How to Buy a Non Toxic Mattress

How to Buy Non Toxic Mattress

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Often we get the questions “How do we buy a non toxic mattress“? When you want a toxic free environment, the first thing to start with, is by changing your mattress. We spend a lot of our time in bed, thinking that we are resting our body, only if we knew the range of chemicals we are in contact with, that can have adverse effects, ranging from neurological problems to cancer.

While looking for a non-toxic mattress, it is important to know that buying an GOTS organic mattress wouldn’t solve your problem as it also a has wide range of chemicals, not all organic mattresses are toxic free. Many companies claim to have an organic product, but fall short or use marketing gimmicks to mislead the consumer of think they are buying an organic bed.

Let’s try to understand what makes the mattress so toxic, to understand the criteria that would help you select and buy the best non-toxic mattress for your family.

Mattress toxicity

What is your mattress made of?

Filling material

Conventional beds have mostly polyurethane foam, they are usually used as the filler material. It is a petroleum based material and is highly flammable, exposure to the same might cause lung, skin, eye irritation, and respiratory disorders like asthma.

When you are looking forward to buy non toxic mattress, make sure you look for, natural latex that is proven to be free of toxic chemicals. It is made from the sap of the rubber tree, it is a whitish milky liquid that is molded to form the natural latex layers. Look for organic cotton filler or cover that is usually used in natural mattresses, wool is also commonly used as the FR (Fire Resistant) instead of those toxic chemicals in conventional beds.

Mattress cover material

They are generally made of various ploy materials in conventional beds. Most bedding manufacturers use polyvinyl chloride(PVC) with phthalate, they are rated one of the most toxic and environmentally unfriendly plastic. Conventional beds covers can contain vinyl chloride, which is proven to be carcinogenic in nature, while phthalates are potential enough to cause reproductive disorders, asthma, cancer and liver toxicity.

While being crucial about selecting a non-toxic mattress, make sure the mattress cover is made of organic cotton (cotton grown in the absence of pesticides and fertilizers), organic latex which is easily available or look for a wool based cover, they might not be waterproof but are definitely inflammable and moisture resistant.

Buy Non Toxic Mattress without Toxic Fire Retardants

All mattresses should have a fire retardant according to the law proposed by the US government, unless a toxic chemical free mattress is prescribed by a licensed physician. An easy and cheap way to make a mattress fire-retardant is to dose it in a pool of toxic chemicals and the most commonly used is chlorinated tris(TDCPP) replacing the now banned PBDE, which is a proven potential carcinogen that is capable enough to alter your DNA.

The bedding manufacturers do not totally reveal what chemical substances are used to make it pass the fire retardant test, and this is totally legal. Our non toxic mattresses use natural wool to pass the fire retardant test.

Buy Non Toxic Mattress

Let this be the first step in a creating a toxic free environment, to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

An energizing and refreshing night’s sleep is crucial for you to become your best, do your best, and feel your best. We are here to help. The purpose of Natural Mattress Matters is to rejuvenate your life. That is why we believe your side of the mattress should be personally tailored to address the specific needs of your body using the healthiest, most durable materials available.