Allergy Bedding Atlanta | Dust Mite Mattress | Pillow Covers

Allergy Bedding Atlanta

Allergies? Minimize discomfort with an allergy mattress cover; get a dust mite mattress cover, allergy bedding, dust mite pillow covers. Allergy Bedding Atlanta | Dust Mite Mattress | Pillow Covers are just a few products that we carry near Atlanta, Georgia, GA area.

Dust Mite

Dust mites love the warm weather, humid conditions, so much so, that the typical convnetional mattress may have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million mites inside! Some of the most common signs are sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and wheezing to dust mite allergen. Think of your immune system as a bucket. As you breathe in allergens, your “bucket” begins filling up, but you don’t experience irritating symptoms until your “bucket” overflows. Bedding, Mattress, and pillow encasings are an integral part of keeping your “bucket” from overflowing.

Doctors are aware how important the residual benefit of sleeping in an allergen-free bedding environment. In fact, according to a revealing medical journal article, “studies of primary prevention of allergic disease have demonstrated that decreased exposure to allergens in infancy may prevent the development of allergic disease.” (German JA, Harper MB. “Environmental Control of Allergic Diseases.” American Family Physician. August 2002) The study clearly demonstrates the importance of getting and allergy bedding. In the early years in order to minimize the impact in the later years. Even if you or your children have not been diagnosed with allergies or asthma, allergy bedding covers are still an invaluable investment in your family’s health.

Pillow Covers

Dust mites are very tiny creatures, typically around 240-300 micrometers in length. We react to the proteins in the dust mite allergen, made up of decomposed mite bodies. Because of the microscopic size of dust mites and their allergen, the technology used to develop and manufacture zippered “allergen proof” or “mite-proof” encasings can be complicated.  We, Natural Mattress Matters carry several pillow allergy friendly cover. In addition, our allergen proof cover are third-party certified organic. 

The process for a conventional allergy bedding cover is not nearly as intense as we do in our certified organic program. Dust mites general process starts first with the mites that are inside the encased pillow or mattress are trapped.

Since they are blocked from their constant food source, such as dead skin cells, or your shed, they eventually die. In the meantime, any mite allergen is completely blocked by the encasing from getting into the air you and your family breathe. 

Allergy Bedding Atlanta | Dust Mite Mattress | Pillow Covers

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