTS is the top certification in this field. Look for the GOTS logo.

Organic Cotton Mattress Cover


Every bed needs a flame antidote. The federally required flame test demands a soft, natural layer on the finished bed that is sufficiently offered by true organic wool batting. A quick look at third-party certifications is critical to get right the safety and integrity of the material.

Organic Wool Mattress Cover

Flame-retardants and off-gassing


Why are there flame retardants in beds?

The tobacco industry in California crafted a recommendation of taming house fires by use of toxic flame retardants. The legislature of California then enacted the Technical Bulletin 117 in 1975, which expected all upholstered furniture to pass the flame test, including beds and couches. The aim was to curb the dangers posed by house fires. But the real question is – Do house fires start underneath our beds?

What are some typical flame retardant components?

There are quite a number of common flame retardants listed by Duke University as follows: TDCPP (tris) – still used in upholstering furniture but its banned in children’s sleepwear due to carcinogenic properties; Firemaster 550- Replaced the banned PBDEs, poses metabolic and endocrine disruptions and is linked with bioaccumulation; V6- contains TCEP, often found in some polyurethane, has carcinogenic properties.

What are the risks associated with flame retardants?

Different toxic components pose different risks, but there are some already proven risks while a number to have been associated with some risk factors. There are some risks already linked with flame-retardants:

–   Carcinogens- like TDCPP and TCEP have demonstrated high toxicity levels

–   Bioaccumulation- some are slowly released from the body compared to the intake

–   Some components have been implicated in increased anxiety, abnormal reproductive cycle, and early puberty

–   Lifestyle diseases such as obesity- Firemaster 550

–   Endocrine disrupters to cause tumors, ADHD and congenital disabilities

–   The entrance of new substances in the market without sufficient testing

Are mattresses without toxic flame retardants available?

Organic wool is available for this category. They have come with many advantages by bypassing the many risk factors posed by beds with flame retardants. In addition, they are uniquely soft, providing a cushioning that assists the body regulates the temperature. Further still, they are environmentally friendly and is a renewable natural material which is sustainable.

Do mattresses contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs)?

Regrettably, most beds do.

VOCs are toxic compounds that off-gas from a material into the air. The VOCs have short-term (asthma) and long-term effects (cancer). The EPA indicates that outdoor pollution is just a tenth of outdoor pollution as many common household products have these unusual substances and the homes in most instances have poor circulation.

VOCs are also emitted from the commonly used memory foam, which contains polyurethane according to Mother Jones. For safety from VOCs, one should look for beds with GreenGuard certification that test for over 360 VOCs in the Gold standard.

Finding your mattress

This process can be quite tedious unless one knows what to look for. You can go by your budget, and you have a constrained one, it is advisable to opt for a basic mattress with natural materials. Natural latex is a choice for durability. The natural & organic mattresses provide an avenue for a safe and long-term well-being.

Affordable Chemical Free Mattress

Get your priorities right, invest in a healthy life! We offer a wide variety of affordable chemical free mattress.

How to buy a Chemical Free Mattress

Many online companies out there are claiming to carry a 100% Chemical Free Mattress, including some well-known brands. This practice clearly is misleading customers in order to buy the bed. NNM believes that your bedroom should be free of toxic chemicals and the best way to start is with our SpringLeaf Collection. Below our sleep experts have put together a few points that will assist you in your purchase even if you do not place an order with us.

The following tips will help:

  • Reputable retailer
  • Carrying a high-quality certification is not cheap, so low priced “organic” bed is too good to be true.
  • Products with natural materials
  • Third-party certification

Ask questions if you are in doubt

We ship everywhere…call our sleep consultants today to guide you for the best setting for your body.