Benefits of Natural Latex

Benefits of Natural Latex

Whenever a discussion about quality mattress comes up, organic latex is often at the center. People who understand the unique role of natural latex in quality sleeping will always opt for mattresses made with 100% organic latex materials. Benefits Natural Latex, Latex Mattresses, 100% Latex Mattress, Organic Latex are superior to low quality memory foam mattresses and polyurethane foam mattresses. 

For the most part, natural Talalay latex is the American natural latex source known for its 100% organic quality useful in making quality mattress fit for most homes. 

Natural Latex and Synthetic Latex

Two types of latex exist, which I call natural and synthetic latexes, but our interest in this article is natural latex. The white sap, milk-like liquid of the Hevea brasiliensis rubber tree is used to produce Talalay and Dunlop latex materials. Other rubber trees are also used to make latex materials but the Dunlop and Talalay process is unique for its quality organic and natural rubber. For people who desire mattresses without harmful chemicals, or for those who cherish eco-friendly products, natural latex is the preferred option.

Organic Latex

You must have heard about organic latex and wondering if this is hype or not, perhaps when you go through the list of benefits of natural latex below; you will understand why this is not hype but reality. Everything you have heard about natural Talalay latex materials in term of quality materials for the fantastic eco-friendly mattress is true, and here are the benefits you get from natural latex:

Natural Latex

100% Natural Latex Mattress

Natural latex is pure; it is without the synthetic ingredient that can cause skin problems or allergy. For people who are sensitive to synthetic foams, latex provides the best alternative as you can go on the mattress without fear of lung or throat irritation or whatever side effect you often experience when using memory foam synthetic products.


What usually cause discomfort in most beds is heat and unbalanced surface; these are areas latex materials stands out. A mattress without heat retention and one with pressure relief is perfect comfort giver. Natural latex quickly responds to sleeper’s movement as they adjust to a new position in bed without collapsing on the sleeper. Also, to sleep without heat means the bed is always cool at best temperature to prevent the sleeper from sweating that may get them to wake due to discomforting heat.


Organic latex material offers long lasting life. Most mattresses made from 100% natural Talalay latex can offer as long as 21 years durability guarantee without fear or worry. Since the materials used, do not collapse due to heat, or changes in weather, natural latex has longer life span and can serve more than four-decade meritoriously.

Pain reliever

Most mattresses made from quality organic latex are prescribed by orthopedic medical professionals for people needing support for back aches and pains. Natural Latex mattress core conforms to sleeper’s posture and provides lumbar support to prevent pains by eliminating any pressure point. The latex contours to the sleeper’s body shape and give firm support to the back while maintaining due softness for optimum comforts.

Dust resistant

Study shows that Talalay latex is 300% dust mites resistant more than any foam in the market. For their excellent dust mite resistant, 100% organic latex materials are found mainly in luxury mattresses to give sleepers maximum comfort need in their sleep. Overall, when you need a mattress that is 100% anti-microbial, natural latex made mattresses are your only option.

For buoyant pressure relieve and health grade mattresses, natural latex materials are the only bed that can guarantee your comfort.

Benefits of Natural Latex

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