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Treat Yourself: Go Organic


Quality is what I discovered first when I started sleeping on our organic and natural products. It brought an end to highs and low that I have experienced in my previous mattress. No more sleeping on a pillow that was packaged with what I call mystery fills. Enough of sheets that was made with cotton and treated with insecticides. I have been eagerly waiting to for that period of nights that I will crawl into my bed, having a feel of a calming and relaxing atmosphere knowing fully well that I am about to have a good sleep. Anticipating the plush feel of Talalay latex, the tenderness I will have with my organic Kapok pillow, and engulfing myself in the complete luxury in our natural duvet insert, coupled with the aesthetics of our natural platform bed, which absolutely has transformed the space.

I have completely upgraded our bedroom. Nourishing my body with organic food and natural skin care product is never enough, that is why at Natural Mattress Matters we encourage the need of investing in organic bedding products and doing away with organic conventional mattress brands. Life is meant to be enjoyed not endured. The type of bed you sleep on contributes to that, you should not be spending the later parts of your life on memory foam or synthetic materials. You want to know why for all these emphasis? Read this to the end to know why you need to treat yourself with our organic bedding products without compromise.

Say No to Toxic Petroleum & Memory Foams

Your health and comfort is very important, this forms part of your identity and goes a long way in determining how you will live your life. Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam that conforms to your body heat. We have heard some companies, for the sake of marketing their product, added the word “Natural” to their memory foam, trust me, there is nothing natural about it. The latex we use in our organic mattresses cannot be compared to memory foam in terms of how safe it is. Using memory foam is most like to make you have a feeling that you have toss and turn through the night. You don’t want to have this kind of feeling when you wake up.

In the aspect of durability, memory foam is no match compared to Natural Latex. Customers have shared their experience with me using memory foam, they complain that their mattresses started forming large dips within only few years. After few years they were back in the market searching for a mattress because they initially bought a typical mattress in a box instead of buying an organic and quality alternative. It is saddening that what ought to be the first choice is being regarded as an alternative.

Gentle to the Touch and Safe to your Body

Being conscious of the presence of toxins in mattresses is never enough, we need to consider the material that is used in whole for bedding products. I was never bothered about whether or not my sheets where organic before Natural Mattress Matters. My mind immediately went to softness and count, when that is what is on everybody lip. The comfort and safety of products is the number one priority at Natural Mattress Matters. In addition to safety, our concerns expend to how the cotton is grown and manufactured. Certified organic cotton that is free of harmful pesticides is used. During your sleeping period, your body has a direct contact with your bed, which is why you need sleep on pure materials that are made with the aim of enhancing your health not harming it.

I once started a research on the dangers of pesticides, high presence of chemical and synthetic materials in main stream bedding products, I got to know that it is time for me to change my bedroom environment. With all these information with me, I decided to take it home and add it to my evening routine.

Now, I need not to worry about what my body comes in contact with whenever I am sleeping. Or whatever I am breathing in, with my products at Natural Mattress Matters, I am assured of total rest of mind.

Get Fitted with Natural Mattress Matters

Do you want to know more about the luxurious set up? Alright let us begin with a few great recommendation for an organic Mattress. If you are a side sleeper, depending on your weight, we suggest to try our soft Talalay as the top latex layer because Natural Talalay is known for its ability to relieve pressure. For side sleepers, Talalay is typically recommended on Top. Talalay is so soothing and incredibly comfortable, this has put an end to hip pain to many of our customers. For proper support the middle layer could be Firm/Medium Dunlop and the bottom layer is Firm/Medium Dunlop. With this arrangement, most folks with get the proper posture alignment and pain relief. 

To make it even more luxurious try a wool or latex topper on top of your organic mattress. A few inch wool or latex topper will not be too soft to deny the right amount of support you need, but it will add the cozy feel all of us are looking for. We love to support our domestic business and most of our wool is domestically sourced which is covered by certified organic cotton casing. If you’d love the completely organic version, we’ve got that too.

You ask me, how about the pillow? Organic Kapok, Organic Wool, and Shredded Latex pillows are just a few that do the job. What is an Organic Kapok pillow? Kapok is a natural, plant-based fiber that is buoyant and super soft. Kapok grows in warm climate and it is used as an alternative to down. It is made in a way that you can unzip the outer and the inner organic cotton casings and remove as much Kapok as you like. The pillow is overstuffed for you to have plenty of kapok to work with. When I first got my pillow, I took some kapok out and then stored the rest. You may feel like you need to add a bit more as time goes on because Kapok compresses overtime. My pillow is like my companion, I even travel with it.

Finally, our platform beds are what completes my organic bedroom paradise. A number of our platform beds are made by our partners talented woodworkers with sustainable sourced maple poplar wood. You don’t have to worry about breathing in toxins, because we only use Zero- VOC stains. With attention to detail and furniture is well constructed, not being simply manufactured in small quantity. What we love about this amazing structure is that every piece of it has a story behind, which together is being made into something beautiful.

No VOCs Platform Bed

We offer customizable headboards, you can opt between slatted and solid. This headboard has can give a room unique stylish look, it serves as the centerpiece your bedroom Oasis. The unique designs are simple, but at the same time elegant. The sleek lines and subtle involution of each slat wood are completely amazing.

Go Organic with Natural Mattress Matters 

Are you thinking of upgrading your room? How you sleep has a direct link to your health and happiness. NNM cares about the health of our clients, that is why we only give the very best.

Organic Mattress

What’s in Your Mattress?

What’s in Your Mattress?

Conventional mattresses are a health hazard hiding in plain sight. Many people don’t realize that these mattresses contain flame retardants and other materials that can constantly release gases into the air, potentially harming one’s health. Thankfully, organic mattresses offer a safe, healthy alternative. A pivotal issue of mattress toxicity revolves around volatile organic compounds which is hazardous to the human body. What’s in your Mattress? Organic Mattresses, Certified Organic Latex, Cotton, Wool, organic sheets, and pillows are just a few things to look for when shopping for organic.

Natural Mattress

So what’s in your mattress? Normal mattresses are typically made from metal springs nestled between polyurethane foam or simply the foam itself a bye-product of petroleum which releases chemical into the air. Many of these chemicals are known to be cancer causing agents or carcinogens. A process called off gassing naturally occurs with this type of foam and these chemicals are released during it. It is believed by many that we inhale these chemicals while we sleep on these mattresses and that can cause us to develop a myriad of health issues or diseases. The lack of these harmful chemicals in the makeup of natural mattresses is a big benefit.

Memory foam, which has become very popular in recent years, is a high-density type of polyurethane foam which is also made from petroleum. Mattresses made from foam can emit the very VOCs people are seeking to eliminate in other areas of their lives. And since so much of one’s life is spent asleep, it’s not an insignificant issue.

Organic Cotton and Wool

Due to the health concerns presented by the many toxic chemicals, organic mattresses and mattress covers have become more widely available. These are made from all-natural ingredients, such as GOTS organic cotton, organic lamb’s wool, and organic latex. These components contains none of the toxic chemicals and carcinogens found in the makeup of traditional mattresses.

What's in your Mattress

Natural Latex

This natural rubber foam in encased by organic forms of wool and cotton. We don’t use the harsh toxic foams in our construction, so there is no concern about petroleum off-gassing. In addition, we can satisfy fire safety regulations by using wool wrap as a natural flame retardant. Some companies offer orthopedic versions or even organic pillows to match.

What's in your MattressNatural Sleep is BETTER

Another major potential benefit with organic mattresses is better night sleep. Several studies link the quality of sleep to sleeping on a natural latex mattress. Proponents point to these test results as reason enough to purchase natural.

This kind of mattress also help in preventing respiratory problems as they are able to absorb moisture easily and are designed just like a sponge. Most of the mattresses are made using wool – a natural insulator in itself. Due to this, it is ideal for use during the cold winter season. Besides providing warmth, wool also contains lanolin that is quite effective in preventing pest accumulation.

So, think about what’s in your mattress before you commit to another year with it. Our beds are available in various sizes such as twin, full, queen, and king size mattresses. Since a good night’s sleep is extremely important, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is an organic mattress.