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It is common for people to wonder if that mattress in their kid’s bedroom can just about take on some extra weight or if it will cave in and implode under the sheer pressure of the additional mass. While it may come across as a superfluous triviality and even an unimportant detail in some quarters, a good number of parents are legitimately concerned. Yes, our mattresses come with stipulated weight limits, so just before you sign off on that sleepover or hop on that bed for a quick bedtime story, you might need to know more about mattress weight limits. By all means, let this be your guide.

Mattresses for Infants

Our crib mattresses are ideal for infants, providing firm support for babies and toddlers. Innerspring and Lightweight models can typically take on around 50 pounds, making them perfect for baby weight but unsuitable for the weight of parents.

By design, the reinforced edges that are a feature of our mattresses can hold up against the impact of the slight jumps and bounces that are common when babies begin to grow and gain more stamina but note that repeated high impact jumping and bouncing may not be withstood.

Mattresses for Kids

Mattresses of this kind are built with all the growing stages of your child in mind. Variations in weight limits are also put in place during the design. While our Twin mattresses can withstand an astonishing 325 pounds, our Full mattresses and Queen Mattresses can muster a remarkable 450 and 550 pounds respectively, leaving you spoilt for choice in this all-important aspect of both your child’s future and now.

Mattresses for Adults

Our adult mattresses come in three size variants; Twin, Full and Queen adult mattresses. Variations in the weight limits of these variants are pretty much the same as in the case of our mattresses for kids. However, if you are in the market for a bit more of a stretch-out, as can be provided by our king and California king mattresses, you might want to take a cue from the weight limit of our Queen mattress. Possessing a coiled strength that is very much identical to that of our Queen mattress, a weight limit of around 550 pounds is certainly in the offing.

Mattress Foundations

Even though all the fuss is presently centered about mattress weight limits, the questions go way beyond that. Mattress foundations seem to be gathering some buzz too. Essentially, foundations are built to prop not only the weight of the mattress but also the net weight of the individuals it will have to carry.

More Tips

Simply put, a three hundred pounder will dig into a bed much more than a person who weighs half that much would. This is why most manufacturers often make a point of hinting at firm bottom supports. In any case, if it’s more like your thing to favor a softer top, you can have one of our pillow top options provide you with layers of support without taking away the softer feel you crave. Check out our SpringLeaf Rest Mattress; it’s a superb way to tailor your support and comfort.

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