Affordable Non Toxic Mattress

Affordable Non Toxic Mattress

Affordable Non Toxic MattressOrganic, non-toxic mattresses usually start somewhere around $800 to $3500. From there it is safe to say that they can be expensive. What makes non-toxic mattresses expensive is the degree of difficulty in putting together the materials needed to create a comfortable, durable, yet very safe mattress. These mattresses are even recommended by health care specialists to very young children and infants along with the all-botanical latex mattress, which can also be expensive. They are hypoallergenic and contain no toxic materials that will be absorbed by the body through the skin over long use like other mattress types do. Our Affordable non toxic mattress is certified by GOTS and Oeko Tex.

Non Toxic Foam Mattress

Among the leading retailers of all latex foam mattresses is Natural Mattress Matters, their affordable non toxic mattress is made from rubber substances extracted from the rubber trees plantations in Sri-Lanka. They are hypoallergenic and come in different firmness levels (soft, medium, and firm). The mattress inherits the natural anti-microbial deflection ability of rubber trees along with anti-bacterial, anti-dust mites, and doesn’t have the tendency to sag early nor create impressions on the bed after repeated use. The average price starts at $1199 for a twin bed minus the foundation and $1399 for a double bed and $1599 for a queen-sized bed.

Affordable Non Toxic Mattress

A affordable non toxic mattress alone is to some extend an organic mattress, mainly because its non toxic. In order to have a non toxic product the manufacturer has to use pure materials. Our beds are usually made from pure cotton, natural latex, and wool materials. They are easily produced and very easy to use. They are durable mattresses, but tend to offer uneven firmness due to the material used and sometimes due to the unique ability to be used for a different purpose. The SpringLeaf Bliss Mattress is very light and portable. Our SpringLeaf organic bed covers are made from organic cotton.

Best Affordable Non Toxic Mattress

Natural Mattress Matters is proud to have one of the best collection of organic latex mattresses made from Dunlop latex with USDA certified pure organic cotton. The Dunlop method used in creating the latex mattress gives a firmer and more comfortable feel to the mattress, nothing is sacrificed from the usual benefits of pure organic products like mentioned above nor the durability and comfort of a latex foam and flexibility of a luxury mattress with customization options. Although conventional bed are treated with fire-retardant materials in conformation with the U.S. law on bed production, you can order one directly from us with close to 100% pure botanical product that is free from any toxic chemicals.

Certified Non-Toxic Mattress

Listed among the most affordable non toxic mattresses, however, are natural innerspring beds. The industry also refers to them as hybrids of the organic mattress or vice-versa. This type of bed combines two of the best mattresses types in the industry, yet they still manage to be surprisingly affordable. Let’s take a moment to review this particular mattress type.

Non toxic innerspring mattress

Simply elegant is one of the best ways to describe our affordable non toxic mattress made with talalay latex and german coils. The mattress is covered in pure organic cotton and wool batting. Since we use the best materials available in the industry, this bed is suitable for people with serious allergic reactions to mattresses with synthetic properties or non-organic products. The firmness of these beds is provided by the our Swedish and German engineered springs that supported the natural foam under the cover.

Non Toxic Sleep Environment

We provide beds that can be comfortable to sleep on in all positions, due to our interactive coil design and countering features of natural talalay latex. The best feature of this bed remains durability, support, and pressure relief.