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Why Are Organic Mattresses more Expensive

Why Are Organic Mattresses More Expensive?

To be frank and sincere, a minority of people would say Natural Mattress Matters Mattresses are inexpensive. As we would place the value and comfort of our hand-made mattresses alongside expensive luxury brands that sell between $10,000 – $50,000, but we are not anywhere close to that price. However, we recommend you to go into a mattress outlet today and choose a Queen Size adult mattress for around $1000. But if you are shopping according to price, then you would not get a truly organic mattress. So, why are organic mattresses more expensive?

Therefore, why go for organic over the $1000 bed? What do the extra fees cover?

The fact here is that you get a lot, and maybe more than what you might understand.

Much Cleaner Materials

Natural Mattress Matters use organic materials like organic cotton, wool, latex, and it is no surprise that these materials cost more than expected. An example is the Organic cotton, that only makes a little more than 1% of the overall cotton manufacturing (as stated by the Trade Organization Textile Exchange), as a result, the demand and supply for organic cotton increase manufacturing costs.

Also, we use only third-party licensed organic cotton, wool or latex, and we don’t mix them with other cheaper and non-organic materials. We don’t expect you to believe our word. But all our mattresses are made from certified organic and Non- toxic as required by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Although certifications may be costly, they are important in order for us to have a peace of mind. The certifications strive to make sure you are getting the right material, and not just the fluff.

American Made

Natural Mattress Matters and our partners do not balance costs by cutting corners and shipping production to other countries. The production takes place in the United States, with the help of our partners. And when possible we also source right here in America. Our organic certified cotton comes from USDA certified organic farms. We import some materials like natural latex made from rubber trees or luxury organic fabric that are not available here from other certified vendors to ensure we have the best quality available.

Caring for the Environment 

Our mattresses are presented to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) with the use of certified latex as required by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), we give you better materials and also make sure that our products help make the world a better place for all and in addition to the requirements of non-toxic standards of GOTS, the organization which monitors the safety and welfare of workers throughout the entire supply chain. Particularly, this is important as GOTS forbid underage and enforced labor. But sadly, these improper acts are widely practiced in the world today, mostly in the cotton industry. By skipping these honest practices some companies can offer lower priced beds, which if we are honest is a inferior product.

What else, certified organic cotton has various health benefits, from small water usage to the healthier soil which helps restore and reduce overall CO2 discharge. Natural Mattress Matters’s believes in using wool as the FR to design great products instead of using toxic chemicals to pass the federal flammability standard to eliminate continuous and unsafe chemicals from the waterways. Therefore, by purchasing a natural mattress from Natural Mattress Matters you should feel great about the purchase, because we are always after a cleaner, better and greater world.

why do organic mattress cost more

Our way of life

Natural Mattress Matters does the right thing for their customers, workers and the whole world. Although you may buy a queen size mattress for $1000, that mattress will always have a hidden cost for the buyer, but here at Natural Mattress Matters, we don’t believe in hiding cost. Our point of view is that, there are right way and the wrong way. We believe in creating true “Value” for your customers at the most affordable prices.

Talking about Costs

Lets get into more details why are organic mattresses more expensive. When we are talking about costs, here, we are considering the actual amount you will be paying for the product, without any other cost. Determining how much a product cost can also be a problem. A good example of this is food, if you buy only groceries because of price, probably you may not get the nourishment your body needs. In other words, a cost is there for you to know what you eat beyond price. Always eat nothing but refined flour and sugar as there is no factor for the cost paid at the register.

There are related and social costs to pollution. These are costs that might not be on the price tag. The truth here is that, someone else pays for that, even us, but it might not be direct. So, everything has its cost. At Natural Mattress Matters, we take this costs into consideration and tackle them, rather than to pass them to someone else. Underage labor, toxic pesticide turn into streams, and the need for real costs are related conservative cotton farming and the one’s we don’t accept as a reputable company. An example is someone buying a $10 watch does not pay for such costs directly, but everybody does it indirectly. These are called the deferred costs.

More than Just a Price Sticker

By now we should understand a little “why are organic mattresses more expensive”. Hopefully, we have addressed the difference between certified organic product and those that claim to be organic. When it comes to Organic, particularly at Natural Mattress Matters, you get what you pay for without any shortcomings. We know the value of an organic mattress, do you?


Greenguard Certified Mattresses

Greenguard Certified Mattresses

GreenGuard assists manufacturers create and help customers identify interior products and materials. The institution certifies products that emit low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This certification allows consumers to verify a product’s safety as it relates to off-gassing. Natural Mattress Matters is proud to offer greenguard certified mattresses to our clients. In addition, GREENGUARD strives to improve the quality of the air in which the products are used.

Why is it important to have products that have no or low VOCs? Because VOCs put human health at risk. Regulatory institutions and studies have shown they have been linked to cancer and numerous other health issues. Reducing VOCs in your home is essential. And the best ways to start is with your bed, where you spend one-third of your life. By reducing VOCs it will create better indoor air quality, which is crucial to your health, especially over the long-term. We highly recommend starting your infants with an organic mattress.

Greenguard Certification

GreenGuard certified mattresses or other product to pass the criteria, it is tested in an environmental chamber that imitates the setting of the product’s natural use. After the testing is completed, the chamber’s air is analyzed with high tech instrumentation, including gas chromatography, for the presence of VOCs. Those products that perform of the charts can earn the GreenGuard GOLD certification.

GreenGuard Certified Products

Natural Mattress Matters strives to partner with companies who received the GreenGuard GOLD award. Companies that go the extra mile to minimize toxic chemicals in products so our clients can have peace of mind when going to sleep.

Our GreenGuard certified mattresses, toppers, and pillows are available by calling us directly and placing your order. We will e-mail you all our receipts. Each year our partners in the industry are tested to ensure that they continue to meet or exceed GreenGuard GOLD standards.

Greenguard certified mattresses

How to buy Greenguard Certified Mattresses

There are a whole lot of online companies out there claiming to be certified, including cheap foam manufactures misleading customers that the bed is made with rare materials like cashmere wool, silk fiber, and horsetail hair. But whether you are looking for purity or exclusivity of a rare mattress, health and comfort should be at the top of our list. The following tips will help:

  • Look for reputable retailers in the organic bedding industry
  • Certifications are not cheap, so a cheap bed will likely not be certified
  • Go for products with a clear list of ingredients and materials
  • Check for legitimate labels and third-party certification

Ask questions if you are in doubt

We ship everywhere…call our sleep consultants today to guide you for the best setting for your body.

Flame Retardants Latex Organic Mattress

Oeko Tex Certified Mattress

Oeko Tex Certified Mattresses

The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide recognized certification, independent testing, and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used. At NNM, we carry oeko tex certified mattress and bedding.

oeko tex certified mattress

Oeko Tex Mattress Standard 100

The 100 standard is currently the highest certification you can attain as far as testing for off-gassing and any other toxic chemicals associated. Here are a few examples of articles that can be certified: raw and dyed/finished yarns, woven and knitted fabrics, accessories, such as buttons, zip fasteners, sewing threads or labels, ready-made articles of various types (garments of all types, domestic and household textiles, bed linen, terry products and much more). Our manufacturing partners have the highest certifications in the industry. 

Best Oeko Tex Certified Mattress and Bedding

For natural latex (sap from a tree) to be certified as organic, as with all organic products, it means that no toxic chemicals or pesticides are used in growing the natural rubber trees at the time of collecting the milky liquid, and up to the final production of the latex. For most organic /natural mattress manufacturers and consumers, the primary concern is that no synthetics are used in the production of the latex. This type of latex is all natural and is certified as 100% natural rubber latex. On the other hand, we have manufacturers, online companies, and store retailers selling cheap latex with the claim that it is organic. At NNM, our Oeko Tex Certified Mattress is free from any synthetic mixes. 

Rest assured that current certifications are available when purchasing an all natural latex mattress from us. The Oeko-Tex Mattress certification will clearly state if the latex tested is 100% natural rubber latex, without synthetic content. In addition, we carry the certification also on our innerspring natural mattresses

The 100% natural latex certification is very important, as high quality blended latex will also pass the Standard 100. We do not carry any blended latex since we are of the opinion that it is not as durable and not as pure. That is why it’s important to show at trusted companies and retailers. 

Oeko-tex certified mattress

Oeko-Tex Testing Criteria

The internationally recognized test OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is based on scientifically proven parameters and is revised annually in line with the latest legislation and research.

It includes:

– Substances which are prohibited by law, such as carcinogenic dyestuffs.

– Chemicals and components which are regulated by law, such as formaldehyde, softeners, heavy metals or pentachlorophenol.

– Substances which according to current knowledge are harmful to health but which are not yet regulated or prohibited by law, such as pesticides, allergy-inducing dyestuffs or tin-organic compounds.

– Parameters such as colorfastness and a skin-friendly pH-value, which are precautionary measures to safeguard a consumers’ health.

Clearly, the criteria exceed existing legislation which is why we at Natural Mattress Matters want all our products to have this certification. In addition, the certifications often lead the way regarding legal regulations – such as the exclusion of carcinogenic, stricter regulation for formaldehyde as well as the ban on allergenic dyes.

In addition, all components are tested and certified by the independent Oeko-Tex 100 standard to ensure a clean and chemically safe sleep environment.

Oeko Tex Certification

The precondition for the certification of products in accordance with Standard 100 is that all parts of an article meet the required criteria – in addition to the outer fabric, for example, also the sewing threads, inserts, prints etc., as well as non-textile accessories, such as buttons, zip fasteners, rivets etc.

Additional preconditions are the existence and application of operational quality assurance measures, as well as the legally binding signing of undertakings. 

We ship everywhere…call our sleep consultants today to guide you for the best setting for your body.

Organic Cotton

Why is Organic Cotton Important?

Why is Organic Cotton Important?

Cotton is known as the most widely used natural fiber in making clothing and bedding more than wool and other materials. Growing conventional cotton requires using a lot of pesticides, which has a harmful impact to the environment and presents health risks to people and wildlife. It may appear to be cheap to manufacture and buy conventional cotton, but organic cotton is environmental- friendly, a better choice for farmers because it is sustainable in the long term.

GO Organic for the Planet

Organic cotton is better for the environment compared to the traditionally grown cotton. Conventional cotton uses massive amounts of synthetic, insecticides pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, bleaches, and dyes. According to World Health Organization, three out of the ten insecticides used in growing and process of cotton are the most harmful to human health because these toxic insecticides enter our food chain through foods containing cottonseed oil.

Cotton is a plant considered to take a significant amount of nutritional elements out of the soil where it is grown, making mass producing companies to use industrial fertilizers which often render the soil useless after three or four crops but organic cotton farmers make the use of natural fertilizers to grow. Conventional cotton use water-dependent method; the volume of water can be dangerously high, but organic cotton depends mainly on rain which helps to keep the water contamination low.

Choosing to buy organic cotton will not only help in supporting and motivating organic farmers, textile and bedding manufacturers but will also give our earth the chance to replenish itself and recover from the harm that the modern-day farming and chemicals have done to it.

GO Organic for your Health

Our skin is a sensitive organ that loves to absorb. Its exposure to chemicals can lead to many health concerns. Organic cotton can be worn by people with chemical sensitivities and allergies, who are unable to wear conventional cotton because of the allergic reactions to the dyes and chemical it may contain. It is also recommended for children because their skin is thin and porous, making them even more vulnerable. Organic cotton is also believed to have the ability to absorb moisture and stays dry unlike synthetic fibers, making it more comfortable to wear or sleep on.

GO Organic for the Quality

The conventionally produced cotton material goes through a lot of production process through chemical treatments; bleaching, dyeing, flame retardants, softeners, formaldehyde sprays, scouring and these procedures lead to the breaking down of fibre at a molecular level. Traditionally grown cotton can start breaking down after 10 to 20 washes while organic cotton starts to break down after 90 to 100 washes. This quality of organic cotton shows that it has a longer lifespan because it has not been damaged in its fabrication. Organic fibre is much stronger because the fiber is not weakened by the chemical cleansers.

GO Organic for the People

According to research, chemicals used in farming can change the brain chemistry of the farmer leading to increased in depression and sometimes suicide. You can read about it here

Choosing organic can help to reduce the accidental poisoning of farmers, which happens from working in conventional growing fields and keeps manufacturers away from chemical-related illnesses. These are just a few reasons why we at Natural Mattress Matters have decided to only carry organic cotton covers for our mattresses, toppers, sheets, protectors, and pads.

Importance of Organic Cotton 

Latex Organic Cotton Organic Mattress Sleeping

How to Choose Natural Organic Mattress Toppers Pads Protectors


Most individuals frequently alternate between the terms mattress pads and mattress toppers; nevertheless, they are two dissimilar products with unique functions with separate and distinctive meanings. To differentiate between the two, pads are widely used to provide protection to your mattress and offer more level of comfort while toppers are created for the purpose of enhancing the level of comfort of a mattress. Although, pad and toppers might be similar, they are created and produced for separate purposes.

Natural Organic Mattress Toppers Pads Protectors

Toppers are more expensive than pads so when you purchase a mattress topper, you are choosing a higher level of comfort while pads are cheaper. The clear difference between the two terms is the thickness quotient. Mattress toppers are thicker than pads. A topper provides unique and satisfactory experience for your mattress while pads offer quality in that aspect. A brief summary of pad and topper is stated below to provide clarity between the two:

A PAD is purchased to absolutely protect your mattress at a very low price.

A TOPPER is purchased to effectively improve your mattress comfort level at a higher price.

How a Mаttrеѕѕ Topper should be selected?

There are different types of mattress topper on the market and perhaps when selecting which mattress topper to buy, it depends on your personal comfort preferences. Some factors should be considered when pondering on which to choose. Below are the main points that you will need to keep in mind:

Which Material is the Best?

The main point that you will need to consider is the material used to design your mattress topper. You have a decision to make from a variety of choices from latex and cotton to high quality wool. Each has their positives and negatives to consider.


  1. Cotton:

    There are a lot of materials to select from cotton because it has a good breathability and it can be certified GOTS organic. However the regular cotton is usually heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals. Be sure to look for the certifications. Cotton is also a great option for people that are prone to allergies, as most people usually tolerate it. This unique model for example is confirmed as hypoallergenic.


  1. Wool:

    Most times people usually associate wool to cold and winter weather when the warmth of wool is needed; this textile from nature is good as a fresh material as it can assimilate the latent heat of the body. Wool offers durability when used and is resistant to mold and mites with references going back to generations. You can ask your parents what they think! The negative of using wool as a material is that it is usually more expensive, especially if looking for organic wool. But there are still some quality products at a reasonable prices.


  1. Latex:

    This material is similar to wool in some aspect, natural latex is extremely durable with many products lasting for more than 20 years and is extremely resilient to various dust and bed parasites. The downside of using latex as a material is the fact that it can show discoloration with small tears and a little bit aged due to it being a natural material. Fortunately, it’s just an appearance problem that won’t be visible once the topper is covered with a bed sheet, which has no effect on performance and comfort. Latex is a bit more expensive compared to petroleum based foams. The prices range from $150 to $2500 or more depending on thickness and quality. It is important to distinguish between synthetic latex and natural latex. In addition, you have certified organic latex and natural latex. All these need to be considered when comparing prices and durability. A relatively new entry to the market is an all natural talalay latex topper.


  1. Memory foam:

    This modern design foam is an alternative to the above materials since it realigns itself to suit your specific body and as well offers or at least tries to offer a layer of comfort. Memory foam tends to consume more heat so if you are someone who is prone to heat, you may want to stay away from memory foam. In addition, memory foam has been linked to severe health conditions. We have written about this topic in our blog section. The price ranges on memory foam toppers could be as low as $99 to $1299 or more depending on thickness and quality of the foam and cover.


  1. Featherbed:

    These old model mattress toppers are another substitute that would be beneficial to most people without ѕресіfіс nееdѕ other than a gеnеrаl plushy feeling. They are more soft and light in weight. They comprise of down feather and provide unique natural heat regulation. What this illustrates is that it will keep you warm during winter and cool in the summer. The problem with the selection of this material is the sourcing of the feathers, geese were usually hard. Nowadays, there are some unique alternatives that have the same feeling and functions without much disturbance. If you are considering choosing this material, you should select a topper with a thread count of 200 as they are way more durable without making a compromise on the softness quotient. A large part of our customers are shifting from the feather materials to wool and latex, as those toppers can be certified organic.


Advantages of using a Mattress Topper

It Brings New and Improved experience to Your Old Mattress

Over time mattress tend to lose the original quality due to over load. It’s possible you forget how safe the mattress used to be because you will get used to the low quality overtime. In addition, it may become uneven in some areas than others. You are likely to have back pains (if you suffer from chronic back pain, you must consider a change of mattress as it is not worth risking your health.

It helps Adjust Support and Firmness to Your Needs

A mattress topper is not often used as a subsidiary to improve the quality level of your old mattress. You could have a situation when you have gotten a new mattress but you don’t just feel comfortable with it. In such a scenario a mattress topper can help you with just the right amount of ease and stability. You can shop around scouting for what you need exactly on the top layer. An important point to keep in mind is the firmness and support of your mattress and the topper – be careful that you don’t lose your body alignment for plushness.

Designed fоr Different Levels оf Comfort

Comfortable natural latex mattress topper is with a zipper on the cover is an excellent way to go. In this case you can adjust your latex mattress topper over time by purchasing different firmness levels of latex. In addition, the latex foam topper is great for movement disturbances. The latex is very supportive and responds very effectively to your body.

100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

In Whісh Case Should A Mattress Topper Not Be Used?

Just like any other product mattress toppers have their clear disadvantages. These are the most common disadvantages linked with mattress toppers.

When The Effectiveness is Compromised

Several reports have emanated from users of mattress toppers stating that making use of a topper didn’t make any major difference in the quality of sleep they got. You cannot expect your old mattress to be quickly changed into an isle of comfort. Toppers provide an efficient level of comfort to a mattress that is reasonably aged and not a slab of concrete or a swimming pool mattress that is inflated. So you should be honest with yourself if it’s time you get a new mattress.

Thе Odоr

Some mattress toppers often smell bad when they are new. The smell can therefore be a disturbance for sensitive people which would affect the quality of their sleep. Fortunately, we only sell natural and organic mattress toppers to our customers. We highly recommend purchasing a a topper that is made from natural materials to avoid and health consequences in addition to the odor.

Unwanted Mobility

Most times because the topper is not a fixed layer of your mattress, there might be some movement if the surface of the topper and mattress are even. This can cause the topper to lapse around a bit. Most of the reports on mobility comes from poly-based surface mattresses and low quality designs. Our toppers can be tide to the mattress and with fitted sheets the problem should be solved.

Natural Organic Mattress Toppers Pads Protectors

In general, mattress toppers have been useful in improving the comfort level of old and new mattresses alike, which provides a unique sleeping experience for most users. Natural latex foam toppers are more selected by users because of the fact that they are natural, durable, customizable, and provide a unique and reliable level of comfort.


Why Should You Sleep Organic

A Better Way to Sleep

Sleeping Naturally

At Natural Mattress Matters, we care about your health and we reflect that in the products we use. To many people a mattress is just a mattress. Sheets are only important in terms of comfort and fit and even our fabric furniture is just a thing to sit on. But did you know almost all of these products are filled with chemical flame retardants that can damage your health? That’s why we here at Natural Mattress Matters to provide a natural Organic alternative, mattresses, sheets and even sofas.

Safety First

It’s a common misconception that products with ‘flame retardants’ are synonymous with safety in the industry, this is not true, our products are made from organic cotton, wool and even our Dunlop latex, yet they easily meet federal fire and safety standards and even come with an authentic organic certification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). (You can find out more about our certifications here.)

Why does it matter if your product is Organic?

Simply put, in today’s industrial world products are made to be sold faster, not be better or even be good for you. Toxic, synthetic and harmful chemicals are used in all kinds of manufacturing, from food produce to construction. These chemicals might make things easier to mass produce but come at a cost to YOUR health. Depending on which country you come from, what it’s even legal for humans to consume varies and where it is legal that’s only because it’s barely within human tolerance levels.

Organic products and farming are produced from sources where materials and food produce are formed or grown naturally and provide you with important health and safety standards that simply don’t exist in other products. It makes sense to avoid eating pesticides with your tomato’s, right? So why would you not avoid rubbing industry made chemicals on your skin when you sleep every night?

We care about you

You and your loved ones use your beds and linens every day, with your skin coming into contact with synthetic chemicals for hours at a time. We at Natural Mattress Matters believe in protecting you from these, choose our wool products. Safe, chemical free, warm and comfortable wool and cotton products will give your family all the benefits of a pleasant night’s sleep and none of the detriments of synthetic products.

Going organic makes sense, and is a decision that will give you peace of mind, knowing you and your family can sleep soundly.

Baby Crib Mattress

Choose the Best Organic Mattress for Your Baby’s Crib

Natural & Organic – Selecting the most suitable mattress for your baby’s crib

Asides good food, there are a lot of other necessities your child needs, such as a good sound sleep, although a lot of babies crib are designed specially to suit the babies comfort and safety, only a few crib are aptly fitted with the proper mattress. So you have to take it up on yourself as the parent of your child to find the mattress that best fits your baby’s crib.

The journey gets more tasking due to the fact that there are a lot of mattress varieties in every store, both online and offline and picking a mattress of your choice could rather be a big deal.

Do not give up just yet, we got your back, in order for you not to waste your money on an ineffective and expensive mattress that would serve no purpose, we have listed some pointers for you to adhere to in order to make the right choice in choosing the best mattress for your child.

Types of mattresses we have for cribs

As a beginner, you should note that there are just two primary type of mattresses for cribs, unlike that of adults that are of numerous types, a safe baby mattress is made specifically with an objective which is “a firm density that is well balanced”. A firm crib mattress will help with spin development.

The little budget foam mattress:

Most of the conventional baby crib mattresses use a “poly” foam. In essence the foam is a petroleum based product. We are very familiar with a large selection of foams that are used in the industry and we have seen what works and what doesn’t.

Should you be stirred towards the purchase of a conventional poly foam, at least watch out for the mattress density, foam mattress with high density tend to be better for the early stages.  Unfortunately, the density is not always described in detail on the package or the web; this is where we can assist with.

On a lighter note, it is best you purchase a foam mattress that has a dual side, a dual sided mattress means one side is firmer than the other, the softer part is the toddler part, and the firmer is for the infant.

Purchasing the double sided foam saves you stress and money because you do not have to shop for a new foam when your infant grows to a toddler, all you have to do is flip sides.

When buying a foam mattress, you should also keep in mind the recovery rate factor, and the recovery rate factor is how fast a foam takes to recover its original shape after the mattress has been compressed. Crib mattresses which tend to have higher recovery rates have been proven to reduce suffocation of infant.

Between 15-30 pounds is the ideal weight of a perfectly designed foam mattress for cribs, any weight lower than that should be avoided because it will be too soft or of substandard qualities.

Which should I go for Between coiled mattress and foam mattress?

Organic Baby Crib Mattress

As a beginner, choosing between the duo can be difficult, there are certain merits and demerits attached to both types of mattresses. With foam, you get portability, flexibility and in general a higher cost, but with coiled you get durability, firmness, and tends to be more budget friendly.


This is fairly a new type of crib and toddler mattress in the industry, and it is mostly refereed to as an organic mattress, certified organic crib mattress, latex crib mattress, and natural crib mattress. The organic mattress is made up of nonhazardous material which is environmentally friendly, unlike its petroleum based foam counterpart, which mostly uses polyurethane, the organic mattress uses natural latex for the core and organic cotton and wool for the cover.

The organic mattress has stood the test of time and has proven to be unique in the sense that it is seen as a solution to infants who are allergic to flammable materials and PVC. Most parents lean towards the organic mattress just to have a peace of mind.

Key factors to consider when buying your babies mattress.

Buy a mattress with the appropriate recovery factor.

When a mattress is too soft, it poses a risk to your baby in the areas of suffocation or SIDS an acronym for sudden infant death syndrome.

To quickly check for the recovery rate of the mattress you are about to buy is appropriate, just apply a significant amount of pressure on the mattress with your hand, and if it takes a long duration to regain its original shape, then it is definitely to soft or of substandard quality. Hence, you should not buy it. Over time we found that natural latex has greater resilience compared to petroleum based foams.

The fittings and size should be almost perfect

Going for a mattress that is larger than the babies crib would make it hard for you to often change the baby’s sheets, on the other hand going for a smaller mattress would bring about a lot of increasing cases of suffocation and sometimes accidental entrapment.

It is said that a mattress should leave only about two fingers of space between the railings or fittings between the crib and the mattress.

The mattress should command great breathing environment for the kid

Asides a crib being comfortable, there should be more than enough spacings and air vents so as to enable an easy free flow of air, A mattress that is properly ventilated will be fresher even after weeks of usage by your kid, no matter how often he or she wets it. At Natural Mattress Matters, we believe in providing our organic family the best natural latex. Click here to see our natural latex airflow test.


Don’t purchase a used mattress for your child

Hygienically, this is a bad move, it is not healthy and poses a threat to your baby’s health, medical research has it that there is a vigorous and positive correlation between the death of infants and the utilization of pre-owned mattresses by the children in question.

A pre-owned mattress would likely be infested by bugs, mites and all sort of dangerous insect that could irritate your baby. Also, keep in mind that a pre-owned mattress might not last or serve you as long as you might have thought, forcing you to buy a new one halfway, which is a waste of time and money.

Not all eco-friendly mattresses are non-toxic

It is a widely spread misconception that any product labeled ORGANIC directly means that they are non-toxic and environmentally friendly products. Majority of mothers believe the tag “ORGANIC” on a mattress equals SAFE and TRUST.

Our verdict

Conclusively, no matter the brand of mattress, quality or price of a bed, your top priority should be considering the overall safety and health of your baby, this is the basis for narrowing the search for your child’s crib mattress.

Flame Retardants

Required to have Flame Retardants?

Aren’t You Required to Have Flame Retardants By Law?

This happens to be a general misconception. It is required of us that we are certified by all state and federal testing, but not with the use of flame barrier.

The filling material primarily used in most mattresses polyurethane foam, a highly flammable petroleum-based material. The National Association of State Fire Marshals refers to it as “solid gasoline”. Polyurethane foam is typically treated or wrapped with fire retardants chemicals because of its high level of flammability. These chemicals are harmful to health, and most manufacturers don’t disclose their fire retardant ingredients.

Fire Retardant Law

At Natural Mattress Matters, harsh chemicals and fire retardants chemicals are not part of our materials. We make use of the best form of fire protection which is superior product design which will not make use these chemicals. For example, organic cotton is a far superior filling material and is less flammable compared to polyurethane. With wide range of research and creative product design, we’ve eliminated the use of fire retardant chemical as well as flame retardant barrier in our products.

Organic Cotton Mattress Cover

Materials such as organic cotton, organic cotton, natural organic wool batting, and steel innersprings are used instead of memory foam and other foam and synthetic fabric that have high fuel content. Due to the materials used, instead of bursting to flames under a very high heat, they tend to smolder. With this special and innovative approach, it provides a simple and elegant solution that conforms to all Federal and State flammability standards without the use of any fire retardant chemicals or flame retardant barrier. After all, none of the fire chemicals can be regarded as safe.

We hold our head high as one of the few mattress retailers in the United States that does not use an added toxic flame barrier.

Latex vs Memory Foam

Is Memory Foam Toxic

Memory Foam – Is it Toxic?

Search for a memory foam mattress and you are sure to encounter question after question about the potential toxicity of memory foam, and the health effects of sleeping on a bed made of it. So are there chemicals in memory foam?

The short answer is yes. Memory foam is “polyurethane with additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density” (Wikipedia). The real questions are: what are these chemicals? Are they safe to use in a mattress? And will they cause you or your family health problems?

  1. The toxic chemicals formaldehyde, benzene, and naphthalene can be found in some foam mattresses.
  2. Isocyanates, a highly reactive chemical, is used to make flexible foams and can be found in memory foam. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, isocyanates:
      • Can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and skin,
      • Contain compounds classified as potential human carcinogens,
      • Lead to chest tightness and asthma. Yale University cautions that prolonged exposure to isocyanates can cause “regular asthma, and asthma attacks that are triggered in many environments, not just by isocyanate exposure.”
  3. The chemical-smelling odors sometimes detected on gel foam are called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There have been legal consequences for foam companies claiming their beds do not contain VOCs.
  4. Chemical flame retardants are often added to these type of foam mattresses for safety reasons. But these have been linked to several serious health problems, including developmental brain disorders, cancer, and obesity.

Polyurethane Foams

Chemicals in Memory Foam

Flame Retardants

Mattresses of memory foam are usually comprised of retardants of chemical flame, which have been associated with a litany of health issues, as well as cancer, obesity, and developmental brain disorders. However, organic wool is known as a soft type of natural substance that cannot just permit a bed to move the compulsory flame test, but with the addition of an airy cushioning layer directly to the crest of your bed.

Off Gassing

It’s normal to observe a chemical off-gassing type of odor on unloading a bed of memory foam. The most ideal approach to the disposal of such odor is to permit the bed to be exposed to fresh air through the process of ensuring air is moved through the room. It is possible to have this done by running the fan or opening the windows and doors.

Is Memory Foam Safe?

So are there any risks? It’s difficult to figure out the risks. We can’t emphatically declare a bed of memory foam will bring about “an effect” like this. The same way every individual tends to be different, is also similar to every bed. A few mattress users of memory foam come with the complaints of waking from their sleep with headaches, while other users develop issues relative to their respiratory system like asthma. Still other users are concerned with the long-term health impacts of years of being exposed to a material like this.

There’s no certainty of the risks that may be experienced. However, the only thing you can do is to make use of the available information about these type of foams, in order for you to make the most ideal decision.

Assessing risk is something we do on a daily basis, regardless of whether we have to decide on the food to purchase at the grocery or we have to cross the street. The choice you make on your bed is a similar thing. Accumulate pertinent information, take a consideration of the organic mattress choices, and make the decision that is the smartest for you!


Organic Mattress

Treat Yourself: Go Organic


Quality is what I discovered first when I started sleeping on our organic and natural products. It brought an end to highs and low that I have experienced in my previous mattress. No more sleeping on a pillow that was packaged with what I call mystery fills. Enough of sheets that was made with cotton and treated with insecticides. I have been eagerly waiting to for that period of nights that I will crawl into my bed, having a feel of a calming and relaxing atmosphere knowing fully well that I am about to have a good sleep. Anticipating the plush feel of Talalay latex, the tenderness I will have with my organic Kapok pillow, and engulfing myself in the complete luxury in our natural duvet insert, coupled with the aesthetics of our natural platform bed, which absolutely has transformed the space.

I have completely upgraded our bedroom. Nourishing my body with organic food and natural skin care product is never enough, that is why at Natural Mattress Matters we encourage the need of investing in organic bedding products and doing away with organic conventional mattress brands. Life is meant to be enjoyed not endured. The type of bed you sleep on contributes to that, you should not be spending the later parts of your life on memory foam or synthetic materials. You want to know why for all these emphasis? Read this to the end to know why you need to treat yourself with our organic bedding products without compromise.

Say No to Toxic Petroleum & Memory Foams

Your health and comfort is very important, this forms part of your identity and goes a long way in determining how you will live your life. Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam that conforms to your body heat. We have heard some companies, for the sake of marketing their product, added the word “Natural” to their memory foam, trust me, there is nothing natural about it. The latex we use in our organic mattresses cannot be compared to memory foam in terms of how safe it is. Using memory foam is most like to make you have a feeling that you have toss and turn through the night. You don’t want to have this kind of feeling when you wake up.

In the aspect of durability, memory foam is no match compared to Natural Latex. Customers have shared their experience with me using memory foam, they complain that their mattresses started forming large dips within only few years. After few years they were back in the market searching for a mattress because they initially bought a typical mattress in a box instead of buying an organic and quality alternative. It is saddening that what ought to be the first choice is being regarded as an alternative.

Gentle to the Touch and Safe to your Body

Being conscious of the presence of toxins in mattresses is never enough, we need to consider the material that is used in whole for bedding products. I was never bothered about whether or not my sheets where organic before Natural Mattress Matters. My mind immediately went to softness and count, when that is what is on everybody lip. The comfort and safety of products is the number one priority at Natural Mattress Matters. In addition to safety, our concerns expend to how the cotton is grown and manufactured. Certified organic cotton that is free of harmful pesticides is used. During your sleeping period, your body has a direct contact with your bed, which is why you need sleep on pure materials that are made with the aim of enhancing your health not harming it.

I once started a research on the dangers of pesticides, high presence of chemical and synthetic materials in main stream bedding products, I got to know that it is time for me to change my bedroom environment. With all these information with me, I decided to take it home and add it to my evening routine.

Now, I need not to worry about what my body comes in contact with whenever I am sleeping. Or whatever I am breathing in, with my products at Natural Mattress Matters, I am assured of total rest of mind.

Get Fitted with Natural Mattress Matters

Do you want to know more about the luxurious set up? Alright let us begin with a few great recommendation for an organic Mattress. If you are a side sleeper, depending on your weight, we suggest to try our soft Talalay as the top latex layer because Natural Talalay is known for its ability to relieve pressure. For side sleepers, Talalay is typically recommended on Top. Talalay is so soothing and incredibly comfortable, this has put an end to hip pain to many of our customers. For proper support the middle layer could be Firm/Medium Dunlop and the bottom layer is Firm/Medium Dunlop. With this arrangement, most folks with get the proper posture alignment and pain relief. 

To make it even more luxurious try a wool or latex topper on top of your organic mattress. A few inch wool or latex topper will not be too soft to deny the right amount of support you need, but it will add the cozy feel all of us are looking for. We love to support our domestic business and most of our wool is domestically sourced which is covered by certified organic cotton casing. If you’d love the completely organic version, we’ve got that too.

You ask me, how about the pillow? Organic Kapok, Organic Wool, and Shredded Latex pillows are just a few that do the job. What is an Organic Kapok pillow? Kapok is a natural, plant-based fiber that is buoyant and super soft. Kapok grows in warm climate and it is used as an alternative to down. It is made in a way that you can unzip the outer and the inner organic cotton casings and remove as much Kapok as you like. The pillow is overstuffed for you to have plenty of kapok to work with. When I first got my pillow, I took some kapok out and then stored the rest. You may feel like you need to add a bit more as time goes on because Kapok compresses overtime. My pillow is like my companion, I even travel with it.

Finally, our platform beds are what completes my organic bedroom paradise. A number of our platform beds are made by our partners talented woodworkers with sustainable sourced maple poplar wood. You don’t have to worry about breathing in toxins, because we only use Zero- VOC stains. With attention to detail and furniture is well constructed, not being simply manufactured in small quantity. What we love about this amazing structure is that every piece of it has a story behind, which together is being made into something beautiful.

No VOCs Platform Bed

We offer customizable headboards, you can opt between slatted and solid. This headboard has can give a room unique stylish look, it serves as the centerpiece your bedroom Oasis. The unique designs are simple, but at the same time elegant. The sleek lines and subtle involution of each slat wood are completely amazing.

Go Organic with Natural Mattress Matters 

Are you thinking of upgrading your room? How you sleep has a direct link to your health and happiness. NNM cares about the health of our clients, that is why we only give the very best.