Adjustable Bed Foundation – Flexible Slat System

Adjustable Bed Foundation – Flexible Slat System

Our natural adjustable bed foundation – flexible slat system is designed to do more than merely support your mattress—it is designed to support YOU. The curved slats in our adjustable foundation provide both suspension and contour for greater comfort and pressure reduction. And the slat system is fully adjustable and dual-sided to meet the needs of individual sleepers. Based on a design widely used in Europe, we have adapted the system to meet the needs of American consumers. Our flexible slat foundation replaces your box spring and fits in any standard-sized bed frame. Paired with one of our flexible, supportive mattresses, it is an integral part of our system.

Ergonomic slat foundations for targeted support and pressure relief

Independent, flexible and supportive slats
Slats are firmness-adjustable for optimal contour
Individual sides – no roll-together or bounce
Each side adjusts independently
Fits any frame – replaces a box spring
Available in high and low profiles: 4″/ 6.5″, 8.75″
Crafted from solid wood
Upholstered with organic cotton knit quilted to organic wool
Also available as ultra-low all-wood insert frame 2 3/8″ profile
Not available in full size

Flexible and adjustable

An important but often neglected part of the sleep experience is the sleeping climate which describes the temperature and humidity level during sleep. Compared to standard box spring or platform bases, the open design of our slat base enables important air circulation below the bed to create a dry and healthy sleeping climate combating unwelcome guests like mold, mildew, house dust mites that affect breathing and contribute to allergies. Humidity also affects your heart rate which in turn elevates blood pressure and causes shallower sleep.

Durable shocks and adjustors paired with reinforced, cambered beech wood slats

Superior contour and support free of sags

Our adjustable bed foundationflexible slat system is made of individual curved wood slats set into shocks that allow each slat to flex and rotate under the weight of your body. The midsection of the system includes six adjustable slat zones with sliding adjustors, which create lift and give support. These adjustable zones are set to accommodate the curves of your torso, lifting through the lower back, waist, and knees, and giving through the shoulders and hips. This not only reduces pressure on the body, but it also stabilizes your sleep posture and aides incorrect spinal alignment. Because the flexible slats are dual-sided and built for support, they eliminate excess motion and center sag. You enjoy the feeling of weightless support.

Best Adjustable Bed Foundation with Flexible Slats

The flexible slat foundation is designed to enhance the feel and performance of our mattresses. Made from natural, breathable materials like organic stretch cotton, natural latex, wool, and carbon-steel coils, our mattresses are uniquely elastic and responsive—never stiff or rigid. They are able to transfer the slat system’s contour and definition to your body. Together, these durable and innovative components achieve a unique combination of stability, support, and comfort.

Wood Foundation

Solid, stable wood foundation
Fits any frame – replaces a box spring
Green, clean and built to perform
Sturdy and durable
Available in two depths: High Profile 6.5″, Low Profile 4″

Firm and solid

Our wood foundation is constructed with closely spaced solid wood boards for firm support while at the same time allowing airflow to ensure a dry and healthy sleeping climate.

The foundation replaces your box spring and fits into any standard-sized bed frame. Paired with one of our flexible, supportive mattresses, it will provide stability and comfort.

Natural materials

Our wood foundation is crafted from solid, untreated wood from Canada. Like our flexible Euro slat foundation, the wood is PEFC certified for sustainability.

We meet flammability standards naturally, without using artificial barriers or chemical sprays by upholstering the foundation with organic cotton knit and pure wool to match our mattress design.

Adjustable Bed Foundation Store in Georgia

If you are shopping for a high-quality adjustable bed foundation at your local store, consider visiting our store in Johns Creek, GA near Atlanta. Whether you are shopping for adjustable beds, bases, frames or something more customized like a split king set-up our store got you covered. Our sleep expert will guide you to an affordable adjustable bed foundation that meets your needs.