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I need a firm mattress”-or do I?


Just after World War II, in the late 1940’s, many who survived the war were celebrating a new era of freedom and security. People, who lived through a period of fear and great depression caused by the war, wanted things that would last. Customers demanded durability regardless of whether they were looking for a vehicle, a couch, a refrigerator, or a bed. The concept of mattress firm feel is better started to develop shortly after.

With this at the back of their mind, mattress manufacturers set about making mattresses that will stand the test of time and focused more on durability. The process of making a durable mattress at that time restricted how much softness and comfort they could accomplish.

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Harder and denser materials will surely outlast softer, lighter materials just as brick and steel will outlast wood and glass. Manufacturers began to use harder and denser materials because of the new demand for durability, and this resulted in the production of firmer mattresses.

In an attempt to increase sales and advertise these new mattresses, manufacturers promoted the belief that ‘firmer is better’. That is the reason, even today, many individuals feel that a firmer mattress that offers more support is superior than a softer mattress that relieves pressure.

Actually, what to look out for in good mattresses is a nice blend of the two qualities. While the ‘firmer equals better’ trend may be true in those days, the belief may have been due to what was easiest to produce rather than what will produce the most comfortable sleep.

Firmer is Better

While advancing the “firmer is better” conviction, producers at the same time started influencing mattresses to feel softer by putting springs underneath them. Springs come in a few essential structures. Frequently, they are “box springs” that match the bedding in size and appearance. Others are “spring beds” that component a steel matrix with springs connected around the edges to give the bed a milder “skip”.

Most people at some point in their lives have tried a spring bed—they’re often found in school dormitories or other institutional settings. These beds or bases usually have very firm mattresses on top and they feel a little softer because of the flexible base.

Latex Mattress

A natural latex mattress which is a good example of a high-quality mattress will not feel well on a bed with a spring and steel base as it has a soft core and when it sinks into a spring base, it can lose its elasticity or firmness and sag. We use GOTS certified organic cotton for the cover which allows it to stretch and contour better to your body. See our SpringLeaf Bliss Latex Mattress Collection.

A latex mattress is designed as a perfect blend to cushion your body’s weight while the mattress itself is supported by a rigid base. This rigid foundation or platform allows for a softer surface for pressure relief, and the firmer layers below for ideal back support.

A blend of a softer-on-top mattress and a strong base is a perfect guide in getting a mattress that will guarantee a refreshing sleep and healthy living.