Can a mattress help me sleep cooler?

Can a mattress help me sleep cooler?

Local Mattress store with cool foam mattresses.

Some of the most common complaints from customers that bought a conventional bed at your local franchise mattress store, they are now sleeping hot and some of the more extreme cases are excessive sweating. Our body’s metabolism is constantly working even throughout the night, which means that we need to choose the best bedding in order to avoid being surrounded by toxic foam mattresses that are unable to breathe and have the air circulate all around and throughout the mattress. While our metabolism is working perspiration is released as water vapor.

Conventional or better known as synthetic bedding and polyurethane foam in mattresses trap and hold this moisture because air circulation is restricted. Some of the most common foams are known as memory foam, gel-infused, and blended foam. Our Natural Mattress Store in Johns Creek near metro Atlanta, Georgia area provides bedding that has some of the best features for cooler sleep.

Sleeping Hot Consequences

Sleeping hot over long periods of time can have severe consequences. Laying on your conventional mattress without any air circulation your body starts to heat up and moisture starts to build-up. This causes your heart rate to increases. Increased heart rate has several consequences, but one of the most common one for this situation is elevated blood pressure, which will also cause shallower sleep.

Your body and your heart rate should be resting while your sleeping, but it isn’t because of the factors mentioned. Sleepers will most likely awaken in a sweat, unable to go back to sleep, and even worst wake up in the morning feeling like they been hit by a bus. An important point that most sleep experts forget to mention is the importance of the deep sleep cycle that should contribute and results to good health. See our Natural Sleep Mattress System that customers have used for years and never looked back.

Sleeping Cooler with Organic Bedding

Atmospheric moisture environment is Linked To Allergies

Most will agree that synthetic bedding creates a more moist environment for the sleeper, which results in a much longer time to dry out. This type of toxic bedding provides the perfect climate for moisture, mold, bacteria, mildew, and dust mites to thrive, all of which affect your health, breathing, allergies, and natural sleep. In addition, our non-toxic beds and orthopedic mattress line will help with creating a better breathing position for your body.

The Natural Mattress Matters Sleep Solution

Our mattress store offers natural foam mattress with fantastic airflow and high purity. A functional mattress is a must for any bedroom and you do not have to give up the luxury look and feel of your bed. We are known as one of the best Luxury Mattress Atlanta Stores. One of the best parts of our beds is that they are third-party certified. Each of the components can carry organic certification. The natural fibers allow for much greater airflow and it minimizes mold, mildew, and dust mites.

The Natural Mattress Matters system components reduce humidity. Our Mattress covers are 100% cotton with a highly breathable natural wool as a fire retardant layer. Not only does the wool allow us to meet the federal laws, but it serves as a great temperature regulator. It is well-known that wool has the ability to move moisture away from the body, this allows air to freely circulate, and evaporates water vapor. The Natural Mattress Matters components can make for a drier, healthier, and deeper sleep.